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  1. Amazing tail! I can't wait to see him in a few years!
  2. Wow!!! How beautiful!! We can't find goldfish like that in my hometown!!!
  3. such a beautiful picture! The colors look amazing! (and the bubbles are adorable)
  4. How awesome to just come across such beautiful fish! Can't wait to hear about the eggs!
  5. He is beautiful! Love the nostrils and the cool dorsal fin!
  6. The pictures are from our house and our tank. I am terrible at taking pictures of fish!! Here is his other side which is even cooler!
  7. I did have ich, but he is clear and free now. He is about 2". I had just fed peas, so the water was a little dirty. I'll get another picture of him if I can.
  8. I love the simplicity of it! Although, it would bother me to see the clean tank bottom get dirty. I guess it would force me to do more water changes.... Your fish are so red and orange! Their colors are beautiful!
  9. were they fertilized? It would be pointless to gather them if not....
  10. I found this oranda at a Petsmart here in town. I think he looks so cool! His body shape looks kind of like a ranchu/lionhead mixed with an oranda. He definitely has a short tail. What color is that called? And do you think he is purebred oranda? *This is my first time posting a picture; hopefully it works right*
  11. I love the white and blue ones!! And the pandas, and the red and blacks, and the blacks, and the red and white (I have a red and white). And the orange... never seen the purple, I'll have to look them up! I just like orandas...
  12. What is repashy? I have a common in with my fancies and he does get a little more because he is just faster (and smaller) but they each get more than enough food without having any leftovers. When I do a water change, the hose is hooked up to the spigot (outside), so I cannot control the temperature. Because of that, I do about 40% water changes every week (minimum) or after a really messy feeding. With 20 degree temps in Colorado, the water temperature difference is too large for 80% water change. I also found a really large canister filter on Craigslist designed for a tank over double the size. The larger and better filtration, the less you have to change the water (as long as there are no large chunks of food sitting on the bottom).
  13. I love the tail! It is so pretty! I agree with everyone else that it is a white comet. It would look so pretty against a black background!
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