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  1. Well, things aren't working out the way I had originally intended. Over the past couple months I had sold off all of my rare tropical fish collections in an effort to streamline my life and cut back on maintenance. I was and still am, anticipating a busy schedule this year with lots of traveling so I was looking forward to less chores. Things were going really well and I was able to get down to two empty tanks (135g & 95g) and the fluval edge (6g). It was then that I entertained the thought of going to cold water fancy goldfish with the idea that it would be less maintenance, required feedings and running costs since I would be able to turn off two 300w heaters. And that's when these cute little fish got the better of me where each one has such charming character and interesting traits that I just couldn't help but collect them to see how they would develop. Combine the different varieties, distinguishing traits and colors, and you can see how things can quickly get out of hand. 3 fish turned into 30+ and now all my tank and pond setups are running full force. I now have the 135g, 95g, five 55g drums, two 250g ponds setup strictly for goldfish... and just when I thought that was going to hold me over...I ordered a 300g stocking tank this past weekend. Geez, what have I gotten myself into? When all is said and done there will be ~1355g (not including the 600g fountain pond) for raising these guys. Anyway, just thought I'd share how this goldfish hobby has turned on me. Can't wait till the new 300g arrives!!!
  2. I have skylights in my house but it doesn't get artificial lights other than natural light that comes through the house. Then again, this is only a hospital tank. No idea on the age, but he is about a week and half in my care. Once again w/ the assumptions and the entry level perspectives. It gets plenty of ambient light as it sits next to an east facing window in a room w/ skylights. This is a hospital tank (aka TEMPORARY) with footage taken at night so that it shows up on camera better. A little comprehension from what I have stated, one can deduce that it is a under quarantine and as mentioned SITS EMPTY MOST OF THE TIME. It is under quarantine since I purchased it within hours of it landing from overseas. Your concern is commendable but your opinion is ill informed and your statements show a lack of due diligence. Let me help you and Smegy Psiren, go to the other videos I have posted up and see the multiple different setups I have set up for long term before you guys jump the bandwagon on lack of light and gallonage. I don't mean to be rude but I'm noticing an increasing trend of a handful of people quick to comment on preconceived notions, that reveal their lack of experience and short sighted perspectives which seems to be motivated by increasing their post count.
  3. No goldfish in this tank but I thought I'd share my smallest tank and the one that gets the most attention. Here it is in its current look... Japanese Powder Blue Endlers and Halfmoon Betta
  4. It used to be lit by a very small T5 when it was a nano tank but the light burnt out and I haven't found a suitable replacement. For this video, I lit it with an LED flashlight for effect.
  5. The Buddha is brand new so I don't know yet. The tank is never lit so cleaning should be minimal.
  6. Here is my little 12g acrylic goldfish spa. It is was originally a planted nano tank which I now use for individual quarantine. Most of the time it sits empty but this pearl scale needed special attention. Contemporary minimalist zen retreat.
  7. Hi Michael, I have only one loss of a shubunkin that swallowed a piece of rock salt. The two w/ signs of SBD are alive and the issues only come up w/ colder temps or excessive feeding. I believe this is a matter of genetics independent of QT. I opted not to treat for internal parasites or fungus (w/ chemicals) this time around as the lfs had already done so for me. The one fish that still has stringy feces is a crown pearlscale that landed the same day I bought it. It had only been in the lfs for an hour or so before I took it. I may have to get meds for it if I don't see improvement over the next couple of days. My fish are too young to breed at the moment so there is no special prep other than fattening them up and providing the right spawning triggers when the time comes.
  8. I decided to jump the gun and move a few of the fish outdoors. Here is a quick video showing my setups. The fountain pond is just under 600g and the other two are a little over 250g. I have another 3000g pond at the back of the house but the area is too messy for video. I also plan on painting the filter barrels once the weather warms up for more cohesive look. Here is a link to the other thread: http://www.kokosgold...or-pond-setups/
  9. Here is a quick video of where my fancy goldfish will be spending this years growing season. First fountain pond is just under 600g and the two mold injected ponds are a little over 250g each (originally my koi quarantine setups). The water barrels are filled to ~50g per and I am going to experiment w/ one or two goldfish in each w/o filtration and only hyacinths. There is a 3000g pond at the rear of the house but the area is too messy for video at the moment. Filtration is a pressurized system where first barrel starts a vortex settling chamber at the bottom, which then flows upward through two grades of matala mats. It then overflows to the second drum which is a trickle tower filled w/ bioballs and other forms of bio media. Each setup is rated to filter 3000g's of water. An Iwaki external pump runs one and a submersible Rio 3100 runs the other. I am waiting for warmer weather and a free weekend to finish painting the barrels so that it looks a little more cohesive.
