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  1. Thanks to Koko and the rest of the team for the opportunity to address this issue. Due to a recent leg surgery I'm unable to drive to FedEx. I had asked a family member to drop off packages on Monday night. When he got home, he gave me the receipt with the tracking numbers of the packages. I emailed all the customers their tracking information by midnight. I received an outbound status email from FedEx yesterday morning. These emails tell me the progress of each package shipped out the night before. I noticed extra tracking information I did not recognize and I immediately called FedEx to find out if there was anything wrong. They said they had trouble scanning the labels, pulled the labels out of the sleeve and then generated new numbers. This is where the labels where inadvertently put on the wrong box. Keep in mind that I was not at the FedEx station while this happened. Around noon yesterday, the customer called to let me know that he received the wrong package. Instead of the red ranchu priced at $49.95, he received 25 (1 Inch sized) juvenile Thai Orandas which was meant for another customer located in Kentucky. I apologized multiple times and told him I will make it right. I told him that I'll call FedEx to reroute the correct package to him, that I'll have FedEx come to his house to pick up the package he received and that a new shipping label will be prepared. After we hung up, I called FedEx to get all this sorted out. This was close to 45 minutes on the phone talking to half a dozen agents trying to find out what happened, and what needs to be done to correct it. I called the customer again to let him know his package was already in a container at the airport in Indianapolis and the transit cannot be interrupted. Once the box arrives in Kentucky (Wednesday Dec. 9) they will reroute it to North Carolina and will arrive Thursday morning. There was nothing I can do to expedite this. I gain APOLOGIZED for the inconvenience - I told him rest assured the fish will get there in good condition - I take great care in packaging. I offered to give him 25% off on any future transactions. On an email I sent to him I also told him if the ranchu does not survive the long distance round trip I will give him a FULL REFUND. By nightfall, FedEx has yet to pick up the package of Thai Orandas from the customer's house. I called FedEx again to find out what happened. They said that the agent had scheduled a GROUND shipping pickup but did not have available drivers to get the package until the next day. I told the agent I originally shipped both packages EXPRESS, not Ground and they corrected this in the system. I had the customer on one line and the FedEx Customer Service on the other line. The customer can hear my desperation, can hear the agent's instructions. I told the customer to have the package ready Wednesday - FedEx will stop by to pick up before 2pm. In the meantime I have emailed the Kentucky customer to let him know the status of his shipment. He called and was very mature and understanding about the situation. I gave him my word no matter what happens I will make it right. It was a good exchange, just 2 adults who understand that mistakes can happen and the gravity of the mistake is not equivalent to ABUSE. I understand that the OP is unhappy with his first ECR transaction. Unfortunately there's only so much I can do and so many sorry's I can say. At around 1pm, I processed a FULL REFUND of $116.65 back to his credit card even though FedEx has already charged my account $63.25 for the shipping. I also called FedEx to reroute the package back to me. They called at 2:34pm to confirm the "Return to Sender instruction". I asked them to open the box to see if the fish is ok. They opened the box and found a very wiggly fat ranchu begging to be fed. They have now resealed the box and its on its way back to New Jersey. The package bound for the guy in Kentucky has been picked up and is now in transit to the right destination. I know I owe a lot to the goldfish community for the support I've been given the past 4 years of raising and selling goldfish. I'm not perfect. But I am human. Defamatory remarks to ruin the name that I have built is unfair when you only hear 1 side of the story. This is the first time I have defended the East Coast Ranchu name on a forum. $49.95 is not worth that name -- some of you who know me well know that I give away a lot of free fish, $ for your ailing pets, my time and my knowledge. This is a hobby that I love. These are fish that I care about deeply. If errors occur -- I will bend over backwards to make it right. But if after all the effort I have put in, a customer compromises my INTEGRITY and shows no compassion, patience and strength of character to keep a ranchu that I have invested so much time, $ and resources on then I have to draw the line and protect my name and the ranchu that deserves a better home. Thank you to Jenzaar, Mernany, Mikey, and Diesel Power for your fair assessment. To everyone else who needs further clarification, I can be reached at eastcoastranchu on gmail.
  2. We are Chu related as MK has mentioned in another thread. Not responsible for wrinkling when you own an ECR ranchu or possible resemblance to the breeder (yours truly). Metamorphosis begins upon purchase.
  3. Yes, that's exactly how I look like now minus one wrinkle on my wen. In fact that should be my Avatar
  4. I agree on all points and humbly defer to your knowledge & experience Alex. Many fun years sounds like a plan I intend to sell lemonhead babies until I'm old and wrinkly (like a wen headgrowth).
