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  1. We are a week away from having our pond running! Yeah!! I'll be posting pictures of our process, finished product, etc (while sitting out by my pond of course). The bog filter is 5 by 8' by 12" and the pond is 1800 gallons. As I put all my fish in, they will be so small, there won't be much food for the bog plants. Should I overstock the pond for the first year? Or add more plants throughout the summer? I don't think there will be enough food for the plants till the fish get bigger. Also, I'd like the back plants to be good at privacy - meaning thicker and taller to hide the view of my escape from every person who drives past our house. Which plants would grow tall and thick? I have canna's picked out as well as dwarf bamboo, but not sure how tall they will grow.
  2. I started loving only fancies, but now I'm falling in love with the comets (sarassas)! As they grow, their fins look so amazing!
  3. I would go for the pond idea. You could find cheap containers and build your own filter for cheap as well. You could buy a tub for the cost in gas alone. That way, you also have the opportunity to move it outside if you wanted.
  4. New Tank! Party time! They are going to love the space! They could have swimming races: butterfly style!
  5. I love the orange and white one bc of his orange lips!!
  6. Such a great idea!! I was thinking about putting patterened fabric as a background, but that is way cooler! It looks wonderful
  7. How pretty!! I might be changing my tank today. I am loving the bare bottoms.
  8. How old is she? That tail looks like she is an older fish.
  9. The koi are pretty. That is one quilt I'd LOVE to own!
  10. Love your tank setup! You should submit it in the tank of the month contests. And your pics are great (especially compared to mine!)!
  11. Yea! You got the picture working! What a pretty fish!!
  12. They are cute! I like the little white ryukin (I think that is what he is).
  13. I doubt you would need a thick liner. A cheap thin one would do the job, since all you need is a layer of protection from the chemicals, not from sticks or rocks. I'd get it!! It would be fun!
  14. I've fed my goldfish many peas and I haven't had them get sick yet. They all seem to chew it for a bit, and I've wondered if they could get it down their throats! But they all did eventually and were searching for more. I think they will be fine; we can see what other people say.
  15. Yea! How exciting! Another tank. Enjoy setting it up - it is so much fun to plan and set up another tank.
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