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  1. After arriving home today after being out all day, I noticed that my fantail goldfish, Treasure, had black gills, and a few black spots on her. She was swimming around perfectly fine like normal, begging for food. I had to leave the house for an hour, and now the black has spread to her fins and her top back is looking darker. How can you tell if a fish is just changing color, rather than being sick? Here are a few photos of Treasure from just a few minutes ago. Sorry about the poor quality photos.
  2. Thank you so much for the information! I'll need to buy a proper scale, but the process looks really straight-forward, with minimum trauma to my fish. And, now I have a fun new thing to do with Treasure and Skippy every month!
  3. Thanks! It's good to be back. Thank you! I think I'll try to measure them so I have a reference point for next year.
  4. Hi folks and happy holidays! It's nice to be back on the forums. Here's an update of my two little goldfish, Treasure, my fantail, and Skippy, my black ranchu. Treasure changed from a youthful bronze color to a more mature light yellow-orange last year. Her color seems to have stabilized at a nice light orange color. I was hoping my two fish would grow a bit larger over the past year, but at least they seem happy and healthy. Here are Treasure and Skippy from last year. (October 2014) And here they are today. (November 2015)
  5. That's really interesting! There's still some white on Treasure's belly, so maybe there will more color changes to come... Yes, please let me know where you found that article! I wish I could have stabilized some of the black color with lots of light, but I've been having so much trouble with algae growing everywhere in the tank that I've actually been limiting the amount of light to keep it down.
  6. Thanks! That is exactly what Treasure did, too! "She", my bad! Thanks. I have no idea if Treasure is a "he" or a "she", but I'm good either way. Well, it looks like Treasure has transformed from a baby-bronze to bright yellow-gold over about 3 months. I think it's such a pretty color! I wonder if this color will be permanent?
  7. I agree that aggression doesn't help. I also mentioned to my friends at school that it was like giving away a puppy in an airtight box as a carnival prize. My friends' take on the situation was that they didn't want the responsibility of taking care of a fish, or spending money to buy an aquarium and food for it, so they discouraged their kids from playing that carnival game. Also, there had been a discussion of offering gift certificates to a pet store, but the novelty of offering live fish won out this year. I don't think the school will offer live fish again next year, since the kids complained that it wasn't a good prize.
  8. We just had a Harvest Festival at our school where they handed out goldfish in baggies for prizes. Apparently, some of the goldfish died in the bags and the students were upset about not getting a good prize. When I heard about this, I was very disappointed that people would treat fish (or any living creature) this way, but I'm not surprised as it's a common practice at school carnivals around here. So I have a question for you: What would you do if you discovered your school was handing out goldfish in baggies for prizes? Would you speak up about it? Does you have any positive experiences with this?
  9. For those of you who are following Treasure's color changes, it's been 2 months since my first post (when Treasure was bronze-colored). Here's an update of Treasure's color change today. There is still a hint of black along the edges of the dorsal fin and tail, and the tummy region is still more silvery-white. The black coloring seemed to appear and then disappear quickly (?) but the orange color is slowly deepening over time. I wonder why the black showed up at all before turning orange?
  10. Thanks! Treasure has turned almost completely orange, with just a hint of black in the fins and tail. I'll try to post another photo update tomorrow.
  11. Thank you! I'm loving the mopani wood in the tank, too. It was totally worth it.
  12. Thank you so much! I hope Treasure keeps the little black mustache.
  13. Less black, more orange this week. I wonder if feeding bloodworms brings out the orange colors more?
  14. I've never had a fancy goldfish jump out of my own tank, but my son rescued two tiny feeder fish that jumped out of a severely overstocked feeder tank at our local pet store. The employee there said that feeder fish jump out of the tank fairly often.
  15. Treasure is continuing to surprise us--I thought she was turning more black, but instead, the black areas are disappearing and slowly turning orange! I hope that some of the black remains (especially in the fin and tail areas ), but I guess we'll just have to wait and see...
  16. Thanks, everyone! My kids are also excited to watch Treasure change colors, and to guess what colors will change next!
  17. And here's one with Treasure and Skippy, for comparison. It's funny how Treasure is turning darker like Skippy, and Skippy is showing some bronze highlights like Treasure! I wonder how common it is for goldfish in the same tank, eating the same food, to start looking like each other...
  18. Blu is a beautiful oranda! I love the mix of colors. I've heard that specific foods, as well as the environment and light conditions can affect the colors, but in the end, we'll just have to wait and see.
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