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  1. So, after more than 2 years with this filter, there are a few things I can tell you about the filter. In the first year, the board went on mine and I had to get a replacement sent to me by Eheim. I had a VERY hard time getting support from them initially, but thanks to our wonderful member Tastyworms he was able to get me into contact with them. I did have to change out the board myself though as they simply shipped me a replacement lid that had nothing but the board installed in it, so it was a matter of swapping them out. The plus side to doing it that way was that I still had filtration running as the filter still works at full tilt even when the electronic features fail. I have never used the 12H bio function due to the fact that my tank has no live plants, and the goldfish absolutely hate the stream function which switches between high and low every 10 seconds. It creates more water movement and they didn't seem to be fans of just how much movement that function actually creates. The filter does fit under my tank stand, but I have it out beside the tank instead as it makes it easier to clean when needed since it's VERY heavy when filled with water. The lights telling you about when you need to clean the tank is a bit of a cr@pshoot because you can get an orange arrow and 5 green lights if the flow is reduced a bit by algae in the tubing. The only way to fix that is to dismantle all the tubing and giving it a good cleaning. To disconnect the tubing from the intake & output, you need to run them under hot water to soften them & then pop them off, and the same when you want to put them back together. I also use floss in mine which is placed on the very top after the blue sponge. This I rinse out when I take off the tubing to give them a cleaning. Mine also did not come with any media, so yes the first time you set it up it can be costly. I took all the media that I was using in my rena xp as it was established and added it to 2 of the trays, and then added more new media since this filter has loads of space for media. I can tell you that I have not had any need for additional filtration, but my tank is also understocked as my fish are from 6 to 10 years old now and after more than 15 years in the hobby, once these fish pass, I will be taking a break from the hobby and selling off the 75g, deco & the stand, but tearing down the Eheim and storing it away as it was a very high priced investment and some day I may change my mind about having more fish lol
  2. I have had this exact same filter running on my tank for just over 2 years now, but I'm about to head to bed now so I will have to remember to pop on here tomorrow to post more ~~Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk~~
  3. I run an Eheim Pro 3e 2078 on my 75g tank. What I can tell you is that while it works fantastic, I don't use any of it's features like I thought I would as the goldfish do not like anything but the standard setting. One of the settings is a stream function, and they hate that setting the most. I have had to use it's warranty once already with the board failing within the first year of having it and I had to get a replacement from Eheim which required me to replace the board myself. And just for a reference, here's what the flow looks like during a water change:
  4. I run an Eheim Pro 3e 2078 on a 75 g with 3 goldfish and it gets regular maintenance everytime I remove the tubes for a cleaning every 2 months. Not a major cleaning though, but I do rinse the sponges in a bucket of tank water so it keeps gunk from building up. As said previously, all filters regardless of the type need regular maintenance to keep them running at their best, and to ensure that they last as long as they should. ~~Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk~~
  5. I usually shop at the West location (Kanata) and they almost always have massive fancies in the tank if you hang a right when you walk into the fish area and go to the very end. ~~Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk~~
  6. I took some cycled material from my eheim on the goldfish tank and put it in the HOB on the 10g betta tank before I bought my betta ~~Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk~~
  7. I managed to weigh one of my fish once, but it's just not feasible since I would have to take off the light and the entire hood from my 75g as the fish are too big to fit through the lid openings lol ~~Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk~~
  8. Honestly, I'd like to understand that as well as I was not expecting to have to upgrade (or add) any new filtration with the addition of a pleco. As I said, my personal experience was simply what happened in my tank, and perhaps that would vary for others. Nothing else changed in my case other than the pleco (and some wafers for her). I still did (and do) 50% WCs weekly, no substrate, still using Prime etc Keeping fish is always a learning experience even after 15 years lol ~~Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk~~
  9. Just wanted to add my personal experience to the thread regarding the addition of a bristlenose pleco. My tank is a 75g, and has been running for more than 10 years (with a few house moves in there, but only little cycle bumps thankfully). The tank had (this will make sense in a moment) 3 goldfish - One 10 yr old fantail, one 5 year old ribbontail, and one 6 year old fantail. I used to run a Rena Filstar XP3 on the tank when it was just the 3 goldfish, but after nearly 2 years, I finally acquired a female bristlenose pleco who was 2.5 inches at the time. Once she was moved into the main tank after her time in QT, within several months it became quite obvious that the Rena could no longer handle the bioload that came from the new addition to the tank. In Oct 2011 I upgraded to an Eheim Pro 3e 2078 which has done a fantastic job keeping up. The difference between the two filters is this: XP3 - rated for aquariums up to 175g - 350gph - 3 media trays Eheim 2078 - also rated for aquariums up to 175g - 450gph - 4 media trays So I suppose by just throwing those numbers out there it doesn't sound like much difference, but I can tell you that just adding that one little spikey fish changed everything. So I'm in the same mindset of factoring in 15 to 20 gallons for a pleco when adding one to your tank.
  10. I went on a small hunt & found that you have a B&Q in the UK (though I don't know much more than that), but basically any DIY store that sells PVC would work. You should be able to get a length of tubing that you can just drill some holes in it yourself for the spray bar, and they should also have elbows and an endcap to do what you are looking to do in your tank. I do not know what sizes they have available though, so you may need to check around first, but I'm guessing that 21.5mm & 32mm's are most standard there, though there may be other options once in the store of sizes that are not as common. I know a large number of fish owners that have done this for their custom tanks, in fact, here is a video from one that I know when he wanted to make one for his stingray tank here in Canada:
  11. The only fish that comes to mind for me is a yellow perch, so I'm not much help at all lol
  12. Use painters tape around the edges when you reseal to make a nice line; you can also get an inexpensive caulking tool to smooth it out at the hardware store. ~~Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk~~
  13. If you get the buckets at home depot you can get the lid that fits solidly on the top without worry that it will pop off, and there is a plastic circle on top that can be popped out so you have a hole to put in airline tubing. It's what I used to move my fish. ~~Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk~~
  14. My oldest fantail has just passed the 9 year mark, so I certainly hope she has many more years to go! ~~Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk~~
  15. I bought a long handled algae scraper which I use during weekly water changes; it allows me to reach spots without getting bruises on my arms due to being too short to reach very far in my tank. I don't scrub it vigorously of course, just one side and the front get a good cleaning, but the back and the side that Miss Pleco hangs out are not touched since she does those herself.
  16. I simply unplug the one in the main tank for the summer, and the one in the betta tank will stay in since he is kept between 78 to 80F
  17. Congrats on having such a healthy fish. Have you had your 9 year old fish since he/she was little/young? Thank you And yes - this was her when I first brought her home - she was so very tiny! This is me making an attempt to measure her (including tail) as she is so large and strong that I can barely hang on to her
  18. Since my oldest fish is now 9 years old, none of them have ever had meds. I have a container of salt that is 3/4 full that I have had forever as it's only been used when I moved just over 4 years ago and used it for stress just to be safe. ~~Sent from my mobile using Tapatalk~~
  19. Awesome, glad my post helped FYI, the piece is found in the garden hose connectors rather than plumbing.
  20. I had a Python mishap back in February with my 10 year old python system; I don't know if it's the same part you're talking about, but here was my issue (and the fix!) http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/107105-python-connector-fix/
  21. What you need is called a coupling. Take a piece of hose in to make sure that you get the right size as they are available from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch I believe. This is what it looks like: http://www.homedepot.ca/product/poly-insert-coupling-1-2-inch/969855
  22. KrazE

