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  1. 27!! I hope my fish live that long... and the offspring are gorgeous too!!!
  2. Thanks for clearing up the koi thing! Let me know how your herbs grow. I was just going to do herbs, but I'm sure that other edible plants would grow as well, I just don't know which ones....
  3. Just curious why no koi? I was looking at old posts and saw that someone was told to get a koi or two for his 1,000 gallon pond that had less filtration... Is there something I'm forgetting? We are getting comets anyways, but just curious. Thanks for the idea of the bog filter!! I love it. We will probably make it bigger. There are some herbs and edible plants I'll mix in with the bog plants (and wash them before eating!!). Not only pretty but functional in many different ways.
  4. As I talked to the local pond expert, he said that a minimum of 36" was necessary in our area to keep the bottom of the pond warm enough for the fish.
  5. Here is a scan of the plans for our pond! Some info on the set up pond- 6' by 12' by 3' deep. (1,600 gallons) bog filter - 2.5 by 6' by 2' (225 gallons) (no idea of the specific plants yet) Pump - 4200 gph Comets - 20 give or take Plants - 3 lily pads, several submerged and a bit of duckweed the brown are benches and a bridge, and the white space will be landscaping gravel with large pavers. The red and green are potted plants, so I can bring them inside during winter. The whole space will be 14' by 18' and a little private zen garden. sigh... Have any suggestions? Now to finish saving up the money!!
  6. I'm fascinated by the idea of a bog filter... I'll check that out. We will definitely be sticking with comets or fancies. We will be keeping them outside during the winter and in this state 36" is the minimum depth. We might mess with the idea of differing depths.... Maybe I can beg my husband to build a pretty cover for a giant filter... Or check out the bogs.
  7. I have a few questions about ponds... My husband and I are thinking of putting one in the ground this spring. Our plans are to have either 1 12' by 5' by 3.5' which will be around 1,500 gallons (although we might do 3.5 ft deep) or 2 3' by 8' ponds, each would be 540 gallons minimum. The goal of two ponds would be to have 3 or 4 koi and have 10 fancies or so in the other pond. The pond expert at our garden store sets in ponds that are only 36" deep or less (even above ground!). The sun here is so strong and snow doesn't last more than 2 days on the ground. The liner will be 45mm and the pond square (formal pond), with a shelf. We will be putting in a few lilies, duck weed, and some hyacinth. Could we divide the 12' by 5' by 3.5' into two sections using a net? One for koi and one for fancies? How much room does a koi need? Gallons per koi? (could I have one 3 by 8 be comets instead and the other be fancies?) How much room would a comet need? Can you have a fancy pond that is too big? Nothing like a cute wen popping through lily pads! I'd like to do NO filtration if possible, but will have a bubbler of some sort. (I'd like to create an ecosystem) What would it take to make that happen? 1 fancy per 50 or 100 gallons? More plants? I'm trying for an almost flush pond and don't want a water fall and pipes everywhere, not to mention the electricity. I love the idea of a self-sufficient pond. Has anyone here worked with mosquito fish? I've heard that they help and are free from certain places. They would be with the fancies if I got them. As the goldfish would breed, I'd re home them to prevent an overpopulation and throwing the balance off. What if... could we have a 2' by 12' by 3.5' fancy pond (630 gallons)? It would be super long and skinny. Could they turn around? and live happy? After getting these questions answered, I'll scan our pond plans so you guys can vote and help us figure out which plan to follow.
  8. So cute! He looks like he has a thick beard around his chin (like in the 1800s or so). It is adorable!
  9. Wrong video! I'm still getting used to forums and pictures, etc. Here is the actual close up video.
  10. It is just black rocks. And the big rocks came from the side of a river. We live near Garden of the Gods, so the red, tall rocks, make sense. Here is another video of them close-up . I'm so excited to see the little ryukin grow up! He is going to be beautiful!!! (My mom wants to name the new one with the red when "melanoma". Oh, mother...)
  11. Keep me informed! I'm setting up a giant tank and an additional 30 gallon (where they'd have to live until big enough to go in the giant tank).
  12. My thoughts exactly! Wow, what an amazing place! I wonder if there are any near me... google time!
  13. amazing! I love the pond/water garden. When I dream of goldfish ponds, yours is the type I dream of....
  14. that was awesome but way harder than i expected! I was working so hard it felt like a workout! I better get the gatorade.
  15. How adorable! His face is sooooo cute!!! I would have him inside just so I could look at his adorable face anytime I wanted.
  16. Heaven on earth for those little guys! And they were going to be an oscar's lunch! I can't wait to see them again (until they get bigger, you won't be seeing much of them). I'd probably sneak in a few orandas or fantails.
  17. They are huge! I'm sure you spent a long time just watching them.... hopefully they have benches!
  18. With that set-up, I'd be breeding! Those ponds are amazing! And the pit is adorable and looks soooo sweet!
  19. Wow! And did you look at the link for the aquarium market? I wish those pics were much bigger so I could look at the goldfish and check out their prices. But that would only be torturing me until I can afford a plane ticket....
  20. you have some beautiful fish in there! I love the colors
  21. How old is he? I might steal that set up for my 10 gallon bedroom tank.... It is so peaceful.
  22. Your white ranchu/lionhead makes me miss mine. He died a few years ago... I might be visiting NY... If he goes missing... it wasn't me.
  23. love the background! I might be copying you at some point...
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