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  1. Thanks for all your help guys! I really appreciate it What signs would indicate that the eye was infected?
  2. Hi all, It's been a while . Hope you are all ok. Popped into my local pet store on the way home to buy some supplies and (obviously!!) looked in the tanks. I fell in love with the ranchu tanks, one fish in particular. The tank wasn't on a very good way. For a start, a few of the fish looked a bit bloated and pineconed. Secondly there were some loaches (thin and whitish colour?) in the tank. The ranchu I fell for was gorgeous and not bloated or pineconed and was swimming around happily, but when it turned around, it only had one eye . This had obviously been sucked out by the loach as when I was watching, it was going up and trying to suck some of the fish. My question is, what problems would one-eyed fish cause for the others? I would QT the fish for 2 weeks and keep an eye (pun intended ) before putting in the main tank but do you guys think it's a big no no? Just an update about my tank to help with the decision!: 120(ish) litres 2 x Small Goldfish (only 1 is mine, the other I'm looking after for a month or so while my friend moves house!) Thanks guys Elise
  3. Thank you! I'm actually shocked at how well she has recovered
  4. Here's the update pics. Apologies, they are not the best! Temp is at 26 degrees.
  5. I'll get you some update pics (hopefully!) tonight. Stopped Epsom on Sunday (8 days). Temp is about 29 degrees from memory, will double check when I get home from work for you. I think she is constipated because her belly has got a little bigger again and her poops are quite long.
  6. How long has it been? Typical treatment for mms is 2 weeks but there are occasionally situations we might feed longer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk It will be two weeks on Saturday! Can I feed peas as well as she is a bit constipated, or is it best to just feed MMs?
  7. So things are still good . How long shall I keep feeding the Meds for?
  8. Another update! I went downstairs this morning and to my shock, I saw my fish almost back to normal! So pleased. Do I still need to add Epsom salt?
  9. Just an update for you all: The bloating has definitely reduced which is good. There is still pineconing at the moment but its not as bad as it has been. One thing that I have noticed is that there is a small patch on his/her stomach that looks like the scales have come off. I would say its maybe 2-3 scales that have fallen off. Is that ok?? I am still doing 50% Water changes everyday and tipping up the Epsom salt.
  10. Good news, the bloating has definately reduced! Not that much, but it's still better than it has been. Also, I'm not quite sure of his/her gender! Is there an easy way to tell?
  11. Just did a 50% WC. Do I need to add 1/8th teaspoon of Epsom salt to bring the % back up? This morning when I fed her the 1st Metro-med pellet, she struggled to eat it. She ate it but it kept on falling back out of her mouth. I don't think she was spitting it out as such because when it came out of her mouth, she would suck it up again instantly. I just snapped one of the pellets in half and she seemed to eat that a lot easier!
  12. Ok I'll add in the heater tomorrow! How much water should I change per day? And can I go with 5 pellets per day (spread over the day?) Thanks for all your help so far guys . I'll keep you updated!
  13. There is a photo from last night showing bloating/pineconing!
  14. Hi Helen, Yes fish is showing appetite and already seems a bit better! No thread at the moment as I was just PMing Dnalex but I may create one later on tonight. The fish is very bloated and pineconed and I have added 1/4 teaspoon of Epsom salt (QT is 25litres). Should I be doing daily W/Cs in the QT? And there is no heater in there at the moment. Do I need one? I'll add some photos when I get home aswell
  15. Thank you . 0.1 grams is about 3 pellets so I'll feed the fish 1 pellet, three times a day!
  16. Hey, Unfortunately the fish that I was treating (lionhead) passed away whilst I was on holiday . This is my new fish to replace the lionhead! Yes I think I still have it. So it would be 0.1 grams pellets per day?
  17. Hi all, I have been speaking with Dnalex over the past couple of days and he has advised me to get metro-Meds. Thankfully a kind person has sent some to me, but I'm not sure how many pellets I need I feed my Oranda? I have just weighed him/her (no idea on the gender!!) and they are 10grams. He/She is in a 25 Litre qt at the moment and is very badly pineconed and bloated Thanks in advance
  18. Hi guys, Sorry to report that my lionhead has died . I sent my friend to check when she got back from her holiday (yesterday). I always thought that this would happen as it looked so bad before I left, but I'm still sad that it happened. Thanks to all of you that helped try and save it! x
  19. Hi guys, Sorry for the double post but I leave in 6 hours time! What should I do!? And can I just pop the plants in and leave them floating on the surface?
  20. Sorry it's not a good photo but this is what I mean
  21. There ya go The lionhead is hardly moving It is hiding in the plastic plants face down! What should I do?!?
  22. The lion head is looking very lethargic this morning... Not sure why?? Am going to to a WC this evening before I go on holiday tomorrow!
  23. Popped to my local pet shop and they had a bucket of pondweed, so got two bunches as I read that goldfish love this! It came in a bunch with a bit of sponge and a silver band/wire securing the stems. How should I add them to the tank?
  24. I'll see what I can do lol! Any plants that are good in particular?
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