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  1. Sounds like a forest! Best of luck with your planted tank!
  2. I have the same guys in my tank! Mine looked pretty hairy under the microscope. The nematodes showed up right after I received plants from planted aquariums central. My betta and my small oranda enjoy snacking on them when they float by. Not quite sure how they ended up in both my betta and goldfish tanks when I only planted in my betta tank, but hey
  3. Thanks. Me neither! This past year he seems to have put all of his growth into that tail but I'm hoping his body will start filling out soon.
  4. Wow! She's adorable. I love seeing fish I recognize from RG and DO here
  5. What great fish! They're going to look wonderful together.
  6. Wonderful! I'm glad to know I haven't incorrectly labeled him. Thank you very much!
  7. Just curious, is "ribbontail moor" the correct way to classify my fish? I've never seen one besides my own so I'm hoping for your opinions. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thank you! I'll be sure to fix that.
  9. Now I can recommend flourite! It looks really nice and after an initial rinsing the cloudiness went away in an hour. It has the look of TMS that I wanted, but just a little less shiny. Here's a picture of what my betta tank looks like now. I'm getting a couple more plants in the mail soon and my small piece of driftwood is still soaking. Unfortunately, I dropped the light into the tank after a water change yesterday and it won't turn on so it's not getting the most light at the moment...
  10. That's a good point, any extra would probably be used sooner or later.
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