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  1. I've used http://www.theaquariumshop.com.au/ and https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/ in the past without complaint.
  2. Oh man, I'm so sorry for your loss. I was following your other thread and was so hoping that she'd pull though. You did the very best you could.
  3. Just letting you know that I've sent the scales and cup back. If you need a picture of the receipt let me know. Thanks for everything.
  4. Chai, thank you, and yes, very lucky. Helen, the good thing about the gel food is that it can be cut up pretty small to fit the fish, so hopefully there won't be any dramas! If I put enough small bits in at the same time, everyone should have a decent chance at getting some. I mean, even the big gal needs to stop and chew sometime! Once she's had her last dose of the medication tonight, she'll go back into the main tank. I'm looking forward to having her back in there. Right on time for me to set up the new filter on Thursday.
  5. Ha! Finally! I was determined to post this thing if it killed me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sap5dmychrptvn4/IMG_1463/// Anyway, that's great news! Tomorrow is her last day on the medication. I'll be happy to see her back with the others, though I did enjoy the hand feeding thing she and I got going over the past 2 weeks. I'll have your scales and container sent back asap. Hopefully on Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. Thank you so much. For your advice, the medication, the Repashy, lending me your scales, your time, allowing me to see your really awesome fish. Everything. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
  6. Ugh. Its taken an unreasonably huge amount of time to get even the photos uploaded tonight (that's even after I've cropped / shrunk them somewhat!). Tinypic wasn't playing nice and dropbox was sluggish as anything. My biggest issue with my photos was lighting, so I grabbed my LED light and used that for the photos, I think it helped. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c583maqpv0nb79f/IMG_1513.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/9aeve5l11gljzie/IMG_1468.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/wvz8ivwm7cjgotc/IMGP4266.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/d6ujqjawn2hlapz/IMGP4264.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1x3uklefjz012l/IMG_1485.jpg Video's still trying to upload. Its about 15 seconds long, I gave up trying to get the 1 min one up, since everything I tried was going to take forever. Even this one's been going for ages. I've got three different uploading things working on it at the moment. Hopefully one of them comes through before next century. I've had a hell of a time uploading stuff tonight. No idea why, its driving me bonkers! I'll post again when / if this video is ever finished.
  7. I've got some photos and a video uploading now. I'm racing Dropbox and Tinypic to get everything uploaded. We'll see who wins. Haha Now, its WC time. Edit: Yeah, that lump on her right side is where the cyst was.
  8. We're done with day 12 on the metro, and she's looking pretty great. That cyst on her right side is clearing up really well. The scales over it have gone flat now as far as I can tell and its decreasing in size pretty quickly it seems, another day or two and she should be close, if not looking like nothing was ever there: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8i03uoe3yffjh6/IMGP4208.JPG https://www.dropbox.com/s/cl3b0ri3cv3qdoa/IMGP4194.JPG https://www.dropbox.com/s/nqwv6ki9c1rlgsz/IMGP4180.JPG Any thoughts at this point on whether she'll need to stay on the metro past day 14?
  9. Thanks! I'm pretty thrilled with her progress.
  10. We're on day 10 of the meds today and she's looking pretty great. The cyst on her side is going down now and the scales over it are less prickly. Hopefully in a few days she'll be cleared of them. I've got some NLS food on order (as well as a new filter, but that's another story) which should be here some time next week. I'm looking forward to trying them on it, especially the fantail (when the meds have run their course), hopefully she reacts better on it than she did with the lionhead pellets. I'm sure the little ones will love it, I've never seen them refuse any food yet!
  11. Naturally, right when we want to be on it goes down. It couldn't have waited until we were in bed before it went down! Ah well, it came back, that's the main thing. Got it, thanks. I'll send them back right away once the med treatment is done. Those scales are pretty nifty. How much longer do you think she'll need to be on the medication for?
  12. I wanted to post this update last night, but the site was down. Anyway, I was changing her water last night, (well, and feeding her, but more so during the WC) I noticed that the majority of her scales have come down!! All the scales on her left side, and the vast majority on her right are back to their normal smooth selves. Only the scales directly over the red cyst on her right are up, but I suspect they won't come down until the cyst has run its course. Here's some photos I took last night: http://i62.tinypic.com/2q15i5t.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/123mzqq.jpg http://i61.tinypic.com/2saxmb7.jpg Now that her scales have come down, the cyst looks a lot larger than it had before. Poor thing. Still, I was quite excited last night, so I was sad that the site was down and I couldn't share the news. Haha.
