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  1. Blue orandas are not actually that rare. They may not be as commonly seen as fantail goldfish but many people have them and even more have seen them at the LFS You're right about the guppies picking on them. I have them housed together temporarily until they are ready to go outside into the ponds. Definitely don't recommend keeping them together. The endlers don't seem to bother the goldfish though that may be case by case.
  2. Thanks! Start w/ a vision or mood you want to create.. Then create it. Adjust/edit if you need to.. But always stay learning and moving forward!
  3. Koko, It wasn't my intention to attack anyone but to get to the bottom of reoccurring posting behavior by pointing out where it allegedly stems from. It is misinformed posts/criticisms/commentary that derail and ruin threads. I have no animosity towards any member of this forum but I do expect a certain level of comprehension if anyone feels the need to offer criticism despite being well intentioned. Do you prefer threads full of misguided opinions or threads that come from an unbiased and objective standpoint? My original post and its implications were clear as day to the average fish hobbyist, yet other members did not get it, prematurely criticized and reinforced each others preconceptions. It is detrimental to the integrity of a forum in which some are here to learn and progress. Anyway, I've already made contributions to other threads. Just wanted to address this since I'm just seeing these responses now. Moving on.
  4. I have skylights in my house but it doesn't get artificial lights other than natural light that comes through the house. Then again, this is only a hospital tank. No idea on the age, but he is about a week and half in my care. Once again w/ the assumptions and the entry level perspectives. It gets plenty of ambient light as it sits next to an east facing window in a room w/ skylights. This is a hospital tank (aka TEMPORARY) with footage taken at night so that it shows up on camera better. A little comprehension from what I have stated, one can deduce that it is a under quarantine and as mentioned SITS EMPTY MOST OF THE TIME. It is under quarantine since I purchased it within hours of it landing from overseas. Your concern is commendable but your opinion is ill informed and your statements show a lack of due diligence. Let me help you and Smegy Psiren, go to the other videos I have posted up and see the multiple different setups I have set up for long term before you guys jump the bandwagon on lack of light and gallonage. I don't mean to be rude but I'm noticing an increasing trend of a handful of people quick to comment on preconceived notions, that reveal their lack of experience and short sighted perspectives which seems to be motivated by increasing their post count. I'm so sorry if my assumptions and entry lever perspectives have been such an affront to the very delicacy of your nature. I won't make the mistake of commenting on one of your threads again, as I would just hate to be seen as trying to increase my already substantial post count. Have a nice day! Delicacy is not the issue, only the concern regarding misplaced snark remarks of naivete. You are more than welcome to come back onto my threads and learn a thing or two about fish and life. Cheers!
  5. dnalex, Remarks came after the stated purpose of the tank. If one does not fully comprehend quarantine, its implications or said statements, isn't it good practice/manners to inquire before criticizing. Like I said before, I understand they are well intentioned but they were also ill informed and their reaction/response is a clear lack of comprehension. I say that to point a truth, not to be insulting or rude. It is responses like theirs which ruins the tone of a thread. It is even more immature and laughable to see them reinforce each others behavior after the fact.
  6. Posting simply to increase post count is very much discouraged here (and against the rules http://www.kokosgold...tion=boardrules) so I can assure you that is not the case here, the comments from members that offer any sort of criticism always come from a place of concern for the fish on this forum. It looks like there was simply some misunderstanding as to how this tank is being used (as QT not permanent) I'm not trying to stir anything up but it should be noted when there are pinned threads in the offtopic section that promote "Top Ten Poster's of the Month/Year," it does just that. There becomes an incentive to produce a quantity of posts (usually w/o diligence and/or comprehension) over quality. This results in some members jumping on threads to shoot generic rhetoric about tank size, etc under the guise of concern w/o fully understanding the concept of quarantine & its implications that is traditionally and culturally understood in the fish keeping hobby. There was a clear misunderstanding of quarantine. I appreciate that you and Thunder got it and pointed it out. It is a clear indication of experience.
  7. Tank was delivered earlier today. Here it is in place and ready to begin cycle.
  8. All white ranchu w/ a single red mustache which doesn't show up well in pictures.
  9. High arched back. Largest wen of the whole group. The body and swimming posture inspired the name. Another one that's difficult to get a shot of...
  10. Here are a few more from the crew...some with names and some without. In no particular order: This one reminds me of a fish decor on a street lamp near the Thames River in London right the London Eye, near Big Ben. This one looks like it has a red suit on. Hard to get a nice shot as this one is always powering through the water.
  11. Arrival in an 18 wheeler! Unloading! In place! Beginning the cycle! Man, this thing is ugly! lol All i have to do now is put together the filter.
  12. *Apparently there is no private message function on this site so I'll just post it here. The 300g stocking tank is 199.99 listed on the Zoro tools website. The coupon code for $50 off a $200 purchase is FX671A. I had to buy a pack of razor blades for a little over a dollar to put the amount over $200 for the coupon to work. The final amount came to $164 delivered, which is a steal!
  13. Shotcrete is "drier" mixture of concrete that is shot under pressure onto rebar/meshing that is used to build the vertical walls of pools and faux rock form. Think of the rock work at Disneyland rides. You can do a search on youtube to see it being applied. Some Koi enthusiasts will do purpose built ponds using shotcrete. I will send you a private message w/ the site and coupon code.
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