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  1. Hi love the pics codfather great name made me smile
  2. lol ill just make a list of things i need and hang it on the fridge he can start checking them off im going to need lots of stuff since im getting my 65 gallon in a few weeks
  3. To make a long story short had a big fight with my boyfreind and this is what he brought me home to make up and to tell you the truth i dont even remember what i was mad about
  4. Black Moor - Plata aka Platypus (after perry the platypus) my 5yr old named him Calico Telescope- Zero - my anime fan daughter named him Calico Ryukin- Yuki -same as zero at first we named her sparticus but we decided it was a girl and changed the name
  5. How long after putting prime in the tap water is safe to put in the tank? Thx
  6. Omg and i thought they were just little babies but they are still so tiny!!
  7. Ok i just looked over at my tank and my lttle calico telescope is chasing and bumping my calico ryukin (he?) has been after (her?) for about an hour now and it looks like they are eating her poop! why would they be doing this? i have seen this once before (except the eating of the poop) it lasted the day then stoped! thanks
  8. Went to my local petsmart and it seems every time I go with an issue the try and sell me some sort of chemical that will magically solve my issue. Had my water tested at the store and I had high ammonia I said ok I'll do a water change he says no don't do that use this chemical it will take about a week your fish will be fine!! I thought the right thing to do was do a big water change am I wrong?
  9. Is it safe to turn a tank that was being used for as a saltwater tank to a freshwater is there anything that needs to be done to make is safe for freshwater fish?
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