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  1. thank alvintran from June to September, it's hot in noon. However, floating plant reduce direct sun light and oxi-pump (24/24hrs) will make water colder. In Saigon, i buy ranchu, sometimes panda, in stores that import fish from thailand. If you in Saigon, let's contact us (gold-fish fan group, in diendancacanh.com), we'll help you buy beutiful goldfish.
  2. "Underground", perhaps i use wrong word, hehe, but i couldn't find a right expression entire view
  3. thank you salvinia and duck weed, goldfish don't eat if you feed them enough. Besides, the plants grow rapidly.
  4. sorry, wrong name plant one is salvinia cucullata, the other is lemna minor
  5. sorry, smegypsiren, i name wrong i search google and find their real name one is salvinia cucullata, the other is lemna minor
  6. thanks all. Floatting plants, one is Azola, the other from Japan (i don't know the name) Ranchu in Saigon are imported from China or Thailand easily, so they're not expensive, about 20-30 dollar/ a beautiful ranchu Oranda is from VN, it's very cheap here (2-3 dollar/ big one) here a ranchu from china i've had recently
  7. nice to meet you, Orandatchi I live in Saigon, the weather is warm, so it's very easy to breed goldfish. we connect goldfish-fans to a group in Saigon, sometimes we celebrate goldfish-show in little to introduce it's beauty to public.
  8. thanks all my pond pic gets some error, i don't know, pond volume about 40 gallon = 154 liter = 1.1x0.8x0.2 (m)
  9. my brother build an under-ground pond in the second floor's balcony for me to breed goldfish I love ranchu, oranda My pingpong goldfish Ranchu oranda Ranchu
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