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  1. Hi All i got my new tank today i need to do a leak test do i just fill it up and watch it ??
  2. I just got 2 cute little Gold mystery snails which my daughter named Hikaru & Kaoru. I also got some omega one veggie rounds for them. I droped a few into the tank and the fish love them and i'm worried that the snails wont get any food. Is there anything I could do to make sure the snails are getting food? Also should i cover the back of my tank do you think they would escape?
  3. Lovies......Lunar what a change in Salem i can see my little moor starting to change maybe he will be a salem look alike
  4. I told my 5yr old son that he is to never feed the fish and that if he fed them to much they would explode. I feel bad but its better then him getting into the fish food! Now whenever i feed them he tells me mommy do not give them to much. Its kinda cute that he worries about them!! The food really should be hidden around small children!
  5. Are there any small children in the house that could come into contact with this set up if there is please consider anchoring the dresser to the wall. As an aunt who lost a niece to a dresser tip over I do not recommend doing this because the dresser was just not made to withstand the weight of the tank.
  6. Never knew u could get a battery powered pump I think I will pick one up good thing to have for next time
  7. Yes I have hob I will keep pouring water into the filters till it comes back on the power co is usually quick about fixing things living in Florida we get lots of storms that take the power out never worried about it now I got my little sweeties to worry about !!
  8. My power went out jea (power company) says it will be a few hours till the outage is fixed will my kiddos(Goldies) be ok ?
  9. i did not see any Nitrite or nitrate untill the 5th week of cycling
  10. My silly little fish are watching me lol depending on where i am in my appartment they gravitate towards that side of the tank its quite funny with there eyes watching me saying feed me feed me!! they make me feel a little guilty like im starving them. Do any of y'alls fish do this?
  11. I checked on him the other day he was still there /fingers crossed
  12. i use prime filters aqueon quiet flow 30 with carbon cut out of cartrige stuffed with filter foam pads and a bag with Aquaclear biomax insert and the other is a tetra wisper ex20 that came with the set up carbon is also cut out and i stuffed the cartrige with more filter foam high pH test looks about 8.0 yes fish are in
  13. Hi, Well today is day 32 of cycling with fish tank I tested this morning and am finally getting some nitrite and nitrate showing in my water and I was not sure what to do next I have been doing a 25% water change daily to keep ammonia low. Should I continue with that or is there something else I should do now? I having issues reading the test kit but I think I’m at Ammonia .50ppm Nitrite .25ppm Nitrate 10ppm pH 7.6 Does it look like I’m reading it correct? I don’t have the best eyesight so I’m hoping I’m reading it ok here is a pic my babies are doing great and boy do these little rascals grow fast they already look so much bigger then when I got them Thanks
  14. I hope he is still at the store when i have space for him in my mind he is already mine!!
  15. Saw this guy at lps wondering what he was? i liked his gray color im thinking about him he has been there for about a month already if he is still there when i get my larger tank i will get him i will call him Mr. Grey
  16. i just have a question on what u said about the carbon ive been cycling for going on 24 days with fish im running 2 hob filters with carbon inside the inserts that came with the filters should i cut the carbon out i have plenty of filter media i can fill the space with will that help with cycling?
  17. Hi Everyone ok so me and the boyfriend went to price out tanks today at our local pet stores and aquarium shops I saw the most beautiful 72 bow front painted and drilled with a beautiful dark wood stand it was custom so quite pricy with the Sump set up and all! I wish I would have taken a picture it was the most lovely fish tank I ever saw. So my question is the sump set up really worth it or should I go with my original plan to just go to petsmart and buy something cheaper? The price difference is about $600 does u think it’s worth it to go custom or will we be wasting our money!! I almost forgot the stand puts the tank top rim at about a little bellow my eye level I’m 5 foot 4 inches I would need to stand on a stool to do any cleaning do u think that’s practical? I could have them make me a shorter stand but would cost more $$ my boyfriend is willing to get it but I’m apprehensive about it it’s a lot of tank and a lot of $$!!
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