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  1. FredTheGoldfish's post in Black Marks on Treasures was marked as the answer   
    Hi guys, sorry to take so long getting back to you. Life keeps getting in the way of posting...
    I kept Treasure in QT for another week with .3% salt treatment (no prazi). Treasure didn't like the daily water changes (still very skittish) and the poop looked normal (short and light brown) so I took a chance and put Treasure into the main tank with Skippy.
    Treasure and Skippy took a day or so to get used to each other, but so far, Treasure is settling down and doing great in the main tank! In fact, it looks like the black bits on Treasure's fins and tail was the beginning of a color change after all. Check out Treasure's new colors!

  2. FredTheGoldfish's post in Skippy with holes in fins and prickly scales, or just paranoid? was marked as the answer   
    Thanks for the info, Helen.
    I haven't ever used prazi. Can I use the API General Cure? It contains 250 mg Metronidazole and 75 mg Praziquantel per packet.
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