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  1. I had a common sold to me as a comet, but I knew it was common and I guess that isn't as exciting as most of your stories haha
  2. My fish, Clementine, stills acts like this and I've had her for going on 3 years. She just doesn't like me or people in general. She is a real fish fish haha. I'm no expert, it may be flashing or she just may be like Clementine, a not so friendly goldfish
  3. So cute I saw a shubunkin with a missing gill plate today at a local fish shop, I really hope someone like you gets him.
  4. I'm so sorry about Bertie I just had to put my beautiful Sunshine down and understand the pain you are going through.
  5. Sunshine passed away yesterday I didn't think she would make it through the night and she was so terrible the next morning, she had little control over her body. The vet did all they could for her but the best thing to do was put her to sleep. Thank you for all your help everyone, especially Alex! I'm absolutely devastated and I can't even stand to look at the tank without seeing Sunshine's wriggly body coming up to me. The spark has gone out of the tank and I will miss her so much
  6. How many times would I have to do the salt dip? As in for how many days?
  7. This sucks I'm going to try and get to that fish shop tomorrow. If not, I'll go to the supermarket.
  8. I think I can get some fluke tablets, but I'm working tomorrow and I'm afraid I'll miss the opening hours of most shops especially as it is Australia Day. If not, I can definitely get some on Sunday. Should I do the salt dip tomorrow still instead? I thought fish who had suffered from dropsy were then too sensitive to aquarium salt? Does it matter I only have a bucket of about 9 litres or 2.5 gallons? Ah! I just realised I have no aquarium salt either There is a fish shop that I just found right near where I'll be working tomorrow, just have to see if I can get a chance to go check it out.
  9. Here is a video, sorry it is so dark but it is night time right now and the best I can do. It's just to get a general idea of how Sunshine is acting and there is a yawn about 25 seconds in. She is pretty much constantly bottom sitting now Oh wow, youtube makes it even darker! If you want a better video, I'll try to do one in the morning.
  10. Not sure whether to make a new post or not. I did the big water change as you see, everything was going well and then I went away for 3 nights. My mum kept a strict eye on my fish with lots of careful instructing. She said Sunshine was really good. Since I've been home, Sunshine has been bottom sitting and it is getting worse! I have a theory she may have been doing it while I was away but not so much and that when Mum walked in the room. Sunshine cheered up more as she does. Now she is nearly constantly bottom sitting, except when I walk in the room or I'm near the tank or feed time. Though if I'm near the tank for a few minutes, she goes back to bottom sitting. Key thing is, I notice she is doing really big yawns alot which I can think only means flukes?? But there is absolutely no other symptoms! And how could she have gotten flukes? I added new plants 3 weeks ago, which were salted before adding to the tank. Thoughts? I need help
  11. Thanks So any super glue is fine as long as it is completely dry? I don't often check out the fake plants at my fish shops, but I don't I have ever seen any with weights on the bottom. Maybe I could just weigh it down with my own attached weights or rocks. One of the fish shops also has recently got in a lot of those big rocks, probably river rocks. I don't think Australia has PetCo so I'll go stock up on the rocks incase they sell out and don't get anymore in.
  12. Ok so I did the big water change and I am ashamed to say how much muck came out! I cleaned it as thoroughly as I could, I also tested my tap water before hand (I can't believe I never thought to check this before you guys mentioned it) and it's pretty perfect. Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate all 0 and ph 7.6, which is the ph for both my tanks. Clementine was nearly impossible to catch and I hope I never have to do that again. She is an extremely flighty fish and is not super human friendly. I remember it took the fish shop about 5 minutes to capture her when I went to pick her up. Anyway the big clean is done, I removed most of my driftwood. I also removed about half the gravel and will remove the rest over the next few weeks as I've decided I'll definitely have a bare bottom tank. I didn't touch the filter bar adding some carbon to it, just to clean it up a bit. Is there any recommendation of how long this should stay in the filter? As I never use it. All is good so far, before the water change, Sunshine was still bottom sitting, yet would not do it after I fed her for the day? Maybe she is just hungry? Lol. Hope all continues to go well!
  13. I hope this is the right place to post this After many problems I have decided to make my tank a bare bottom tank and I would love some tips, ways to decorate, etc I know I should remove the gravel slowly incase I disturb the good bacteria and I removed some today. I will remove more over the next few weeks. I was wondering how you keep plants in a bare bottom tank, both real and fake? As my goldfish like to dig up everything and the only way I have found I can keep plants down is lots of pebbles and under some driftwood. How do you tie the plants to the driftwood? I was thinking of decorating it with some big rocks, some smaller pieces of driftwood, real plants and maybe some silk ones. Plus leaving some of the gravel in there so they can forage in it a little. Also would I still siphon a bare bottom tank? Or is there another way to get the poop/muck up not captured by the filter? Thanks
  14. Sunshine is bottom sitting again and I'm not sure why She has been on and off since last night, she just seems tired. But swims up to me when I appear. I'll keep a close eye on her and keep you updated. I'm going away in 2 nights due to work, I hope (need) Sunshine is better before then!
