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  1. The thin areas used to be darker until the dip. Post-dip healing? I think they might be a little hyperactive. And every time they see me, they swim around all excited like near the surface of the tank --- they think they're getting fed. It's probably their most favorite time of the day. I'm going to keep snapping photos to catalog their progress. I did start saving for a 40 gallon tank + all the accoutrements. I want to eventually get them into a large environment with real plants. Hopefully, the fish shop down the street is still having a super crazy sale on fish tanks. They had a 60 gallon bundle for 99 USD the other day. Not that I want one that big. That's a bit big. 40 gallon sounds reasonable for the size of my house. Also completely unrelated: I found a bunch of old super absorbent dish towels in my basement from the previous owners. Fish towels FTW!
  2. I have some new photos of Poe. He's still alive! His fins are particularly thin on the edges---more so than usual---especially his anal fins (I was unable to get a photo of the anal fins.) His tail is jagged in places (This normal to see with flukes, yes?) I can't decide if it's getting better, worse, or no change. Click images for larger image: Jacques is still alive, too! (Jacques has special... defects; the fins on the left side of his body [incl tail] are all longer than the right): (He looks red in places; It's just the lighting and my crappy camera.) Thanks for all your help!
  3. This is weird. The ph in my tank has gone up. Significantly. It's between 7.5 and 8.0. Possibly higher. What is the maximum tolerance for a fish? I'm pretty sure the city has changed the water recently. I'm getting annoyed. Never mind. I didn't do the test right. Arrgh. long weekend.
  4. Tested my newly filtered tap water today while I was prepping a whole ###### ton (actual technical term) of water for a 100% change so I can get the salt to 0.1%. I bought replacement filters and they came this week! Here are my results: Ph: 7.6+ (liquid; I do not have a high range ph test kit). I did a strip test. It came out between 7.5 and 8.0. Nitrites: 0 ppm (strip) Nitrates: 5 - 10 ppm (liquid); 0 - 20 ppm (strip) --- I found a 2011 report for my town that states there is a known 10 ppm of nitrates in the water supply (me = less crazy) Ammonia: 0.25 ppm The ammonia reading is what got me. So I tested the straight tap water. It's also registering at 0.25 ppm for ammonia. This is new. When I did all my water tests when I created this thread, it was reading at 0 ppm. And the fish store test came back the same last week. WTF. I emailed my water supplier to get some answers. I have some conditioner that removes ammonia. I'm going to start using it --- I was originally just using the stuff that takes out chlorine/chloramine and heavy metals. The other question I had was about the Ph. The regular tap Ph is 7.2 (liquid). But the filtered is between 7.5 and 8.0. Whaaaa?
  5. Why does the salt need to be a 0.1%? (I don't think I've asked.) Poe's slimecoat has remained relatively unchanged since the dip.
  6. Oh! Yes. I did do the dip. Sorry for the long hiatus. I've not had a decent window to sit down and hammer this out. Poe did remarkably well in the salt dip. He was in for the full 5 minutes without much of a fuss. He may or may not have passed out? It was hard to tell. He wasn't particularly motivated when I did it. Though he wasn't much to look at afterwards. Spent a lot of time bottom sitting in the special "tank" I had set up in a giant plastic bin. 10 gallons & an air stone. It took some coaxing to get him to move around so I could get him in the net & back into the tank after he was in there for a few hours. The bubbles from the airstone stuck to his slime coat. He looked rather silly, actually. I've been doing the Prazi (1 tsp/20gal, as per instructed on the bottle) and salting the fish water (1 tsp/gal before adding to tank.) I don't know what the salt % in the tank is at this point, but it is certainly higher than 0. I never used salt before until recently. And then I was only doing the 1/2 tsp per gallon (like on the package.) Today is the big 50% water change + prazi. Would it be advisable to put the activated carbon filters back in the water filter on the "No Prazi" days? I worry about crap and stuff floating around in the tank that could be removed via activated carbon. Will I ever need to salt-dip Poe again during this process? What are the criteria for determining when to salt dip and when to not salt dip? Besides obviously checking in here. I would much rather know what all is required for salt dipping fish, though. And to understand when salt dipping is appropriate. It was not nearly as horrible as I thought I would be. If everyone comes out of this alive and parasite free, you've sold me on the idea. I picked up some API strip tests --- for quick look-sees that aren't particularly accurate but give me a general idea. If something shows up irregular, I have all the liquid tests to do a more thorough checking. It's very sciency here. I also have more aquarium salt. So much salt. That salt dip used up almost everything I had! I had bought the small carton. For my API liquid GH test I had, 89.5 ppm for the tank water but only 71.6 ppm for the tap. For the API liquid KH test, 53.7 ppm for the tank and 35.8 ppm for tap. Not sure why there'd be a difference. Though, I did do some water changes with some bottled water once upon a time. The strip test for GH/KH is pretty ridiculous to read. It said 60 ppm for GH and 0 ppm for KH. Everything else is stable. No nitrites. A little bit of nitrates (between 10 and 20 ppm). Ammonia is pretty much 0 at this point and the Ph holds stable at 7.
