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  1. Hey guys, I got some of this in the post today, thanks for all the advice. I'll order some of the other brands mentioned on pay day.
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys, I'm going to see what I can get locally (Ireland) or ordered from the UK. If I can avoid hand feeding FBW and cooking peas a few times a week - without feeling like I'm feeding them crap - it'll be great
  3. Thanks, I'll have a look. I have a black Moor, ranchu, pearlscale and a golden weather loach that thinks it's a goldfish.
  4. That's great, thanks Chelsea. I think they stock New Life stuff in my local fish shop too
  5. Hi guys I feed my goldfish peas and bloodworm, and in the past I've given them soylent green and some terrible gel food of my own making. However, I'd really like to buy a good quality dry food as I don't always have the time to chop veggies or defrost worms. I have no experience with dry foods though, are there any good ones? Thanks Derek
  6. Ok, her poo looks normal, though it is bright green as she's only been eating peas. I'll upload some pictures later if that's not too distasteful. I also noticed some red marks on her belly earlier, I'll post a picture of that too.
  7. OK, will do, I don't think she'll like it but if it's good for her
  8. OK, I'll keep an eye on her for the next few days and see what happens.
  9. Hey guys I put her in a 40 L/10 G quarantine last night with 1/2 tsp of Epsom. I also fed her a gram of epsom in a pea, if it's OK to do both? The QT just has an airstone in it at the moment but I'm going to some filtration later. I'm just feeding peas at the moment.
  10. Yeah, I was just reading that, I'll give it a shot when I get in
  11. Sorry, have the tank readings 5 ppm Nitrate 0 Nitrite 7.5 Ph 0 Ammonia I have epsom salts and interpet internal bacteria, but no Anti-biotics.
  12. Hi, I can't say that I've seen her poo specifically, but I'll keep an eye out. I do see the occasional floaty poo but I don't know the culprit.
  13. Hi guys I have this fish- she's undergoing a name change but it's presently 'Yoshi 2' - for about a year and she has always had a bit of a distended belly. I became concerned about it a while back when it seemed to have grown noticeably but as she is the quickest and most agile fancy I've ever known, I left it alone. I came home from a two-day absence today to find her pinned to the bottom of the tank, struggling to get up any higher and - I think - noticeably more swollen. She's eating well (peas at the moment), which is good. I suspect she's female because two of my other fish have tried pretty persistently to try and mate with her - but to no avail. So I am left wondering, could she be 'egg impacted'? Or might it be something more serious? *250 Litre Tank * Generally kept at 21 C, with some minor variance * Water changes 50 % every week, sometimes more, treated with prime * External canister filter rater at 1,000 lph with bio-media, different sponges, purigen. * Diet consisting mainly of blood-worm and peas * Tank recently treated for ich with Malachite green * Four other - quite small - fish in tank. * Checking water parms now, but generally stable 7.5 Ph, 0 Ammonia and Nitrites (will updated in a few minutes) Here is a video of said fish:
  14. I was hoping that story was going to end nicely, with you taking the eel home, making a nice habitat for it, and it living out the rest of its days in your care :-)
  15. Hi guys, sorry for the delay. I'm using JBL Sansibar black. I have a relatively thin layer of it so he doesn't submerge himself in it (I've heard they do that). He does dig around in it quite a lot, and I often see him arch up and launch face first into it while he's scavenging for pea. It's very entertaining.
  16. I'll put him under a light and take a good picture of the affected area when I get in tonight. Thanks for all the advice, I've only been home for about twelve hours in the last four days so it has been hard to respond
  17. Hey, sorry for disappearing. I've been offline for a few days. It looked a little milk white and appeared to be under the scales so to speak. Strangely though, it mostly disappeared as quickly as it occurred. I was away for two days and came back to find only a little Red mark where it had been?
  18. Hi guys Sorry for the lack of tank info/parms, I only noticed this today and I have to be brief for the moment as I'm not at home. I was feeding the fish before work and noticed a weird bump on my Celestial's side, it seems to have developed overnight. His name is 'Crazy Eyes', I've had him a few months and picked him up out of sympathy because he's tiny and has a deformed mouth.The poor little runt can't really compete for food near the surface so I have special containers to put him in when I think he needs a good feed. It's a lot of effort but he cheers be up to no end. I'll post more info soon. Thanks
  19. Here's a video of him from a few weeks ago, he was quite spooked by my largest goldfish when this was filmed, but now he just brushes her off completely, and even swims circles around her occasionally. I'll see if I can post an updated video tomorrow.
  20. Hi Bronywyn Very belated update, sorry for the delay. Mr. Loach is doing fantastically well. He's been in the tank almost a month and he is so much happier and active with all the space to explore and sand he has to dig around in. He has also become quite confident swimming around in plain site and alongside the goldfish. He is eating bloodworms and peas , though I have to strategically drop sinking pellets near his lair (a terracotta pot) because he hasn't quite graduated to surface or hand feeding yet (and I'm not sure if he will). But, all in all, he's great. Derek
  21. Hi guys I'm not sure if anyone is still watching this thread. I've been up the walls with work all week and haven't had a chance to log in. I have been keeping the water changes up though. It looks it might be good news, the loach has started behaving quite normally in the past few days - no floating at the surface, gasping, swimming weirdly, playing dead, or lying upside down. He's still a little sheepish but he's been sitting out in the open and swimming around normally. I'm not sure if he's been eating but I've been trying to place some pellets and peas out of the reach of the goldfish in a little cave I assembled out of rocks. So, he's doing well - it would seem. I suppose I'll just keep up the WCs and monitor for another week or two? Derek
  22. Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. Thanks for such a detailed answer! That's a good point about the wood, I was very tempted to rush out and buy it but I'll make sure I know exactly what my plan is before I buy any materials. Ill post some updates Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
  23. Hi guys, just a quick update. I've got an air uplift filter in the tank now and it has some established biological media in it, I've also kept up the water changes. The ammonia seems to be levelling off. The loach is spending a lot of time bobbing around lifelessly near the surface but he's also periodically swimming around quite actively. I've tried to get my hands on some erythromycin but unfortunately it can only be gotten through a vet. The good news is he's no longer doing the weird swimming and upside down lying the he was doing previously. I'm gonna keep testing and changing the water every day. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
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