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  1. That is a beautiful pond, and your fish look so healthy! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hi Maxwell09! It sounds like you're feeding your fancy goldfish a nice variety of food! Do you have any photos of them to share here? I find that if I feed my fish too much repashy gel food or too many bloodworms at once, my fish won't be able to eat it all, so the food ends up floating to the bottom and muddying up the water in his tank, and I eventually have to use the net to remove the uneaten food. I'm not sure how that works in a pond... So if you have a lot of leftover food floating around a few minutes after feeding, you might be feeding them too much. My ranchu loves shelled peas, but only small bits at a time. I hand-feed him peas and blood worms maybe once a month, as special treats. His main food is the repashy gel food and Omega One pellets. I've also tried feeding him red leaf lettuce a couple of times, but he just nibbles at the edges of it. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi all, Thanks so much for all your positive feedback about my planted tank last year! I think it's so clear because of the filter -- it's a Fluval 307. I don't remember the details of the aquarium lights, except that they're full spectrum UV lights, specifically for a planted tank. I no longer buy anacharis plants because the quality of them at our local PetSmart is not great. I turned up the bubbles for this photo, and because my fish (Bubbles) loves to play in them! t
  4. Hi mjfromga! I'd love to see a photo of your Ryukin -- what's his name?
  5. My color-changing ranchu, Bubbles, just turned 5 years old! (Every time I post his photo, he's changed color again!) Bubbles has lost most all of his orange coloring this year (except for a spot of orange on top) so now he's basically all white. He has just the tiniest bit of a wen, which is okay with me. I've been feeding him mostly Omega One medium goldfish pellets, although I occasionally give him a few blood worms and shelled peas for a special snack. I've had to remove much of the fine black Tahitian sand in his tank, because it gets stuck in the filter and is super hand to keep clean. Bubbles loves to dig in the sand and pile it around the tank. Since the plants are only held down by rocks, I often find the plants floating around the tank, as a result of Bubbles' "redecorating" efforts. The plants (java ferns and anubias) are doing very well with the LED full spectrum lights - so well that I have to keep trimming them back because they fill up the tank so quickly, especially the ferns! The biggest challenge in taking care of Bubbles is finding the time to do regular water changes. It takes about 2 hours to empty the tank, clean everything, and then refill it. I have to carry a 2.5 gallon bucket back and forth from the laundry room sink to the fish tank at opposite ends of our house. Does anyone else have stories (and photos) of their older/mature ranchus to share?
  6. Happy Spring! It's been a while since I've visited, but I'm so happy to have a freshly cleaned fish tank (and pump) today, as well as a happy, healthy fish (Bubbles, my ranchu) that I thought I'd say "hi!" to you all and share a photo. I'm still using the Tahitian black moon sand, but I've had to remove quite a bit of it to get rid of the stuff that keeps accumulating on top-- it's super hard to keep that black sand clean! I've also removed several of my river rocks, again to make it easier to clean. (The smaller rocks also keep disappearing into the sand due to Bubbles digging and moving the sand around.) I've kept a few large rocks to hold down the live plants--the anubias, ferns, and anacharis (which have a habit of breaking off into little bits and clogging the filter intake). By the way, the plants have just thrived under the new UV tank lights! And I've kept the bubble stone as a toy for Bubbles to play with. It's hard to see the piece of dark mopani wood in there, but I worked so hard to boil it to remove the tannins, that it's gonna be a part of my tank for a long while... Enjoy!
  7. Hi all! Here's an update on my goldfish, Bubbles! Another 8-9 months later, Bubbles has changed color again! At first, I was worried that Bubbles was ill when I saw white appearing behind the gills, but Bubbles seemed happy and healthy. After a week, Bubbles turned from all orange to mostly white with a few orange bits. Very cool!
  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Six years is a good long time for a goldfish--I bet he had a very happy life with you!