  7. Ahh! Too soon. Poe has the teniest of fraying on his pectoral fins on the ends. Looks fin rotty. :headdesk: Ack! Jacques has a bit of fraying going on, too, on his anal fins! Arrrgh
  8. Poe's redness is almost completely gone!!! And he doesn't bottom sit!!! And he swims around all happy normal like!!! EEEE!!!
  9. Saw Poe poop. It was pink! No white! Yay! Now I just gotta watch Jacques poop. I'm going to figure out how to do this salt dip thing. And a second tank... Will a dark blue rubbermaid container work? I'll need to wash it out. Can I use soap in the washing process? How do I wash it?
  10. I don't have a scale. How do I weigh the salt? Is doing the teaspoon thing fine in place of weight?
  11. Poe isn't bottom sitting nearly as much today as yesterday, but his slime coat on his tail seems thicker towards the edges (not, like, right on the edges; more like along the ends of his fins, not the base.) He swims around, but he keeps his dorsal fin and left pectoral fin collapsed. All other fins are open. Is it the salt? Should I be putting aquarium salt in the fish tank? The instructions on the box said heaping 1/2 tsp per gallon. And I was told I should be doing this. Is this bad? I don't know who had the white poop today. I didn't see them go. It just magically appeared. Ammonia appears to be ok. Ph-unchanged from 7.0. Nitrates still between 10 and 20 ppm. I think the city pumped a bunch of chlorine into the water supply today. The tap water reeks. It's like opening a bottle of Clorox.
  12. I have aquarium salt already. And PraziPro now. And---just in case---I picked up some of that food stuff for internal parasites, what with the white poop today. I didn't want to have to make 2 trips to the fish shop if I needed to have some antibiotic fish medication for internal parasites.
  13. Okay Peeps! Nitrates are officially down between 20 ppm and 10 ppm --- it's hard for me to tell. I have lots of red ambient light in the house. But I went outside and looked at the test under various lighting conditions. All signs point to orange. And I am under the impression that Orange means 20 ppm or less. Ph at 7.0, Ammonia reading at 0 --- I will keep an eye on that. New development this morning: someone had a thick white poop. There were dark pieces in the poop. Maybe Poe is constipated? I read that white poop can be 1 of 2 things - constipation and bacterial infection. Poe is not bottom sitting at all this morning and is very active! His redness of the joints on his pectoral fins hasn't changed much. And everyone was crazy hungry! This could potentially be due to the fact that I am feeding them significantly less --- trying to figure out how much to feed them so I don't do the overfeeding thing anymore. I had a question: When I was getting the water tested yesterday, the fish store person said "oh yeah; neosporin". I showed them a video of Poe's redness. I'm reaching out to all my sources and learning as much as I can. Which I read works as a sort of preventative measure. I think I'm beyond that. And touching fishes wig me out. This is just a question. I have a ~1 gal plastic fish bin (?) that I could probably use as a treatment tank. I also have many empty 20-30 (?40?) gal rubbermaid containers upstairs. In all my research last night, I read about putting fish in big plastic tubs. I didn't even occur to me that I have, like, 10 potential candidates for hospital tanks in my house. I won't be able to do anything with the fishes for the next 4 hours or so. I have some obligations. But their behavior is much improved, and that makes me less worried that they'll be dead when I get back. I'm going to stop by fish shop #2 for PraziPro. They said they had it. Many thanks!
  14. I must have a totally bunk nitrAte testing kit as the fish shop test came back at 20ppm in the tank today (before any water changes whatsoever; shouldn't it have read 80ppm if my test kit is correct?) The tap water came back way lower at about 10ppm for nitrAtes. I ended up falling asleep last night and not doing the back to back 80% water changes last night. Partial paranoia that if the nitrAte levels went from, like, 80 down to something, like, 10, that the fishes would go into shock or something. Also because I didn't hear back immediately. And I was freaking out a bit and didn't want to make a bad decision. This morning both fish had a crazy healthy appetite---they were even headbutting each other out of the way, which is what they usually do when all is right with the world. Jacques is back to his strange self and Poe is improving---less redness in the morning, though still red around the fin joints and down his pelvic fins a bit. He lumbered along periodically and then spent some time bottom sitting. But didn't bottom sit today nearly as much as yesterday. Ammonia in the tank was between 0ppm and 0.25ppm. I did aggressively clean the tank out when this all started, including taking the water filter in the kitchen and giving everything a good scrub. My biofilter (?) was green with algae, so I tried to rinse it off. That may have been a mistake. Did I upset the cycle? Nitrites are 0 on all fronts. Ph at 7.0 in both tap and tank. And now I'm realizing I totally screwd up and didn't ask for the GH and KH on the tap water. >.< But I did look for PraziPro. I could not find it.
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