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  1. it's possible. neither Edna or Lemon Drop has done the egg thing since these batches and I know there are ways to get them to do it but I was kind of trying to give them a break for a while. not to mention there were already a lot of baby fish in the house. We'll see. I'm also a bit curious to see if any of the newer ladies in the house start with the egg laying so, again, always a possibility. if it happens, it happens and if it does I'll probably raise the babies up. For now tho, no ones doing anything and I myself am enjoying the break from taking care of all the lil fins.
  2. I'm kind of curious to see if Scarlet eventually turns orange. She's been this dark red color since she's been with me thus my naming her Scarlet and it would be awesome if she stayed this color but something tells me she'll probably lighten up eventually. I have no idea how old she is. At least, well over a year (she's been with me for like 8 months now), I would guess. She's about 3.5" from head to tail end now.
  3. So, in the beginning there were 3...Pirate, Schmutz & Slim from 3 respective fry batches that all hatched around the same time that I separated from their sibs and put together in their own tank to keep. Sadly, a couple weeks ago, Pirate passed on. He was fine but then started flipping onto his side. I QTed him but he went quick. Happily though, Schmutz and Slim are doing great and getting big. I thought I'd do an update on them as it will likely be the last pics before they are moved from their current tank into the new 175 that's very nearly done cycling. Schmutz (parented by my orange fantail Edna & my calico Ryukin Pongo) @ 18 weeks old... Slim (parented by my Lemon Oranda Lemon Drop & my peachy Shubunkin Vhagar) @ 17.5 weeks...
  4. Seriously, these are the two most saved fish I have ever had that have actually pulled thru their many problems and got all awesome again. And really, I have a crap camera that cost like $80 at Walmart. It's Sony Cyber Shot 12.1 megapixels. I've had it for like a year now. the battery door is being held shut with a piece of packing tape cuz the latch broke. It really does take some nice pics tho & does video with sound pretty well too. not very durable tho...lol.
  5. yeah, IDK what they're called. I poked around on the internet and didn't really come up with much. only a couple of that fry batch developed tele eyes & they had double tails. it was surprising when Roswell got them cause of the single tail and it took quite a bit longer. He's a cutie tho and starting to change color now. He was pretty green before & with his tele eyes, he had to be called something alien-ish. Roswell fit him so well.
  6. So, as you all know, I've taken in many busted up/sick fish over the last year. Scarlet, is one them. I've had her in my care since mid-December when she came to me with her tail & fins all shredded. Her previous owners had her in a tank with some kind of evil tetras that nipped and ripped her up. I honestly didn't think she was going to make it...but after a lot of care and several scary setbacks, she did and is all wonderful again, even super friendly now, eats out of my hand and always comes up to see me. I don't think I ever posted pics of her before. Next, there's Roswell, who I also don't think I've ever posted pics of, not real ones at least, prolly some group shots from when he was a tiny guy with his siblings. Roswell is from the same fry batch as The Twin Fats but had a bad run-in with a filter quite a while ago when that 55 gallon leaked out a bunch of water and the current beat the tar outta the poor baby & then he got stuck to the intake before I could snatch him out of the tank. I also did not think he was going to make it. But again, after a lot of care, he did and has since developed tele eyes. After their respective QTs and healing, I moved them in together into a 30 gallon tub, in which they've been living together happily and growing for a couple months now. So here's pics... in their QT... Scarlet... Roswell...
  7. sorry, Alex. I'll tone it down. And I actually did consider marking it pic heavy like I was before but just didn't. I apologize completely.
  8. wow. she has some crazy beautiful finnage! sooo pretty :-)
  9. Vhagar is the one that is the daddy of your baby.
  10. So, the Shubunkin tank got a 100% water change this afternoon and since they were out of the tank I thought I'd get some update pictures...here they are... Phantom, not so much a baby anymore. (Male) Vhagar (Male) Meraxes (Male) Balerion (Female) & the group back in their tank...
  11. sadly, the little pearlscale passed yesterday afternoon. it seemed better, swimming around and eating but then it was just gone laying at the bottom of the QT tub. the 2 bubble eyes are doing fine tho...altho they didn't really seem to have any troubles to begin with. I'm still trying to understand them as I know little or nothing about bubble eyes. I've been reading up on them...learning. I'm sure they'll be fine in my care but I still worry I might break them. And in keeping with the most recent tradition of naming fish after characters from Tiffany Reisz books, I have named them Zack (the darker calico) and Mick (the lighter one).
  12. so far, so good. the babies made it through the night all good. The pearlscale seems much better today. no more red on it. altho I'm still trying to determine what happened to it's mouth...some what hard to do with the wiggling about. they have the bubble eye sacs which is making me crazy paranoid. I've never had fish like them before and I keep thinking I'm going to damage them somehow since about all I know about them is no sharps. to the best of my understanding, their daddy is a bubble eye and their mama is a pearlscale/oranda cross that was born in the same pond some years ago. these are the only 3 babies they pulled out of the pond. I didn't even know it was safe for bubble eyes to live in a pond. I'm quarantining them because I'm going to put them in a tank...theoretically with the 2 rescued black moors cuz I'm assuming the lot can live together well. I'm actually tank shopping for them today. Also, I don't think it was cycled. They had the babies in the pond then they moved to their new place with the stock tank only a couple weeks ago. they only had it up for a short time before their landlord got all feisty about them having it.
  13. apparently my standard settings for youtube were rebelling against me just then...all better now...set to public...
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