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  1. Before: Feb 2013 Now: Please excuse the current green water, it's not intentional :/
  2. Cute!! I couldn't possibly pick a favourite, they are all amazing. Your pond looks fantastic
  3. I have wondered the same, and have not put them in my tank for this reason. I know that whole plant itself is toxic to birds (I have a budgie) if eaten.
  4. Hey I have a pretty decent current in my betta tank. My tank is very heavily planted and I find that this provides a lot of dead spots where my betta can hang out peacefully. What do you have in the way of plants in your tank? Putting some large plants near the output may help to soften the current and provide some hidey holes.
  5. looks great well done! Your goldies have grown alot too
  6. looks great! Perfect tank for a betta
  7. Nice! I love your tanks
  8. My tank was not cycled when I added my betta (6 gallons) as I just wanted to get him out of the bowl however I have never registered any readings for ammonia, nitrite or nitrate. I take out 30% of the water each week. I just really think that they do not produce a heap of waste.
  9. From what I've read there is the possibility of the shrimpies being eaten..
  10. HI Mikey, this is a pic of my 6 gal planted betta tank that I recently upgraded to for you have a look at. It's low light and I have java moss (tied to driftwood), java fern, anubias, crypts and wisteria (it's a bit of a jungle mess) and they all do well under low light in my opinion. I don't add any ferts but still see pretty good albeit slow growth, my crypts have started putting out lots of runners. My betta is super active and I kind of regret not upgrading him to an even bigger tank, but I really didn't have the room. I'm sure your betta will love the ten gallon! Maybe if you wanted to a snail or two would work in that tank as a visual interest? Once plants get going they really fill up the space and you don't tend to worry about not having many fishies in there. Good luck Whoops there are also some vals in there!
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