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  1. Goldfish are more about surface area than tank height. With those dimensions, they'll have plenty of surface area for oxygenation, so the depth of the water/height of the tank shouldn't be an issue.

    Smegy, I love tall tanks too! But I'm not 5'10" -- I need a stepladder to own one!

    lol even with a stool i cant touch the bottom of my tank with my hands lol i guess i have short arms also

  2. I love the tank!

    thanks its work in progress just got 3 pepperment shrimp and crabs sadly the the anemone was majano and had to be removed from the tank we are planning to do corals and the anemone is known to hurt corals we have also found some other amenomes but the peperment shrimp will take care of those!!

  3. Congrats you your new tank. I too have seen that setup at Petsmart. It's a beautiful tank and stand. Are there goldfish in that smaller tank to the left of your photo? If so, Are those/they going into your new tank?

    yes my 4 goldies are going in the new tank. I had them in the bin while I took down the old tank :D They were in a 20 gallon and im so happy to have them a nice big tank to grow in :D

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