  9. Thank you! Bubbles changed color almost overnight when I started feeding him the Repashy gel food. My kids didn't believe it was the same fish, he changed color so quickly LOL! Thank you! I decided not to add a second fish to my (29 gal) tank, and I think it's made a big difference in Bubbles' overall health. Thanks! I think he's the healthiest fish I've ever had! The tips and advice from this forum have really helped.
  10. Happy Holidays, everyone! I've been away for a while, but I'm back for a bit, and ready to lurk around my favorite goldfish forums and see how everyone's doing! My little ranchu, Bubbles, has grown quite a bit over the past year and a half--I've included her/his baby pic with a current pic to see how much she/he's grown. In case you were wondering, I feed my fish Repashy Soilent Green, the occasional frozen bloodworms and peas, and Omega One pellets.
  11. Thank you so much for your help, Arctic Mama! I really appreciate it.
  12. Thank you so much for your expert advice! For the thorough cleaning, does that mean just scrubbing everything down in a bucket of Prime'd water, like I normally do? Also, what is colloidal silver and how do I use it? Does it need to be rinsed/scrubbed out afterwards? And finally, is 6-8 weeks in a 10 gallon QT tub going to negatively impact Bubbles's well-being? I mean, is there anything I should do to make it more comfortable for her? It's so small and dark and empty in there.
  13. Thanks for the support! Treasure was one of my favorite fish--she had a lot of personality. I wish I could've kept her alive longer. I want to do a better job with Bubbles.
  14. Sad news: my sweet, color changing fish, Treasure, passed away after a long illness. Her old tank mate, Skippy, died while we were away on vacation in Hawaii in June. I was not there to see Skippy pass, as she was being taken care of by an inexperienced fish sitter for 3 weeks. In hind site, I should have done a more thorough tank cleaning after Skippy passed away. Instead, I did a regular cleaning, then bought a new fish (Bubbles), put Bubbles through a 6 week QT in a 10 gallon tub, then introduced the new fish to my main tank. I gave the main tank (29 gallons) two rounds of a prazi treatment. Anyways, I've noticed that Treasure gradually lost her appetite and energy, and last week, she swelled up and pineconed out big time, and died two days ago. I removed Bubbles to my 10 gallon QT bucket with an air disk and started her on a prazi treatment. So my main tank is now empty of fish (while Bubbles is in QT) but full of live plants, fake plants, river rocks, an air stone, mopani wood, and black Tahitian sand. This time, I want to properly clean the tank before putting Bubbles back into it. At this point, should I throw everything away and start over/re cycle the tank? What do you recommend I do after losing 2 fish in the last 6 months?
  15. I bought a small piece of mopani wood at PetSmart and boiled it several times in a large pot to leach out the tannins. It took about 6 rounds of boiling before the water ran clear. I've had the wood in my tank for over a year and it hasn't colored the water at all. The two biggest problems I have with the mopani wood is that it permanently stained the pot I used to boil it, and the wood is rough on the back so the brown algae is much harder to scrub off during water changes. Otherwise, I really like the look of the natural wood in the tank. Even though it's a small piece, it sinks and sits easily on the bottom of the tank where I place it in front of the airstone.
  16. I've also used this sand. It sinks quickly after being stirred up. If you have a bubbler or strong current in your tank, the sand can settle on leaves and rocks and build up little sand piles. My fish also like to sift through it endlessly. They've never choked on sand.
  17. Very cute mollies and tank setup! Most of our local fish stores seem to specialize in saltwater fish and tanks, especially gorgeous corals. I'm thinking of starting a second saltwater tank with mollies, too. How easy are mollies to take care of, compared to goldfish?
  18. East coast ranchu Sent from my Z963VL using Tapatalk Thanks for the info.
  19. Super cute fishies! Sorry about the dumb question, but what does ECR stand for?
  20. Wow! That is my absolute dream pond! Please keep posting photos! I love looking at them all. I dearly wish we could have a pond in our backyard, but we live in SoCal, in high desert hills, with large flocks of crows who'd probably eat any fish we put outside.
  21. How cute! Our first goldfish was a little shubunkin similar to yours! Keep an eye out for lots of color changes, and don't forget to take lots of photos to track them.
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