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  1. Ammonia in both tanks is 0.25 :( But nitrites and nitrates are both zero. If I move him, which I will, I'll just keep a very close eye on that ammonia!

    Thanks for the help. I'll get a photo up of his new digs too!

  2. Just an update :)

    I am still cycling the new tank as the ph's are not the same so I am just waiting to see what happens, though the problem is sort of with the tank Klaus is currently in (the small one).

    My tap ph is 7.6, my goldfish tank is always 7.6, the new tank with no fish in it is 7.6 but the tank Klaus is in is something like 7.0-7.2 (I couldn't tell the difference between the colours). Is there any reason this could be? I've always had a stable ph but this one is different and I can't think of why. I only have some small black gravel in there, a fake ornament, one plant and a filter.

    Klaus is doing ok. No more tail biting, but a bit more fin rot has developed on his fins though at the same time I am now seeing new growth :) I have changed to doing 50% water changes every 2-3 days and he seems happy. No more salt for now.

    I was hoping on moving him today, but what do you think about the ph difference?

  3. I am not a huge fan of peas (for me or for my fish lol), but there is no reason for them not to be used as the occasional treat. :)

    May I ask why? For your fish not you lol, I understand that as I'm a sometime I like peas and sometimes I hate them kinda person :P

  4. The temp isn't matched as I currently don't have a heater in it because that's in the tank currently being used, but of course this could be easily swapped over and as it is summer here as you are quite aware haha, the temp is very similar anyway :)

    I'll test the new tank tomorrow to see if ph is matched.

    Oh and should I continue with any salt treatment in the new tank? Just to help clear up? I know you say .05%, what is this in teaspoons for this tank? The 23 litre one.

  5. So would just like some opinions.

    I brought a 23 litre tank today but only filled it to be about 21 litres. A filter is running it which has some media from the current betta tank in it, when I clean the goldfish filter next I will also put some more in from there as there was no too much to spare from the small betta filter!

    I brought some plants and will be buying a few more plus maybe some silk plants when I have some more money. Plus a background as the tank is next to a mirror and I don't want Klaus stressed from that all day!

    Anyway I tested the current 9 litre tank and it was ammonia: 0.25 nitrite:0 and nitrate:0. I did a 50% water change. Now I'm just thinking how much longer could/should I leave Klaus in here? I mean at this point it seems there will be ammonia in either tank, I guess it is a question of which one will have the most?

    I mean I'm not sure whether to move Klaus now or in a week or when the cycle is complete (which could be another 4 weeks away or more).

  6. I am in the middle of going bare bottom after making some mistakes with gravel and my Clementine also gets pebbles stuck in her mouth occasionally.

    I like the aesthetics of it and the ease that I hope it will be :) I've nearly gotten rid of all the gravel and though she loves to suck and forage through the gravel. I notice my fish still sucks on the glass, plants and driftwood offered so she is entertained by that. So I don't think any natural instinct is deprived as they find other things to suck on haha.

  7. What does paling mean? Sorry!

    He does look a bit pale, is what it means :)

    You already got great advice and although I am in no means a betta expert, I have noticed with my own fish (8 so far) that they do feel much less stressed if there is more cover in the tank. In your larger tank, adding some more life plants or silk plants may be a great idea. All of mine love simple floating plants, from mini water lettuce over hornwort, anubias, water sprite - whatever stays up and gives cover. :)

    Thanks :) I actually brought some silk plants today but they were too big! So after a rinse into the goldfish tank they went. I will definitely provide more cover in his new home.

  8. I have a filter on this current betta tank, it came with a sponge and carbon. I removed the carbon and added filter wool and ceramic rings. Shall I use them?

    There is alot more to spare from the goldfish filter though, but I recently loss a goldfish to dropsy and I'm a bit scared what is in that tank/filter. I know dropsy isn't contagious but something caused it :( Ah maybe I'm just paranoid.

