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  1. and the pond is ready for a long, snowy, cold winter. Blah!
  2. Nice set up but you may be a little overstocked. The plants should do well. I have several types of Taro (aka Elephant Ears) in my pond.
  3. I have two 100 gallon feeding troughs in my basement for the pond plants and fancy goldfish that I bring in for the winter. Since it's in the basement I also have grow lights but it works really well.
  4. I don't normally shut the pond down for winter until at least the end of September so I have a while yet. I did have a Fluval filter that I used in the basement but it died in the spring so since I have to buy a new one for the basement anyway I'll use it outside first. The water does goes over another small filter area so that should help some. I'm just thankful my dad bought two of the 55 gallon drums when he got them. I don't run it during the winter. Too hard with 200+ inches of snow.
  5. It is a 55 gallon plastic drum (which several different medias in it) which we've had for 5 years. The top cracked and we couldn't get it fixed. My dad has another one down in Florida which he will bring up with him in the spring. Thankfully the pond should be fine without the big filter until we shut it down for winter. What a pain.
  6. Though the algea doesn't look appealing, it is in fact, the sign of a good pond eco-system and is totally normal. We get 3 types in our pond depending on the time of year.
  7. Thank you so much. I honestly think part of the key to my plants is that I bring all the potted ones in for the winter with grow lights and they do really well. Do your plants just die? Have you tried using the pond plant tabs? I put them in the dirt every 6 months.
  8. She does fine. I bring her in for the winter because she wouldn't survive our cold temps adn snow. I used to have Oranda's in there with her but the last one died this spring. .
  9. I'm not sure about most of the plants around the pond as my MIL gave me clippings of some of her plants and they have just gone nuts. For floating plants I have water lettuce, hyacinths, duck weed and parrot feather. In pots on the Koi side is Taro and some plant from Florida my mom brought up. In the lower side I have Yellow Primrose, Water Iris, some sort of grass abd Lizard Tail in pots.
  10. Thank you. The pond does require a lot of work but I love it. We've had it for 5 years and I still love to go out and just watch the fish.
  11. Entire Pond: http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL93/138360...8/324666302.jpg Lower side which has my Pearlscale and some comet/shubunkins: http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL93/138360...8/324666322.jpg Upper side that has the Koi, Shubunkins, comets and Sarasa Comets: http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL93/138360...8/324666312.jpg Some of the fish: http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL93/138360...8/324666310.jpg http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL93/138360...8/324666305.jpg
  12. I love hyacinths. I can't put them in the Koi side of the pond though. The Koi can destroy 1 plant in under an hour. Give them a day and I wouldn't have any left. Same with lillies. I love duckweed, but again, the fish eat it. I grow duckweed where the fish can't get it. The only floater the fish won't bother is the water lettece and the parrot feather.
  13. I am so sorry Andrea. I can't even imagine how terrible you feel.
  14. We're supposed to have 90 or above the next 6 days or so. I'm sure my water will be getting a bit warm. I also do several water changes to help keep the temp down in my pond. Water lillies don't help in my pond but only because any and all of my fish love to eat them before they get too big.
  15. That isn't very deep and with the hot sun it could get too hot in the summer months. Is there any shade at all? Mine is partially shaded and the one side still gets hot enough where I'll move the fish to the deeper side temporarily in the warmer months.
  16. It looks nice. How deep is it (it doesn't look very deep)?
  17. The is a powder I add to my pond every spring to get the cycle going (I think it's called Pondzyme). This really helps jump start the good bacteria.
  18. My entire filter is bio material. It takes more effort to clean but is well worth it.
  19. I want a pond, but don't get one cause A) College student. B) I live 2 hours north of you, so it is even worse Your pond looks amazing. Next time I am in Syracuse I will be looking for this pond haha, so if u see a 20 year old male drooling by your pond...it is me hahaha Awww, thanks. I really need to get some new pictures once I get everything blooming and flowering this year.
  20. I have some fancies in my pond but they come in for the winter. It gets way to cold for them in central NY (not counting the 200 inches of snow). All the other fish spend all their time outside.
  21. I only bring my fancy goldfish inside for the winter (Oranda's and Pearlscale). The Koi, Comets, Shubunkins, Sarasa Comets and variations of them all stay outside all winter long with a deicer. I'll bring the fancies out when the the water temp consistantly stays around 60 or higher (even with the cold nights). It is probably okay to bring them out now as long as you don't feed them should the water temp dip below 55. Just make sure the water temps are about the same when you transfer them. You don't want to shock them.
  22. for my diy filter I used a 55 gallon pickle container (plastic). I have it hidden by rocks so you can't even see it. It has several layers of filtering throughout. The only downside to it is cleaning it. What a pain in the rear that is.
  23. Nice pond. Mine has been running for about two weeks. I didn't lose any fish all winter and our two frogs that hibernated made it. I'll have to post some new pics. I just put the lighthouse out this past weekend. Of course, do we have a frost warning tonight so plants will have to be covered. Since ponds breed insects having frogs is a great way to naturally help with getting rid of bugs. I have never had a problem with the frogs.
  24. The one side of my pond is 4 feet deep but only 2 feet below ground. We build it up from the ground 2 feet using huge rocks adn then the liner comes up over the rocks with more rocks on top holding the liner in place.
  25. I find that I get way more birds with the pond since it is a big water source. I don't have problems with bird poop in the pond just the dropped worm every now and then. Birds love to bath in one of the waterfalls.
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