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  1. What amazing fish! Their colors are beautiful and all match so well.
  2. she is so cute! Welcome to the forum. I'm still pretty new and I've learned so much already!
  3. love the fish and they look so happy! You must be a fan of telescopes...
  4. This is my 55 gallon (which will be moving to a 125 gallon in 3 months). Finally was able to move the red and white one out of quarantine...yea!
  5. He is beautiful! And grew soooo fast! It is nice to hear that walmart has some nice fish. they are all dead or dying at our walmarts...
  6. Tux is a cute name for a girl too! Nova is my favorite! The colors are so rich and distinctive! They are all so cute!
  7. I love the dark black tank and the crisp white and red of the redcap! Such a nice contrast. it seems very.... zen-like and relaxing.
  8. I bet they'll love their new home. Who knows how many kids will throw them Cheerios or egg noodles or mandrain slices. My goldfish would consider it heaven!
  9. He is adorable! How old do you think he is? And how big is he?
  10. Sharkie is so funky! I love the odd fish, they make me smile.
  11. Years ago, I had a blue oranda, which I loved soooo much.... He was so pretty and had a chocolate patch by a fin... That is my favorite color of goldfish. That and solid white. And solid black. And the orange... Okay, I like them all, but the blue is still my favorite.
  12. Wow! How beautiful! What a great pond. I love the fish! Everything is beautiful.
  13. wow! a lot of tanks! How will you decide who goes in what tank?!
  14. What a smart man! i think there needs to be a fight in our house soon!!
  15. The website said that fish fry eat them! That means your goldies need to have babies! You already have the food just waiting to be eaten.
  16. I thought Repashy was the term for any gel food! I am a newbie.... Thanks for the help!
  17. snails can add a good amount of bioload to a tank. Mystery/apple snails are pretty notorious for creating a lot of waste and not doing much cleaning up Which snails would be the best for cleaning? If they are going to add to the bio-load, I want them to be worth the gallons!!!
  18. I had this same problem with my first tank. I tried and tried to get the amonia levels up; then I realized my amonia testing kit was old (had gotten it along with the tank off craigslist). I bought another testing kit and suddenly my amonia levels were really high!!! Glad I caught it before I lost all the fish!
  19. What???? I've never heard of them before! I'll have to start looking for them. Do the fish eat them?
  20. I made mine from scratch, using peas, tuna, etc. What is the powder you talk of? does it turn to jello like the home made recipes? I guess I'll have to look up different flavors too.
  21. I love the idea of making your own gf food!! I made one of the repashy recipes and the gf love it! They love shaking the block to get a chunk; its fun to watch. Questions: Can you feed repashy to other fish, like oscars? How thick of blocks to you make? Mine were super thin wafer-like for my 4 fancies. How often do you feed them repashy? Once a day? Twice a day? Does it replace their normal food or is it a treat? How many months does one recipe last you? 1 month? 3 months? Sorry for all the questions! I want to give my goldfish only the best!
  22. I had never heard of counting snails as part of the bio load... How many "gallons per snail" would be correct? I had heard that because they eat algae (plant material), their waste isn't as potent as those fish that eat animal proteins. Learn new things every day...
  23. I wish I had known plecos like veggies (and fruit)! That would have been better than those algae wafers...
  24. He is beautiful!! His colors are so defined and bold. Let us know what prizes he wins!
  25. What!! There is a BAD lfs in our city, but there is also an AMAZING one!! I guess we have to check out each one individually. Learn who you can trust before trusting them...
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