  10. Thanks, unfortunately I no longer keep the discus. I grew them up to a point where I was fulfilled with the experience and it was time to move on. Discus are as high maintenance as freshwater fish can get. I was doing water changes every other day or in any combination thereof to get 100% water turnover on a weekly basis. I had to feed them between 3-5 times a day while keeping the temperature high. Between the four tanks and multiple ponds it was becoming too much and thus the reason I sold all my tropical fish and turned to cold water goldfish & koi. I'm enjoying minimal heater usage now and a hardier fish. You're spot on w/ the protocal! I intend on feeding every other day and doing the major water changes 30 minutes after a heavy feeding. This of course will only continue for about another couple weeks before its time to go outside. So in the interum, the goldfish are proving to be just as much maintenance minus the electricity bill! The protocol mentioned above should be just fine along with a vigilant eye. Fish importers, koi dealers and fish stores have been doing this for a very long time (i used to be a fish dealer). In comparison to the trade, I'm considered barely stocked. I only have about a week to go maybe before the some start making their way to the ponds. Thanks! Thanks, the 750g in multiple ponds are only for the fancy goldfish. I have larger ponds for koi and water changes are an extension of gallonage. But just for a matter of discussion, stocking levels are typically at the discretion of the hobbyist and their intended purpose. It is not good practice to assume hobbyist or people in general share the same ideology, application, execution, resources or prioritize values in the same manner. Just as there are standards, there are exploratory and experimental deviations from them, such is the foundation for progress. What if I told you that I saved these koi from being culled from a local breeder so that I could learned color/pattern development? or what if I was intentionally keeping them in a bonsai form? Or that I don't mind buying koi b/c I want to participate in the rebuilding efforts of the tsunami while enjoying one of their exports for a finite amount of time? I used to buy $20 of feeder goldfish/guppies/minnows a week during my predatory fish keeping days just to feed my collection, does the single feeder implore the same amount of emotional attachment or minimally required husbandry? Food for thought. Ehiem once made a filter just like that, a canister wet/dry, but it sucked, literally and figuratively. Its discontinued now. Lol... See comments above. They do look awesome for the short time being..but your assumptions. Remind me what is it they say when you assume? See above comments.
  11. Wow! They are as beautiful as your accent! Thanks for sharing. What size tank are they in and how long did it take for you to grow them to that size?
  12. Ok so I went a little nuts! Before anyone mentions overstocking let me inform you that many of these will be going into ponds. I have about 750g of pond systems for this year's growing season. I REPEAT, THEY WILL BE GOING INTO OUTDOOR PONDS!!! Many of the local fish stores in southern California got in shipments of goldfish this past week (just landed from overseas) and I became obsessed w/ collecting and cherry picking a selection of goldfish to learn from. Each has a different trait that I wanted to observe over time. As a side note, buying too many fish may not be good for the individual enthusiast but it is a good catalyst for the fish industry, hobbyists as a group and the economy as a whole. But let's not get into that. Anyway, over the past weeks quarantine, I can see a couple that need to be culled for swim bladder disease and my favorite shubunkin is clinging on to life while the tank was salted for ick. It looks like the fish swallowed a piece of salt rock, got bloated and was losing balance when I found it posted near the sump overflow. I decided to put it out in the pond early in an effort to dilute the salt. So far it is still breathing but it is hard to say whether it will make it or not. My quarantine process consists of salting the tank gradually over the course of a few days; 0.12%, 0.3%-0.4% (for koi I go to 0.5%). I also increase the temperature to expedite bowel movements from their previous living conditions and to make sure all are eating. Once everyone is eating and fish waste appears normal, I turn off the heater and let the tank cool naturally to ambient temps 65-70f. Having the bulk of my fish keeping experience in tropical fish, I'm just noticing that swim bladder disease (predominantly in fancy goldfish) can be manipulated w/ the fluctuations in temperatures. For instance..some lfs kept their tanks @ 75-78f where the fish will swim fine but if the water gets cooler, the swim bladder disorder becomes more prevalent. Two of my fish (black oranda & calico fantail) swam fine at the fish store and during the first phase of quarantine, but found themselves trying to maintain balance during the second phase when my tanks cooled to 65-68f. Here is the stock list of fish you'll see in the video. 5 Red Cap Orandas 1 Black Cap Oranda 1 Chocolate Oranda 1 White Oranda 3 Red & White Telescopes 2 Calico Telescopes/Dragon Eyes 1 Orange & White Telescope 1 Orange & Black Telescope 4 Pearlscales 1 Crown Pearlscale 4 Red & White Ryukins 3 Calico Fantails 2 Orange & White Ranchus 3 Shubunkin 4 Koi And here's a video of what 33 mixed fancy goldfish and 4 baby koi look like swimming in a 135g tank:
