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  1. Commons should be kept in a quite large tank though. My guy is rather stunted because he used to live in a 10g tank for most of his "childhood", so he only grew to be 8-9". Usually these guys get to be 18" or even bigger. A guy I use to know must have owned a full grown one, it was huge! But yeah that is definitely why it is a future thing and by future, I mean 10 years+ haha. Aw well he is very cute, I just imagined he was a baby. Did you adopt him?
  2. Looks beautiful right now A lovely looking tank and fish. I also really like those rocks you have with the writing on them, that's a great idea!
  3. Nice A (common?) pleco is definitely on the wish list for the future and maybe a bristlenose for the nearer future
  4. I'm not getting any new fish for awhile I think! But my current fish should probably have a treatment.
  5. Maybe a liquid into the tank? But I could see how it could be quite harmful to your fish. As the treatment we use for our dog, must be put on her neck so she can't lick it. Ah it's just a hope. All this prazi treatment/preventation is new to me as I never knew people did once or twice a year! I really need to look into doing it as I've never done it.
  6. Oh I totally understand that and I'm not disagreeing. But I know what I mean inside my brain haha. It's still not the same as flea treatment which will kill any flea that jumps onto your dog and their eggs too. While a prazi treatment only kills the current adult flukes in your tank. Prazi seems more like a flea bath rather than the once a month stuff we put on our dog which stops her from getting any fleas on her at all I don't know, ignore me
  7. Haha that's exactly what I meant, just not so good with the words. So in the end it's a major pity there isn't something that can do this. I guess also people put a lot more research into dog diseases rather than fish as also there is more money in it. But I'll stop hijacking this thread now!
  8. Wow that's amazing! I love it. Makes me want a pleco one day Do you worry your pleco will suck on anyone one day? I don't know about your betta, but mine sleeps on the ground and though I'd love to put a bristlenose in with him, I'm too worried for him!
  9. Its called praziquantel There are other ways too. But is praziquantel a treatment rather than a preventative? If you get what I mean. To stop you're dog from getting fleas you put a liquid on them on their neck, but if your dog was to be infested by fleas you'd give them a flea bath, maybe some other treatment, antibiotics (if they had scratched themselves really bad) and then start the preventative treatment. As what I've picked up on praziquantel does not completely kill the flukes or eggs? Yet flea treatment treats the whole flea cycle I don't know in the end though!
  10. Oh, that's horrible. I hope some survive. Flukes suck, I never realised they were such a problem. It'd be good if they could invite something similar to dogs flea treatments, so you have a preventative against flukes from ever getting on your fish. But I doubt that could ever happen.
  11. Oh yes, I don't watch that show but I know of it and that goldfish Haha well mine got it's name from the evil character on TVD, seemed suiting for a betta. Hope he continues to get better!
  12. That's great to hear Do you watch The Vampire Diaries by any chance? Haha sorry if you don't, that is also my new betta's name
  13. It's great, I love angelfish Photography is my career and I can't even get good photos of my fish majority of the time lol.
  14. You may or may not have had a macro setting on. What exactly is happening? As what's wrong with the photos the new camera is producing?
  15. Maybe it is just me, but your photos are also not working (Sorry if they are!) But you might want to check that.
  16. Best of luck! They are amazing here and are often very quick at replying so I'm sure you'll have some help soon. If you don't mind me asking, how did you end up getting metrodizanole? I'm hoping the mods don't mind me saying this, but you have to be careful with that gravel, so much grime lives in it and I loss my very loved goldfish to a mix of not cleaning the gravel properly and all that warm weather we had at the start of the year.
  17. Very nice I am also new to betta's and one thing I read was no matter how warm it is, you should always have your heater in and on as you never know when a cool change could come through and the tank temperature could drop. Especially at night. I'm from Australia too and I totally know what you mean about this weather, but I notice my heater has been turning on at night sometimes. What is the plant you have floating up at the top? I like it
  18. That's a lovely story Animals are one of the best things to help with depression and I am very glad you've had Baxter in your life to help with those horrible times. People say you can't hug a fish, but goldfish and I'm learning Betta's greet you just as happily when you come home as a dog does.
  19. I just love animals and fish were a way to have a whole life living in my room! It's not really necessarily a hobby for me, but another pet to love and rescue in a way too I also love watching them, but I think they've added more stress to my life than relieved at times
  20. Oh wow that does look amazing! You could probably do this with a lot of those tanks that come with the filters attached, though I don't know how good their filtration is. Just a matter of taking off the lid and sticking some plants in there?
  21. Andrea

    Tail biting

    Ammonia in both tanks is 0.25 But nitrites and nitrates are both zero. If I move him, which I will, I'll just keep a very close eye on that ammonia! Thanks for the help. I'll get a photo up of his new digs too!
  22. Andrea

    Tail biting

    Just an update I am still cycling the new tank as the ph's are not the same so I am just waiting to see what happens, though the problem is sort of with the tank Klaus is currently in (the small one). My tap ph is 7.6, my goldfish tank is always 7.6, the new tank with no fish in it is 7.6 but the tank Klaus is in is something like 7.0-7.2 (I couldn't tell the difference between the colours). Is there any reason this could be? I've always had a stable ph but this one is different and I can't think of why. I only have some small black gravel in there, a fake ornament, one plant and a filter. Klaus is doing ok. No more tail biting, but a bit more fin rot has developed on his fins though at the same time I am now seeing new growth I have changed to doing 50% water changes every 2-3 days and he seems happy. No more salt for now. I was hoping on moving him today, but what do you think about the ph difference?
  23. May I ask why? For your fish not you lol, I understand that as I'm a sometime I like peas and sometimes I hate them kinda person
  24. How scary! I'm glad it's out. I'm glad I've never had to get to this point of removing it myself, but even more reasons for me to remove the gravel personally.
  25. Aw cute, I really like commons! I know they aren't as fancy as some people like but look at their cute little tails Glad this guy is going to have a good life.
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