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  1. That’s the reason (the aggression) why they live alone/single. They attack anything what move.
  2. I imagine what he had said . Most of my friends, when they see Psyco for first time they say “Wow, such an ugly fish!” and I answer “Yes, no doubt, he is ugly but irresistibly charming “.
  3. Thanks Koko! That fish is like a guard dog, very aggressive, trusts only his owner, me
  4. Couple of pictures of my bad boy. Already 5 years old.
  5. Hello Mel! It sounds like your goldfish has some internal health problems. Here I only can recommend you 50% waters change every 2 -3 days. I am not very good to make correct diagnoses of sick goldfish but I will text Koko about your case. She definitely will give you some correct directions.
  6. Mission complete, the filter canister is working in order
  7. This morning I got the filter part plus silicone grease and fixed it. Well, so far no any water leaks but it’s still very early to say is the filter properly fixed, so I’ll be waiting till tomorrow morning. By the way I put a hacking elastic rubber band like in the YouTube clip above, just it was one difference, for me 5-6mm band didn’t work as isolation between fluwal motor head and body, it was too thick, so I used around 1-2 mm band and it did the job. By the way all Europe is watching the elections
  8. Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my experience regarding how I deal with my goldfish feeding issue during my absence from home. Usually during my holiday I am away for 2 weeks which is relatively long period of time. Well, before I was worried what will happed with my fish if I don't feed them and decided to ask my neighbors to feed them. I strictly instructed how and when to feed my fish....... and when I back...although my instructions the situation in my aquarium was absolute disaster, stinky water plus dead fish......I am sure that my neighbors did their best but the lack of aquarium knowledge lead to these results. Well I learned my lesson and for the next holiday I decided to use aquarium automatic feeder. After a while a good friend of mine (he has an aqua farm for goldfish and tropical fish in Bulgaria) shared that if my goldfish are adult, so 2 weeks period of time without any food is no problem at all, just a week before the holiday the goldfish have to feed bit more, and a day before to leave to do aquarium water change. He is very deeply in the aquatic knowledge and the hobby but although that I was a bit sceptic. So during my next holiday I followed his instructions but just in case I put one of the security cameras on my goldfish tank in case something is going wrong .........well everything was good, when I back I found very active and hungry fish and christal clear water. Since then I don't worry at all for my goldfish, even my jumbo flowerhorn has no issue at all. That is my personal experience, not a recommendation, just wanted to share, and the decision depends you.
  9. Here I found very intresting idea/hack way regarding leaking issue from the canister body. It may be useful for some of us.
  10. That was him 5 years ago, the same grumpy boy with a lot of personality
  11. I support your opinions above Well it sounds like a joke but as a conclusion to have successful aquarium hobby we have to be a good plumbers as well
  12. Yeah, it was very unpleasant surprise when after work (tired and emotionally sensitive ) I found out that my canister is leaking . By the way my canister filter is Fluval and to be honest I highly respect that aquatic company. In general 90% of Fluval canister leaking issues come from the rubber O rings, because in time the rubber material gets worn in other words it is shrinking and starting to leak water out of the filter system. To give longer life of the filter rubber rings we have to maintain them periodically with silicone grease or lubricant in order to avoid potential leaking and provide longer life of the filter. Well in my case the leaking spot was in aquastop (that is the part which connect filter body with the hoses). Unfortunately I couldn't manage to open it from the inside where there are a pair of rings eventually to put some silicone grease or change them, so next step was to buy the same part online. Fortunately Fluval company provides big range of canister parts. Hopefully tomorrow or day after I will get the new aquastop, as soon as possible, because at the moment my goldfish tank is without any filtration except the aeration.
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