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  1. that filter and 1 ac 70 will put u at 825 gal per hour :D
  2. that filter is 525 gals/hr u would still need your more filtration you need 750gal per hour for a 75 gal tank how much does the ac pump?
  3. lol even with a stool i cant touch the bottom of my tank with my hands lol i guess i have short arms also
  4. i have a 65g also cleaning is a bit tough i use a stool and still cant touch the bottom of the tank but the fish love it
  5. thx guys she is super cute!! just love her
  6. Hi all i have nala for a little over a week now and she seems to have changed color is this normal? and this is her yesterday
  7. thanks its work in progress just got 3 pepperment shrimp and crabs sadly the the anemone was majano and had to be removed from the tank we are planning to do corals and the anemone is known to hurt corals we have also found some other amenomes but the peperment shrimp will take care of those!!
  8. Hi All just wanted to introduce my new kiddo Nala she is a bit shy and has a sweet face I just love her <3 i hope its a her!!
  9. Hi All My Hubby and I have set up a 29 biocube and after we put in the live rock we found this guy(see pic) we cant figure out what it is. Can anyone help? thx
  10. thanks tithra seeing your tank is what inspired me to decorate it this way i just loved the way you had yours in one of your vids
  11. awww thats to bad I was actually looking to buy used but I did not find anything i liked.
  12. yes my 4 goldies are going in the new tank. I had them in the bin while I took down the old tank They were in a 20 gallon and im so happy to have them a nice big tank to grow in
  13. Here it is (work in progress) My kiddos seem to love it !!
  14. yes from petsmart i have been oogling it for about 2 months now
  15. here is the tank no water yet and you can see my hubbys biocube !! and my poor little guys in the temp bin
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