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  1. I don't disagree with housing in cups, because it is meant to be temporary. What I don't agree with is the lack of maintenance they perform on them, and the fact that they are in air conditioned stores. Maintenance should be at least be twice weekly, though, and if they can't keep up with that, they simply shouldn't sell them.

    The ones sold at the pet shop I usually go to actually has them set up with like a drop filter thing at the top of each one. It's set up on a wall and the temperature is constant, since there is a small, but efficient inflow and outflow of water. It's something so simple that all pet stores could afford and put in place if they wanted. Plus, it looks very pleasing to the eye, which is a huge sale point, and probably decreases water costs, too.

    I've always stuck by the opinion that pet stores should not sell any type of live animal, and that includes fish, birds, dogs, cats, etc. Because I think it's wrong that stores cannot advocate good ownership on living animals that essentially have no choice in the matter. The rate of disease spread and shelter abundance is partly due to pet stores keeping and selling pets they just don't know anything about, and importing poor quality animals that have not been vet checked. It's way too easy to buy animals IMO

    Narny, if you don't already know about it you should look into Oscar's Law. It is mainly about dogs, but it's bringing change and hopefully will be put into place one day very soon. I think this will result in a shake up with the pet industry for the better. The more people who support it the better :)

  2. Water test results:


    Ammonia: 0

    Nitrite: 0

    Nitrate: 0-5.0 (Not yellow, but not the orange of the 5.0)

    PH: 7.6


    Ammonia: 0

    Nitrite: 0

    Nitrate: 0

    PH: 7.6

    Ok so now I'm a bit confused. Albus has moved but he is just trying to bury himself under the log, like he wants to be hidden and away from the light for obvious reasons. My bedroom light that is, not the tank light I left that off today.

    So any ideas? I'll try to get a better top view shot tomorrow, for now I will just let him rest. Sorry!

  3. Oh no, I do have a heater which is currently constanly on. I wouldn't not have a heater on in this weather ;) My goldfish tank is currently below 18 degrees so I wouldn't be getting anywhere close to 26 degrees if I didn't have a heater :)

    Going to test the water now. He hasn't moved since those photos were taken :(

    That is also why I'm not sure how to combat the fluctuating temperatures bar increase/changed the direction of the outlet flow, which I have done.

  4. For fin nipping or lethargicness? Albus seems to be going down hill fast now.

    This is all I can get for now, I'm not sure if I want to disturb him but the video isn't really great :/


    I don't think he is swollen like dropsy if that is what you are thinking. But I understand you ask for these things for a reason and they are important.

    I'm going to have the params to you after dinner.

  5. Ah another fin nipper :( I hadn't seen any of similar behaviours to Klaus, my previous fin nipping betta, such as chasing his tails and big chunks appearing all of a sudden so that is why I thought it was rot.

    I'm just charging my camera battery as it just died. I'll have it to you as soon as there is a bit of charge in there.

  6. It is not, I have the outlet facing into the wall of the tank so it is quite light. I just changed this during the water change though, thinking the heat wasn't cycling through the tank enough and now the outlet is facing down. It is still not super strong, but maybe I should change it back.

    Below are some videos I took. The first one is of him of how he acts up the top of the tank over the past 2 days, he had just eaten a pellet. The second is how he has been acting, hiding under or near that log. Sorry about the algae I couldn't clean it as that is where he was during the water change.

    I'll see if I can get a top view photo if you would still like.



  7. My betta Albus has steadily been getting more lethargic over the past week or so. I didn't really notice and was not worried at first, as I thought he was just a bit lazy and he always came up to me whenever I walked in the room/near the tank. He still had a active appetite too. But since yesterday he is barely coming to the top of the tank and struggled to eat two pellets yesterday, almost like he did not have the energy too. He is now no longer coming to the top of the tank even if I'm standing right next to the tank. He did just eat one pellet. I also just cleaned him out, a 70% water change.

    I am not sure what the problem is. He also has fin rot that just won't go away, but I wasn't sure what to do about that, bar keep the water clean. It isn't getting better at all :( Plus now he has very clamped fins.

    As I just did the water change, I'll wait a bit and do the water test later tonight. I understand if you can't help me till you get that.

    • Tank information:
    • * Brand of test kit (drops or strips): API
    • * Filter name and size (GPH/LPH) Hailea, 200lph
    • * Additives and conditioners: Prime and I have been adding a bit of Seachem's stress guard in hopes to help heal the fin rot. The water change I just did, I only added Prime.
    • * Water temperature (With or without heater- please specify): Generally around 25-26 celsius. I've seen it fluctuate a bit unfortunately as it gets quite cold over night here and we have a cold house. I've seen it go down to 22 celsius, I'm not sure how to combat this.
    • * Last water change date: Today
    • * Tank size (Gallons or litres): 21 litres
    • * Fish in the tank (species and number): 1
    • * Any new fish added into the tank: No
    • -If Yes: Were they quarantined? -
    • -If Yes: Quarantine period and process (meds added): -
    • * List prior health issues in tank: Brought Albus with fin rot, got a bit better, then worse, then a bit better and now just seems to stay steady.
    • * Medications previously added to the tank: No medications, not even salt.
    • * Medications on hand: Aquarium salt is all I really have.
    • Affected fish information:
      • * Diet- brand and amount/duration of feeding: Atison Betta Food, once or twice a day of 2/3 pellets. Bloodworms or brine shrimp once a week
      • * Any unusual behaviour such as nipping, bottom sitting, etc: All day bottom sitting, occassionally comes to top of the tank and then just sort of floats there. Has clamped fins too
      • * Any unusual findings on fish and in tank: Not that I can see
      • * Affected fish in quarantine or in main tank: Usual tank
      • * Current medications being used on affected fish: None
      • * Previous medications used to treat affected fish: None, unless you count stress guard?
      • * If any, list previous health issues and treatment protocols taken: Just fin rot.
      • * You can really help us to identify with the concern more accurately if you post some pictures and a short video.
    • I'm just getting the videos ready now. I'll post them next.
  8. Yep video is working :)

    The mods won't probably be able to help you until you fill out all the info so make sure you get it all up.

    (Alex got in first!)

    If you live in New South Wales, around the Sydney area, I know of a place you may be able to take him and get medication.

  9. I can't help with the disease part sorry, but I am sure Narny will probably be around soon and should be able to help.

    In regards to the eating, the best bet is to go back to where you got him from and ask what they feed their bettas. I did the same for my first betta as he wouldn't eat and once I brought the same pellets as they used to feed him, he would gobble them down. Maybe also try to keep going with the frozen worms, mine loves bloodworms, but be sure there isn't too much left over food in the tank.

    Best of luck, he is absolutely gorgeous!

  10. I'm glad it isn't poisonous to humans, avocado is my life haha. I actually found out it was poisonous to other animals after I found out it was poisonous to birds, just like you shouldn't feed parrots lettuce because it is also poisonous to them or at least causes diarrhoea.

    Don't feed bad orandafan, how could you have known and clearly there has been no ill effects to your fishies :)

  11. I was always under the impression avocado was poisonous to many animals including fish, horses and birds. These may just be the skin and seed as motherredcap pointed out, but I wouldn't feed it to these animals.

  12. I killed my banana lily, my java fern doesn't seem to grow, I accidentally ripped nearly all the roots off my $22 java fern when trying to attach it to some driftwood and my goldfish eats all my other plants :( Haha. I'm good at normal plants, but aquatic plants I just can't seem to get the hang of.

    Good on you though :)

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