  5. Hello Alex, MK, Jeff, So good that you and kokos community are collectively here to the rescue when emergencies happen. I try my best to drop in when I can so I can be updated, I hope you understand that sometimes things can get hectic with the day job, the fam and the little wigglebutts in the fish room. In cases when an ECR buyer has an issue, would you be so kind as to refer them to me as a first step? I will always help. In a heartbeat. Regarding the med+kidney+thingie: what happened was I noticed on post #3 where dropsy is mentioned. So before it could lead to panic buying any meds (metromed) for dropsy treatment I was merely suggesting let's not go there yet. Its a very young ranchu. If Rob gets dropsy meds, it would be unnecessary for Yoghurt in this case and can be taxing "on his young kidney". I'm not a doctor - just basing my advise on lessons learned from mistakes I have made in the past. I never said you gave advise on kidney damaging drugs. And yes I saw the salt and fasting references. I know you care and are just looking out for the goldfish's well-being. Hope this clears any misunderstanding. Peaceful waters everyone
  6. This is a mechanical injury. Kindly review the video you sent on the day Yoghurt arrived - his tail is intact. From the photos, it looks like the tear is starting to heal. Ranchu doesn't have dropsy. It's just a chubby, healthy ranchu. Here's the photo days before sale: http://s1163.photobucket.com/user/eastcoastranchu/media/Facebook2013/FB007/IMG_2736-2.jpg.html No bloating, no pineconing. As you can tell from the headgrowth - this one ate tons of bloodworms, perhaps more than the others. I suggest not subjecting to unnecessary treatment that could compromise it's kidney function. For the injury, perhaps an antibacterial to fast track healing. Agewise, it's only 5 and a half months as per the Care History sheet included in the package. Not sure if you can sex it at this age. But MaryKate could be right: it could be female and is eggbound. The breeder just got used to referring to all ranchus as "he".
  7. Goldenhero, There is a method when a purchase is made online for live fish. Operating word here is "PURCHASE". If the ranchu is dead on arrival - the customer is required to immediately send me a photo of the dead fish. I've been doing this for awhile and I promise you, I have not received dead fish pictures yet. If it ever happens, I will replace the fish. Shipping fees is always the buyer's responsibility. Shipping costs (in this case $20 + $42) did not go to my pocket. It goes to UPS. Yes, the raffle winner spent money on shipping - it's not cheap, I agree. But those fees did not go to me. If anyone requests for a replacement, depending on the circumstances - burden of proof is on the buyer; photos that show me a fish I shipped has died upon arrival. Here's a video of the ranchu before it shipped out:
  8. When buying any used tanks over 45g capacity - make sure the CENTER BRACKET is intact or not broken or removed. If this is missing or broken (probably used as terrarium or reptile tank) then you can be sure this will not hold water. The tank sides will bow out and you'll have major leaks. Check the silicone sealant. Silicone degrades over time and if this is a very old tank, best to replace the silicone. I use either of the following to disinfect / nuke used tanks: Pool Shock *contains calcium hypochlorite (6 - 24hrs, rinse thoroughly) Jungle Net Soak *contains benzalkonium chloride + methylene blue (leave to soak overnight, rinse thoroughly) Both of the above disinfectants are fast-acting biocidal agents effective against bacteria, some viruses, fungi, and protozoa. I don't use extremely hot water (might weaken the silicone sealant). Make sure the floor where the fish stand/ tank goes is not uneven. Make sure your base/tank stand is level. Any uneven surface can compromise the structural integrity of your tank. Even a few degrees off on one side can cause a torque force that can weaken the tank from water pressure. Use a carpenter's level. Hope this helps.
  9. Try the Automatic Water Changer from jehmco.com - I have one like this and I've had it for several years - never broke. It attaches to your python hose or garden hose plus it will only drain upto the height of the pump so if you ever forget for a moment that you're draining your tank, there would still be a 2 - 3" of water left for your goldies. Might be a little expensive but its worth the investment. (JSSSP-FGH) Super Safety Siphon 580 gph pump w/ 3/4 “ Female swivel Garden hose adapter
  10. My 2 cents: Do not feed fish 24hrs before travel time so they don't foul the water while travelling. I would put the fish in a water-tight plastic bag with upto 2g+ FRESH dechlorinated water making sure temp is same as tank water. Tie up the bag with just enough room for the airline+airstone to go in. Place the bag in either a styrofoam cooler ($4-$10 @kmart, stop&shop, amazon or even craigslist) or a 5g Homer Bucket from Home Depot $2.60. This minimizes sloshing and regulates temp within the bag. I would recommend a battery operated aerator / any of the following (from amazon): Longer Life Bait Kit American Maple Inc 2 Speed Air Pump #AC-710 Marine Metal Hush Bubble Water Resistant Air Pump See if you can get Elbagin/Japanese Yellow Powder - use a pinch to calm the fish and reduce stress during the 4 hr travel. (available at pacificwaterscapes.com or ebay). If not, don't worry about it. This is just an added safety measure if you're OCD like I am Now for your filter media: You'll want to keep the nitrifying bacteria alive and use this healthy filter media to seed your new tank setup which will help fast-cycle everything. Rinse in tank water (not too much, just enough to remove solid debris). Place the filter sponge / ceramic media /filter foam, etc in another water tight bag. Same setup: FRESH dechlorinated water + bucket + airline/airstone. Use an airline connector to hook it up with the airline already connected to the fish container or use another battery operated pump. Now that the gang (fish and good bacteria) is getting their much needed oxygen - you should be ok. Once you reach your destination, setup your new tank making sure water is the same temp as in the bag. Install your filter, seed the tank with live nitrifying bacteria using your 'live' filter media i.e; filter sponge, ceramic media, filter foam, etc. Plug and play In this case, place fish in and observe for signs of stress. I think they'll be fine! Hope this helps.
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