  13. What is everyone's favorite type of goldfish and why? Curious as to why some chose the type of goldfish they keep.
  14. Thanks, I enjoy it some of the more rustic color fish as well. There are two chocolate orandas w/ nice body shapes that has me very tempted. Thank you. I try to pick out fish w/ character. My first quarantine video was shot w/ an Iphone 4 which sucked. Then these were shot w/ and Iphone5 but I am still not happy w/ the quality. Once I shoot w/ my Canon 60D and learn how to edit and add music I will definitely submit video. This was the first time I've tried posting videos online. Thanks. I'm partial to the modern aesthetic. It also makes cleaning the tank really easy. You can have my other Black Oranda if you can get it to your location Your welcome. I stare at these tanks for hours. Not yet.. There are about 30 fish so it'll take some time. I have a few more specimens I want to collect. Thanks.
  15. After some observation, I have decided to drop the temp to 75-78f. I am feeding them a large variety; Hikari Lionhead, New Life Spectrum, TetraColor Crisps, Tetra Granules, TetraMin Flake and Hikari Frozen blood worms. Like you, I soak them in a cup a minute or so before pouring them in.
  16. My experience with tropical fish may be unnecessarily influencing the temp and I'll probably reduce to 75-78f. Hopefully the black oranda's swim bladder will be ok. These fish are just coming out of quarantine where I had to treat the whole tank as one or two of them came with signs of ich, thus the 82f plus salt treatment. I thought I'd leave it at that temp to power feed the little 1" fish to get them up to a decent size in a shorter amount of time. With regards to your comments on being overstocked, let clarify that it is my methodology to stock up more with the intention of culling the ones that develop unforeseen problems (swim bladder/etc) down the line. Disease developing or spreading from overstocking is a non issue as I keep my water pristine and over-filtered. I checked out the the before and after section and these fish seem to get decent growth under a year. Pretty cool. Can't wait to see these guys get that big. Thanks for your input!
  17. I originally had the tank at 68 but the fish were not as active and the swim bladder on the black oranda was causing it to swim erratically and even resting behind the filter outlet. I'm experimenting w/ the warmer temp for the other fish to keep their metabolism high so I can feed a lot and maximize their growth. The air wand running full blast should offset any oxygen depletion from the warmer water. There will be a higher bio load later down the line but it should be fine for now since they are small, although I don't exactly how long, since I am not familiar with fancy goldfish growth rates. Between the tank being filtered by an FX5, UV sterilizer and water changes, it should be fine for awhile.
  18. Here is what the 95g corner tank looks like now. The endlers are going outside in a few weeks to the pond when things warm up. The other fish have been transferred to the 135g. (8) Black ranchus 1" (2) Moors 1" (1) Chocolate pearlscale 1" (1) White ranchu 1" (1) Red & White "Grade A" ranchu 2.5" (1) Black Oranda 4" --I am keeping this one under close observation as it looks to be suffering from swim bladder disease. I am keeping the temperature @ 82F and it seems to alleviate the problem.
  19. Thanks Thanks Thanks, It is a special fish and swims quite elegantly.
  20. I appreciate your concern, however I did write in the description of the video and stated it twice in this thread that they are only being quarantined together since I bought them all in one weekend and will be separated to other tanks/ponds.
  21. Thanks. I made another post with the 135g tank. Here is the link: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/106711-135g-fancy-goldfish-tank/
  22. They are baby koi fish around 2" and will be put in a pond to grow during the summer. I'm enjoying them up close for now in the tank.
  23. I separated about 15 fish from the 95g (originally 25 goldfish) into the 135g, BUT couldn't help myself and walked back into the fish store and picked up another 5 Orandas. The 4 little koi will go outside into the ponds once the weather warms up. I'm still conflicted about picking up a 300g stocking tank to have the goldfish grow outdoors during the summer. These little fish can be quite addicting. Tank: 135g Uniquarium (aka built in sump) being run by a Rio 2100 pump Lighting: Panorama Blue and White LED light Let me know what you think.
  24. Any other freshwater fish compared to discus is easy. I was feeding mixed foods up to 5 times a day and doing water changes every other day while the 300w heater was on constantly. I had 6 tanks totaling just under 1000g and recently decided to convert two to cold water fish I'm looking forward to the change up and easier maintenance. I'll take video, once everything is in place.
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