  13. Oh she's definitely eating her meds. She'd eat twice as much and all at once if I let her (such a pig!). Lol. At least my smaller two know when they are done.. they take the time to chew. ​I will try and get more photos in a few more days, hopefully there'll be bigger changes coming.
  14. Grabbed these photos during the WC. She was only in there for as long as it took me to grab the photos and put her in the new water, usually she's only in there when I'm moving her form her old QT water to the new QT water. http://i59.tinypic.com/1zssao.jpg http://i60.tinypic.com/14dq1pd.jpg http://i59.tinypic.com/2up5q48.jpg I can try and grab more photos of her if need be.
  15. She's doing well. The cysts seem to be doing their thing. Her left side looks like its mending now, still got the raised scales, but she's a lot less swollen on that side. Her right side's got a cyst that's red, but I suspect it will start clearing up in a few days too, once its done its thing. Overall, I'd say she's doing pretty well. Thanks for the tips on soaking too. I was never very sure on if it needed to be done, or just for some foods or what.
  16. I've been keeping an eye on the Tastyworms site for several months waiting / hoping for SG to come back in stock. Hopefully once they are done with the clearance they'll get more in stock. I knew of a NLS pellet that was commonly used for goldies, but didn't know which one. There's a pretty cool aquarium shop near the Vic Markets that stocks it, I'll grab some next time I'm out there. I usually soak my pellets before I feed them (Lionhead does seems to expand a bit), I noticed you didn't, is that because the NLS doesn't change in water (which would be very good)? Yup, dissolving the Epsom. Hehe what it comes to goldfish though, frequent pooing isn't really a bad thing. I'm doing 100% daily WCs to keep her in good spirits.
  17. Helen, my dad was talking about your fish this morning. He was really quite taken by those pearlscales! Yeah, I just put 1/4 teaspoon in last night, I figured that such a small amount wouldn't hurt, one way or another. They all love the Repashy! My two little ones went crazy for it when I gave them the Soilent Green. It was rather funny, really. Thank you for that. Man though, I always underestimate how much they poo until I've got one in QT.
  18. Sorry, I'm just figuring this out, and I couldn't find the edit button for the post above. 1/4tsp for 10gal, which leaves 0.3 of 1/4 left over. So if I do 1/4tsp and a tiny bit for the epsom (to make up the 0.3),? Or just go with the straight 1/4? Or I could drop the water to make it 40L = 10.5gal and do 1/4tsp of epsom. Sorry, I was never good at maths. :/
  19. It was great to meet you, Helen! Thank you for all your help. Before I do something crazy, can I get someone to check my maths over, please? Fish needs 1% or body weight of medication per day. She's 25 grams, so she should be eating 0.25grams per day. Also, what was the formula for the epsom salts again? 1/8 teaspoon per 5 gal? How much for 50L / 13gal?
  20. Thanks Helen, you're awesome! I'll text you when we are on our way this afternoon. I did manage to get a heater and a better air pump this morning. Ok, I've got to head off now, Helen, I'll see you this arvo.
  21. I think I can get there tomorrow. It will definitely be after 4:00PM though, almost certainly after 5:00 (I have no idea what the traffic will be like). I can't say for certain though, I have an exam in the afternoon, is the thing, so I'm not even sure what time I'll be able to leave uni. If that's ok with you, of course? I'll see if I can nip up early tomorrow and grab a heater from the local shop, but I might need to borrow yours if they don't have one in.
  22. Helen, Pineconing looks like it may have spread around the areas more. The areas where the cysts are have some red now too. The fish continues to behave as normal (including trying to eat my finger hehe). I'll have her in the QT tub tomorrow afternoon, until then she's still hanging with the other two. Thanks for the heater offer. Hopefully I can get a few of my own. I've been meaning to for a while now anyway, fingers crossed I can get the ones I want from the local stores. Assuming all goes according to plan and she recovers, is this likely to be a thing that will come back in time?
  23. Heidi030, Thank you. Ok, I was told by Helen via email to get the fantail's weight. She weighs 25 grams. I'm setting up a QT tub for her now. I won't put her in until tomorrow, with no aquarium heaters the water coming from the tap will be pretty cold, so I'll let the water sit so that the temperature can come up to room temperature. I don't want to shock her too badly. I intend to get a couple of heaters on Thursday.
  24. Thanks Helen. I'll shoot you an email tonight.
  25. I'm out at Diamond Creek / Greensborough, but I'm studying at Fairfield.
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