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  1. Thanks for the offer but I'm not allowed to share my address. Thanks anyway
  2. Thanks for replying, I will need to check with my parents about your offer
  3. Due to being unable to find any quality pellets in my area, I was thinking about feeding the goldies a pellet free diet, what is everyone's thoughts on that and how should I go about it? I was thinking of feeding them 3 times a day, 7:30 AM, 4:30 PM and 8:30 PM. In the morning gel food, afternoon vegies and in the evening either gel food or other kind of protein. What other kinds of "other protein" are edible and enjoyable for the goldies or should I just give them gel in the evening? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. they're so small and lovely! Added bonus to find an another one, yay!
  5. Are there any good places to buy goldfish online in Australia? Just wondering cause I can never find any really nice goldfish at my LFS (I mean the standard of goldfish you see here) The LFS only seem to have comets and fantails which there is nothing wrong with but they don't have much variety
  6. At last! someone else who teaches their fish their names. I did this when I started feeding peas to my first pond fish when they were just babies. They varied a lot in size, so I made them take the peas from my hand so everyone was fed. I'd call a name and put the pea in front of the named fish's mouth. Within a week, some of the fish would come to my hand with their mouths open when they heard their name (some smacking loudly). Some were wilder, and wouldn't come at all. When such a fish would grab a pea, I would say its name. It was easy to tell these shy fish learned their names. They would become highly agitated when I called them; would try to approach my hand, then lose their nerve and dive for the bottom. Marcin Goldfish couldn't get himself to take food from my hand for a full year. Now he takes food from my hand with great confidence, but unlike some of the fish who hang around close while the other fish are fed, he doesn't come near me until I call him. Wildeye has never been fearful, but she waits quietly until I call her. Some of the fish like to take food from my hand so much that if I throw food in the pond, they would just stay watching me, waiting for me to feed them. So I taught a new command: "Find it!" I say this when I toss food in the pool. Within a few days, all of the fish would look for food on the pond surface when I said this. When I add a new fish to a pond in which the fish all hand feed when their names are called, the new fish picks it up really quickly. Goldfish pay great attention to how other goldfish get food. Learning really accelerates when they are learning from their pondmates as well as me. Learning their name in 2 days is not unusual. It's not hard to tell that a fish recognizes its name when it's swimming away, you call it, and it makes a u-turn and sticks its mouth out of the water. I will try this, the only problem I might have with it is both their names sound kinda similar, Saffy and Sandy, will see how I go
  7. Will attempt to weigh them this afternoon, wonder how heavy they are...
  8. I was thinking of doing that but it would probably still be good to know how to hold them
  9. GoldPigs


    How did you feed it?
  10. Is that for tanks? If so, does anyone feel like sending one over to australia? My fish would love me but my parents wouldn't if I got another tank, LOL
  11. ?? Are you talking about the trim that is around the tank it self? cause most tanks come with a black trim these days .. No I mean the actual outside base of the tank And I want to try bare bottom but I don't want the white foam underneath the tank to show threw. my other goldfish tank has a thin layer of fine gravel and afew large white stones Do you mean the bottom (glass) of the tank and you don't want to see through the bottom underneath the tank? The bottom will look like a mirror and you won't see through underneath it . . . Im confused... I have a piece of foam under my tank too... I believe it is for protecting the bottom of the tank?
  12. Yay! someone knows there geography LOL, no offence Alex
  13. I still love that fish though I live on the opposite end of the country, on the east coast, somewhere... Anyone know where you buy good goldfish online in Australia? My LFS is really bad for goldfish, they sell comets and fantails. Sometimes there are Ryukins, ranchus, moors or orandas although they are really rare and are sold as "fantails" I don't mean that there is anything wrong with the fish they have there, it is where I have got all of my fish from to date and they are really lovely fish but there isn't much variety if you know what I mean...
  14. Anyone know if Goldfish net ship to Australia? I mean, look at the fish! so tempting!
  15. Yes, I have two. Saffy and Sandy live in a 30 gallon tank. The first one is Saffy, the second one is Sandy
  16. Not sure if I put this in the right place, please move it if necessary. First of all, how do you hold a goldfish? For close examination etc. Is there anything I should be careful of? Also, how do you weigh a goldfish? Also, related to weighing, I believe my fishes' growth have been stunted (can post pictures if you want to confirm), so what is the best way to get them to the size they should be? Thanks
  17. I just keep it in a plastic container on top of the hood, will post pics soon I will try and get some "fish made fertilizer" at next water change
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