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  1. SumoKoi - That is an amazing looking tank! The goldies look so awesome swimming together like that. It's good that you got the video before they all start dying.

    Thunder - Speaking of aquarium gadgets I would like to tell you about the canister filter I am building. This probably isn't the space for it but send me an email. I would love to share it with you and get your advice.

  2. Hello Tithra -

    To answer your questions. This is a new tank. But I put filter media in the filter from a 5 year old well established planted tank. I also seeded my new tank with water from the established tank (every time a did a water change from the established tank I added it to the new tank.

    The new tank is 112 gallons. Filter is an Emperor 400 with 2 blue filter cartridges without the carbon. It also has the 2 empty filter boxes that I filled with SeaChem's Phosguard and the other one I filled with SeaChems Denitrate product. There is also a SeaChem Purigen Sock in the HOB filter. The tank is barebottomed. I seeded it with my established tank for about 3 weeks before adding fish.

    Currently there are two goldfish in the tank. A large Ryukin and a medium sized Red and Black Oranda. I do 25-30% water changes twice per day.

    I feed once per day in the evening (a cube of frozen food-a bought a multi pack that has 4 different varieties).

    My tap water has no ammonia or nitrates present. And it comes out of the tap at 7.2 pH with a kH around 2 degrees. I buffered it with a Seachem product to get the pH to around 7.6 and a kH of 5 degrees.

    I will definitely get a test kit as soon as possible.

  3. Hello all- I apologize if this has been addressed in the past. I'm accessing the site using my phone and can't search the forum.

    Does anyone have any experience using Ammo-Chips? Can I dump them directly into the back of my Emperor 400 HOB? I do daily 25% water changes. And my ammonia is still high. Had my water tested today here are the results:

    Ammonia = 0.25

    Nitrite = 0

    Nitrate = 0

    pH = 7.6

    kH = 5 degrees

    I look forward to your thoughtful and helpful replies!

  4. I am so glad that I have found this forum! I just recently got back into goldfish but I've had a freshwater tropical aquarium for years. I've always wondered about the Prime and water change question. Like many have said on here I would just get the water going from the hose and add the prime directly to the tank. It seems to work just fine. But I've always had a little guilt about it. Now I know that I'm not alone and I'm not breaking any big water change rules!

  5. Hello Water Quality Experts!

    I know that goldfish like their pH up high. My municipal water supply is pretty low. I think it comes out of the tap right around 7.2. My idea is to use the Eco-Complete for Cichlids substrate because of it's ability to buffer the water. From what I've read this substrate will help keep the water's pH around 8.2. Which sounds just about perfect for goldfish.

    Does anyone have any experience with this product? Any suggestions or ideas?

    Thanks so much in advance for your thoughtful comments and advice.

  6. This is Earl (he came with his name). I purchased him from my LFS two days ago. I recently set up a goldfish tank. It's been awhile since I've had a goldie tank so I'm very excited to share pictures. He is a Ryukin. He also came with a friend, a Calico Oranda (I will get a pic of him later). They are the only two fish in my new tank. My tank is a glass 112 gallon. Currently it is bare-bottomed but I might change that. I'm thinking about using the Eco-Complete Cichlid substrate for the bottom because of it's pH buffering qualities. Right now I'm filtering with an Emperor 400. One of the empty boxes contains Seachem De-Nitrate chips. The other empty box is full of Seachem PhosGuard. I also have a SeaChem Purigen sock in the filter box. Two 'E' filter cartridges. I know that I'm under-filtering at this point but I haven't decided on the canister that I'm going to install yet. I'm thinking about a Magnum 350 HOB and an Eheim Canister.

    Any information or ideas and suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated it. Like I said it's been awhile since I've had a goldfish tank so I feel like a newbie again!!!



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