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  1. Here's Treasure today. Her colors have deepened a bit, and now there's a cute black pattern on her face.
  2. Congrats! Very cute fish! I hope they have an uneventful QT.
  3. I like Sam, which can be a boy's or girl's name. She looks like a Sam!
  4. I recently tried to rescue a sick fish from our local PetSmart, but it died during QT. After that ordeal, I don't recommend trying to rescue a goldfish from any LPS. Not only was the experience really stressful (and expensive) but buying a sick fish sends the wrong message to the LFS (who already considers goldfish to be disposable) regardless of good intentions. If a fish already looks stressed or sad or sick in the store to you, then there's a really good chance the poor fish is already too far gone, and you probably won't be able to save it when you get it home. At least that's been my experience. Like Amanda says, shop around. Also, I like to call ahead and find out when the LFS gets their new fish, so I can visit on that day. It might help to have a clean QT tank (or clear plastic bin) ready to house your new fish while you're sterilizing and preparing the aquarium.
  5. We bought the 72 pack from Karter Scientific (blank slides, no frosting, with 100 slide covers) off Amazon for $5.45. We also bought a small bottle of immersion oil ($9.99) for the 100x objective. The oil washes off with KimWipes. The plain blank slides are inexpensive, somewhat reusable (if you clean them before the stuff sticks on) and they basically do the job. The slide covers really make a difference for us.
  6. What beautiful, healthy looking fish! And I didn't know anubias could bloom--that's really cool! Happy birthday, Captain!
  7. Nice! I think that's the fun part of getting a young goldfish, watching them change colors!
  8. Cool! I wonder if the fish notice color changes in their tank mates? Goldfish do have memories, and can recognize faces. Hmm...
  9. Thanks! I'm glad the black sand worked out so well. Thank you! I tried to cover the bubbler with a bit of sand to make it look like an underwater volcano. Thanks!
  10. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks, me too! I can look at it all day... Thanks!
  11. Beautiful fish! If you're sticking with Tango and Cash themed names, how about "Kiki" for the female?
  12. I have the same API test kit, and your pH test results for your tank and tap look the same colors as mine (8.0 for tank, and 8.2 for tap.) If you retest your tap water and hold up the test tube and the card in the sunlight, you might get a better color match. Glad to hear your beautiful fish is doing better.
  13. Cute fish and cute name! I love your "sicle" theme idea, too!
  14. Just wanted to point out... marimos are one of the easiest things for the fish to shred. It's a ball of algae. Oh, oops! None of my fish have touched the marino ball, so it's the only plant that's survived well in my tank. I guess it really does depend on the fish!
  15. how about a java fern or a marimo ball?
  16. Thank you. I keep moving things around in the tank until they feel just right. Kinda like a zen garden.
  17. Thanks! And yes, I do spend a lot of time just staring at the tank and my little fishies. Thank you! Thank you! Thanks! I superglued the wisteria to a rock and pushed the rock down into the sand a bit to cover the roots. I'm not sure if it can root like that, but we'll see...
  18. I have a fairy small tank (30 gallons) with two goldfish, but I love to re-decorate it and try out new things to keep my little guys entertained. Also, I kind of killed all my plants trying to clean the algae off them... so I thought now would be a good time to add some new plants and decorations to the tank. I already had the black Tahitian sand (two small bags to cover the bottom.) My fish absolutely love sifting through the black sand. It's also easy to clean because I can see lighter-color material sitting on top of the sand and just pick it up with a net or vacuum during water changes. The river rocks add a pop of color on top of the sand, and they're great for super-gluing my plants onto. I just have to remember to pick up the rocks and clean underneath them during water changes. Also, I have to wipe the algae off the rocks periodically. My anubias and java ferns are super easy to take care of, although I have to pour the water slowly back into the tank after water changes, as I've accidentally broken off a few leaves. The marimo ball just needs to be squeezed out in conditioned water to get clean, and it's good to go. It will float around the tank if I don't fill it back up with tank water (like a sponge.) The water wisteria, however, isn't doing as well. I think the pH in the tank (8.0) is too high for them, and the fish keep nibbling off bits of stem. But the plants are mostly still there, so we'll have to see how well they survive. My biggest new change is a small piece of mopani wood. I bought it at PetSmart for $8, and soaked it in a bucket for a few days. Not much tannin color leached out, so I thought I'd better boil it before adding to my tank. I used a stainless steel pot and boiled the wood for 8 hours, changing the water every hour or two. The tannins, as you might expect, left brown ring marks in the pot, and brown spots on the bottom of the pot. I tried cleaning the pot with baking soda first, and then used my whitening toothpaste to get rid of the tannin stains. The toothpaste worked like a charm (and the pot is now minty fresh and clean!) So far, the mopani wood has not stained my tank water at all. I use carbon filters, so they probably help. And I think the wood looks great in the tank. So, I'm very happy my current tank setup. I've been inspired by so many of the tank photos from this forum. Thanks!
  19. I also buy frozen bloodworms at PetSmart. I prefer the Hikari brand over the San Francisco Bay brand. And I find the small cubes are easier to manage than the large flat frozen sheet. Good luck!
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