  15. Ok so today is the second last day of treatment, but I am thinking of making it the last as Sunshine seems healed I am thinking of making it the last day as Sunshine just seems over it and I don't want to put anymore stress on her. I don't want to mess around with antibiotics though and I don't want to stop treatment too early, but tomorrow is going to be a really hot day here and that just adds more stress to Sunshine. What do you guys think? I'm very happy, I'm still worried, as I really hope it is all gone, but I never thought I would have been able to defeat dropsy! Sunshine is one tough fish and I've known that for awhile.
  16. Sorry about Miss. Wiggles. She looked like a beautiful fish!
  17. Oh and a great update, I'd say the swelling is pretty much 99% gone. There is maybe one or two scales still sticking out but I am happy to say the treatment has worked and I'm so happy about that!
  18. Sunshine acted fine all night and is completely ok this morning, it was all a bit scary but I'm glad she bounced back. She is currently in her treating bucket and will be in there for another 4.5 hours. I only have one air pump, so I think I'll have to do the big change either tomorrow or Friday. I need to do it soon as I'll be away from home for a few days next week. Thanks again. I am also going to start slowly removing all the gravel, I was looking at photos on this forum and they look quite nice. I'll do it slowly as suggested and I have to work out what I'll put in there. I'll definitely leave a bit of gravel as they do like to suck and search through it.
  19. Thanks ninzah My fish are used to my sleeping patterns but I'm off to bed now and I hope Sunshine has a good rest, in the middle of the tank! I leave Clementine in the tank while I treat Sunshine and would like to remove her before I do all the cleaning. Maybe I'll do it on the weekend, as that is soon, yet Sunshine's treatment will hopefully be over! I still have a happy and swimming Sunshine. It's been a big ordeal this past week, I'm amazed she is doing so well, I hope she continues getting better and better.
  20. Oh ok wow. I've seen people with so much thicker gravel. Not saying that it's right, it's just crazy the things you learn. I wonder how these people deal with it. I might remove some once this all over. I won't do a big clean tomorrow, I meant later, maybe in a few weeks once Sunshine is recovered and stress free. I'd also like to know what everyone thinks about how long I should leave them out of the tank after this. Maybe dnalex (Alex?) will know. Since Clementine disturbed Sunshine, she has been swimming around non-stop. Good ole Clementine, just can't ever leave Sunshine alone haha. Hope this continues, I need to go to sleep, but I'm worried about turning the lights off and Sunshine going back down.
  21. I think that is what happened It's not that thick, I'd say it varies from about 1cm-4cm.
  22. Water has been tested and everything is as normal. Ph: 7.6 Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 20 Clementine went over and disturbed where Sunshine was and Sunshine has been swimming around ever since, fins are not clamped at all when she swims around but she is not super active. As water results are fine, I think there is definitely some bad bacteria living in my gravel which was disturbed when I poured the water in. I mean, does that sound right? I regularly siphon the tank but I don't think I've been doing a good enough job and after reading the article linked to me, I realise I've made some mistakes. I need to do a really good siphon of my tank, though I don't want to do this till Sunshine is all better. I have a question, I want to take both fish out of the tank and do a really good siphon, including lifting up some driftwood which I normally don't (but will be from now on a regular basis), how long should I leave it till I return the fish to the tank? Incase I disturb all this bad stuff once again, though I hope to get rid of it. Would it be best to leave the fish in the bucket say all day and return them after a few hours to the tank? Or maybe even longer, just to let everything settle? Though I don't want to leave the fish for too long in an 8 litre or say 2 gallon bucket. Fingers crossed for Sunshine over night though. That is my main worry at the moment
  23. Sunshine is currently acting strange. Everything had been going fine, did the normal 5 hour treatment and she was absolutely fine. As I have been filling the bucket up from tank water, the tank had only been 70-90% full the past few days. I returned Sunshine to the tank and then proceeded to fill the tank back up to it's normal level. I did all this exactly how I would normally do, 2 hours later, I come into my room and Sunshine is on the bottom of the tank, just laying there. I have no idea what it is, as everything has been going so well and the swelling is almost completely gone. It is barely even noticeable at all, yet now Sunshine has taken a turn for the worst. I just fed them and she ate and swam around for a bit. But now has returned to the corner of the bottom of the tank I don't want to lose her after all of this and such positives. I will test the water in a bit, I'm just not sure whether to do it yet as I normally wait 24 hours after a water change. All I can thing is when I poured the water in, I upset the bottom of the tank and it's affected Sunshine. Maybe the stuff that started this all? I'm not sure if you guys can help me, especially without the water results, I just thought I'd keep you updated. Might just do a water test now. Far out this is horrible
  24. Thanks for the info Ninzah. I'm definitely still thinking about it as it is going to be a big job. I did ring the vet and they said to continue treatment for another 5 days, not to go over 10 days though. It sucks but anything for my Sunshine.
  25. Today was Sunshine's last day of treatment, the swelling is almost completely gone, but still there. I hope I am in the clear now, but I am going to ring the vet tomorrow and ask if they think I should do any more days of treatment. What do you guys think? I still have a very happy fish who is always very happy to get back in his big tank. My other fish (Clementine) is always very happy to see her when they are reunited I will continue with the epsom salt in the peas for a bit longer too I think.
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