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  1. We are a week away from having our pond running! Yeah!! I'll be posting pictures of our process, finished product, etc (while sitting out by my pond of course). The bog filter is 5 by 8' by 12" and the pond is 1800 gallons. As I put all my fish in, they will be so small, there won't be much food for the bog plants. Should I overstock the pond for the first year? Or add more plants throughout the summer? I don't think there will be enough food for the plants till the fish get bigger.

    Also, I'd like the back plants to be good at privacy - meaning thicker and taller to hide the view of my escape from every person who drives past our house. Which plants would grow tall and thick? I have canna's picked out as well as dwarf bamboo, but not sure how tall they will grow.

  2. I've fed my goldfish many peas and I haven't had them get sick yet. They all seem to chew it for a bit, and I've wondered if they could get it down their throats! But they all did eventually and were searching for more. I think they will be fine; we can see what other people say.

  3. I've read a lot about them while trying to decide what pond fish to have. They get pretty big, as you said, but can handle dirtier water than koi, which makes them easier to care for. I have yet to see any in stores around us, though. They look so pretty.

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