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  1. Finally I got the book “Fancy Goldfish “ by dr. Erik Johnson and Richard Hess. Really happy to have one of the most valuable book for goldfish!
  2. Thanks everyone, really appreciate 😃 Well, yesterday I bought online “Fancy goldfish “ by dr. Eric Johnson 👍🏻 The book itself is flipping expensive 😂😂, even the second hand ones but after all I think I did good investment. Next step is to buy a decent microscope. By the way, dr. Eric Johnson has some interesting and useful clips on YouTube.
  3. Hey everyone! Regionally I am from Bulgaria but I live in Northern Ireland.
  4. Thanks Arctic Mama, appreciate! I did some research. There is one book “Fancy Goldfish “ written by vets- dr. Eric Johnson and Richard Hess. Good feedbacks and highly recommend but quite expensive. I am thinking to buy that particular book but first I would like to be sure that it contents deeper knowledge then most of goldfish books offer. Did someone here read it and what is your opinion?
  5. Hello goldfish keepers! Recently I am looking for a good book about fancy goldfish. Well the problem is that most of the books I’ve seen contain general information which is useful for beginners. I need deeper knowledge/information especially regarding breeding, diseases. Could you recommend me any good book with deeper knowledge? I will appreciate any comment! Thanks in advance!
  6. Today I made another gel food for all my aquarium inhabitants. The recipe is simple: pure Spirulina powder 2 Oz, approximately 50gr ; dry Gammarus Srimps 1 Oz, approximately 25gr ; 1 large tea cup/mug of boiled peas with the skin ; 2 tea spoons red paprika powder ; 1 tablet multivitamins ; regular plain gelatine. I blended all these ingredients with hot water (the quantity of the water must be 3 times more than the ingredients). And the most important, all aquatic inhabitants (fish, snails, shrimps) love the food ......well, so far
  7. Hi Caretta! I think that compares to other aquarium fish, goldfish are champions to survive without food for relatively long period of time because they have ability to collect extra energy (fat) in their bodies. Just let me clarify couple of things regarding my goldfish: first, they are all adults, except the baby shubunkin I just bought in the beginning of this week, so compare to the adults it’s not good idea to leave baby or juvenile goldfish hungry for long time. Second, I have as well one fancy ryukin goldfish (my son’s goldfish), so during 2 weeks without any food he didn’t show any healthy issues which means that fancy variety are tough as well.
  8. Thanks Sharon and Mandy, you’re very kind! Actually I forgot to share something interesting. So in the beginning of this month I was away from home, enjoying my holiday for exactly 2 weeks, 14 days. During that period of time I left all of my fish who are leaving in 3 different types of tanks without food, not feeding at all. When I back I found my fish all alive, hyper active, very hungry and the water was crystal clear. Well, the head of my Jumbo flowerhorn was double smaller, obviously he used some energy sources from that part of his body. The comets, absolutely no issue at all, happy and healthy as usual. The planted low tech nano tank was looking ok as well. The only thing I did, before to go to my holidays, is to instruct my neighbour regularly to check the conditions of the fish tanks, leaking, potential electric problems, to look for something wrong like dead fish or unpleasant smell......in other words to check every 3rd day is everything ok with my tanks.....but strongly instructed- no feeding. Why I did that, because I have very very bad experience when someone else feed my fish. Of course I have to mention as well that a week before my holiday I feed my fish bit more then usual to collect some extra energy. So, the conclusion regarding comets goldfish and all other types of long body goldfish is that 2 weeks period of time is absolutely fine without feeling. That’s my personal experience and the choice is yours.
  9. Hi goldfish keepers! I would like to share two new things what recently happen with me. Well, one of my favorite goldfish are bristol's shubunkins. Here in Northern Ireland (where I live) and Ireland, I was looking for them probably for more then 3 years, unfortunately with no success. Last year I contact with one of the best UK breeders. She is from England and no doubt she is absolutely brilliant breeder with a lot of competition prices and awards, a great person as well who is breedeing one of the best bristol's shubunkins in the world. So when it came time to deliver the bristol's shubunkins from England (part of UK) to Northern Ireland (part of UK) both of us found out that the delivery isn't cheep........more then hundred of pounds($150-$250) only the parcel (a box with 5 goldfish). And pay attention, these is regarding all life stock (birts, plants, snails and etc............ Probably it is the same price to send goldfish from England to South Africa. I was really unhappy because UK delivery for England, Scotland and Wales, all part of UK, is approximately £25, and for Northern Ireland, also part of UK, the delivery price is simply ridiculous ..........anyway, I didn't buy not because I'm not able to, it's because it's unfair.........well, no bristol's shubunkins for me..... but life is still beautiful Yesterday I went to one of the local pet stores to buy some frozen fish food for my fish and surprisingly I found out that they have a new delivery of aquarium fish. My attention was attract by one fish tank full of common shubunkins goldfish, between 30-40 goldfish, each £1.99.........and there I saw it.......a champion fish with huge potential. Well...I bought it , only £1.99 ($3). I would like to share some pictures with my new baby comet shubunkin which at the moment is hardly 2,5 inches. He/She already is ready for competition Here some fresh pictures.
  10. I made the gel food today. I made 2 types of gel food: First one- approximately 50% quality granulated fish food plus 50% soft peas with the skin, 1 tablet multivitamin, gelatine and hot water. Second one- approximately 40% granulated fish food, 30% peas, 30% dried shrimps, 1 tablet multivitamins, gelatine and hot water. This one is prepared for my jumbo flowerhorn but I think no harm if I feed my goldfish with this gel food once of week. The good news is that all fish are enjoying the food, as well it doesn’t float on the surface, it is sinking immediately.
  11. Hi everyone! A week ago a friend of mine gave me a jar of quality granulated fish food. As I mentioned the food is granulated and it’s floating, designed for all types of fish. I personally am not a fan of floating fish food, especially regarding goldfish. So my question is can I make that granulated food into jelly food using hot water and gelatine, and mixing the consistency with a blender?
  12. I use simple 3 foods single lined LED light. I bought it from EBay.
  13. Thanks Koko! He himself find the name of his pet, he is very creative (like me ) I think it is great to educate our children to respect and love the animals and mother nature.
  14. That is my son's goldfish, male ryukin, name Gucci. Temporary in my tank My son is 6 and he has to learn a lot about proper care of goldfish. So everything is under control
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