    I'm really excited to get this new tank, I hope I can make Klaus stress free with a happy life :)

  9. I'm going to buy the new tank within the next few days, I'll start cycling (I'll take out some filter media from my current filter and put it in the new filter, add stability as instructions and some food too) and water changes as needed.

    However, what should I do about the tank Klaus is in now? Do I just leave it? Do a water change to get some of the salt out? Should I stop with salt altogether, even in the new tank? Sorry for all the questions, I just need to be spoon fed exactly what to do about his current situation until the new tank is sorted.

    Also with water changes with the 20L, I guess it depends on water quality, but often do you do a water change? Once a week, 50%?

  10. Oh and would you recommend a bare bottom tank? As I noticed Klaus sleeps on the bottom of the tank and I thought the little pebbles might be harming him too. I could just stick plants under driftwood/big rocks and not worry about Klaus digging them up like silly goldfish :P

  11. Ugh what a waste of money :( Silly me, I thought the size wad adequate but should have known, always go as big as you can afford :)

    What does paling mean? Sorry!

    I'll look into the tank asap and start cycling. So I should just get an empty tank (i.e no filter attached) and buy a separate filter? Aquaclear is obviously available in Australia? Is 20 the type I would want for a 20L tank?

    I just want the best for Klaus of course. Thanks for all the help!

  12. When I first got him:


    Before treatment begun (about 4 days before, it got a bit worse after this)


    Right now:


    I don't have any photos of between before treatment and now. But it was healing, as new white growth was showing. That rounded bit in the middle is the brand new 'bite?'

    Oh and my full tank shot:


    Please note this is my first ever Betta. I'm totally new to tropical fish (have been owning goldfish for about 10 years, about 4 years correctly) but I did try to do lots of research before!


    That's alI I can say. I use to have a lot of bettas (8 at one time) before going into goldfish keeping. Tail biting usually happens when the fish gets stressed - mainly from temperture changes to sudden different water quality. I suggest you put Klaus into a bigger tank (5-10 gallons) so the water can be more stable.

    100% water changes are ok, just try to keep the temp. of the new water as close as possilbe. Just try to skip the salt for awhile - since new water lessens the chance of infections in the first place.

    One had a betta who started tail biting and never recovered. :no:

    Good luck for your fish

    Ah it's so stressful, everyone tells you different things. I wasn't salting at first but as it wasn't healing I decided to.

    I really think I'm going to get a bigger tank!

  14. I'll get some photos up :) I'll take some now and show you what it was before.

    It was Seacheam's Stress Guard, not API's Stress Coat just incase you got confused between the two. Not sure if you did but. Just to repeat, I was just using stress coat, today for the first time I used Prime and Stress Guard.

    I just did a water change, it was 100%. Do you still want tank parameters? My tap water is ammonia: 0, nitrite:0 and nirtate:0 and ph 7.6. I can check it in the morning if you'd like?

    It just feels like this won't go away :(

  15. I think my betta, Klaus, may be tail biting as I've heard of this happening before and I'll explain why.

    So I put my healthy Klaus on hold when I first saw him at the fish shop, came back a few days later to pick him up and he developed fin rot. I took him home and thought some nice clean water would fix it up, but though it healed, it kept getting worse and then healing a bit and so on. This continued for about 3-4 weeks.

    Tuesday last week I started the salt treatment with 1 teaspoon per gallon (2.5 gallon tank) and 100% water changes, I have been doing this every day since. After a few days, it started to heal and new growth had emerged though very slowly.

    I just did my usual water change and salt treatment, instead of using stress coat though I used Prime/Stress Guard. This was the only change. He seemed a bit crazy as I added him back in but he is an active little guy so I wasn't too worried.

    I just went to check on him and there is two chunks out of his tail, bite size and it's only been about an hour since I put him back in so could fin rot happen this quick??? Or is he tail biting? I have not seen him actually bite his tail but do often witnessing him chasing it like a dog does.

    I don't know what to do, I feel like I'm doing all I can, but probably not so please help :( He did seem a bit stressed when I put him back, but I slowly adjusted him into the water over 30 minutes as I have been doing this whole treatment.

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