    Betta tank complete

    This morning I found a betta that just begged me to take him home. He was being sold as a halfmoon betta, though I really don't know a lot about the differences between betta types, so for all I know, he could be something different. When he was in his little cup, he had a very pale blue body - you could JUST tell that there was blue, but it was incredibly pale, and his fins were a tad off-white. But... since he's been home and in his new tank, his colours are starting to change!? His body is now a bit of a darker blue, and his fins are almost striped looking and alternating in very light blue, then white, then light blue, and they shimmer when he swims. He's still getting settled in, so I will give him time to get comfortable before I make him pose for pictures; It'll be interesting to see what happens with his colours over time. He's taking full advantage of the entire tank, swimming where he wants, checking everything out, swimming around in the betta grass - he'll enter it in one spot, and suddenly reappear elsewhere. He has started to come to the front of the tank when I check on him, so hopefully he's happy with his new digs. I haven't named him yet since I want to see what his colours settle in to, and what his personality is like first.
  23. KrazE

    Betta tank complete

    Thank you everyone! I will probably visit BigAls today to see what they have there, hopefully it's not just a lot of blues. As to the pothos - only one stem is actually floating, so I'm not concerned, the other one is sticking out the back of the tank where the air line comes in and it's already started growing a number of stems & leaves. There was a third one just floating in the water previously, and it grew some really awesome roots that way; it's since been transplanted back into the pot from the original cutting as I'm trying to make the pothos in the pot much fuller than it is right now
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