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  1. Yes removing the carbon from the premade filter helps with cycling. Carbon absorbs the ammonia the fish are producing so that it can't harm your fish. But your bacteria can't get to it either so they don't have enough food to reproduce. This makes cycling take longer. You can add more filter floss (polester quilt batting) or bioballs to your filter that will grow and house the bacteria :)

    thanks i will do that tonight :D

  2. A 75L tank can nicely house one goldfish. If you are attached to the goldfish I'd say keep one and return the rest. You CAN cycle a tank with a fish in but it takes longer so be prepared for a wait. A nice explanation on the fishless cycle is in my siggy below :) I did a quick google of the showmaster crystals and it said it was carbon. If you confirm that it is carbon or charcoal. Then don't use it in your filter, it takes up space and absorbs the food the cycle bacteria needs.

    You will need a dependable test kit, API Drops kit is the most accurate. You'll need to be testing ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH on a regular basis. Again drops are more accurate then strips. I'll need to know what you have in your filter as media and what type of filter you have.

    Let me know if you decide to do a fish-in or a fishless cycle and I will help you from there. :)

    i just have a question on what u said about the carbon ive been cycling for going on 24 days with fish im running 2 hob filters with carbon inside the inserts that came with the filters should i cut the carbon out i have plenty of filter media i can fill the space with will that help with cycling?

  3. Hi Everyone

    ok so me and the boyfriend went to price out tanks today at our local pet stores and aquarium shops I saw the most beautiful 72 bow front painted and drilled with a beautiful dark wood stand it was custom so quite pricy with the Sump set up and all! I wish I would have taken a picture it was the most lovely fish tank I ever saw. So my question is the sump set up really worth it or should I go with my original plan to just go to petsmart and buy something cheaper? The price difference is about $600 does u think it’s worth it to go custom or will we be wasting our money!! I almost forgot the stand puts the tank top rim at about a little bellow my eye level I’m 5 foot 4 inches I would need to stand on a stool to do any cleaning do u think that’s practical? I could have them make me a shorter stand but would cost more $$ my boyfriend is willing to get it but I’m apprehensive about it it’s a lot of tank and a lot of $$!!

  4. Black Moor - Plata aka Platypus (after perry the platypus) my 5yr old named him :D

    Calico Telescope- Zero - my anime fan daughter named him

    Calico Ryukin- Yuki -same as zero at first we named her sparticus but we decided it was a girl and changed the name

  5. Ok i just looked over at my tank and my lttle calico telescope is chasing and bumping my calico ryukin (he?) has been after (her?) for about an hour now and it looks like they are eating her poop! why would they be doing this? i have seen this once before (except the eating of the poop) it lasted the day then stoped!


  6. Went to my local petsmart and it seems every time I go with an issue the try and sell me some sort of chemical that will magically solve my issue. Had my water tested at the store and I had high ammonia I said ok I'll do a water change he says no don't do that use this chemical it will take about a week your fish will be fine!! I thought the right thing to do was do a big water change am I wrong?

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