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  1. hi guys

    I was a busy girl today. I painted my tank today. I used a glitter paint and i think it looks good. I kept the fish inside and the filters running just reached between the wall and the tank ( im running an ac110 which is huge and keeps a big space between the wall and tank) with a roller and painted it. oh yeah i just moved my filters to the side of the tank. I also did a

    80 percent water change. the paint i used was really light so i had to do about 9 applications waiting 1 to 2 hours to dry between. it really took all day ........pics cost= paint was $9 at homedepot and roller and tray was about $5 incase your wondering about the towel ontop of the tank i find the ac110 a bit loud i use it to muffle the sound

    thanks for looking



  2. I imagine it's because you have to eat it. :D

    ive actually had reactions from it being on my skin being cooked in the same house and even doing dishes that shelfish has been on also fishfood has made me have a bad reaction i have to be very carful to wash my hands and use medicine droppers when feeding my kiddos and gloves when cleaning any spilt food. it sucks!! everyone says how yummy shelfish is :(

  3. One of these?

    omg that is so cool thanks for the vid!! i hope they dont eat pepperment shrimp because i have 3 in my tank. i heard the snap and my hand was hot where he got me but it was just a little sting. I was a bit worried because im deathly alergic to shrimp and shellfish but guess they have to be boiled or grilled for that to happen wonder why.

  4. Out of curiosity why are you happy about vein bitten by a shrimp? :rofl! "I got bit by a shrimp :)". Your exact title. Lol

    Im happy because the shrimp and gobies are a new addition to the tank!! Still love the cute little guy even if he bit me and it was kinda cute never been bit or pinched i should say by a shrimp before!! :):wub:

  5. Got a mated pair of gobys and a their friend the pistol shrimp today :D Dont have a small net to transfer them so i decided to just snach them all up and put them in the tank. That darn little pistol shrimp bit me it actually stung a bit. Just wanted to know if anyone else has gotten bit by a shrimp?

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