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  1. Here is my idea: If I had lower tap pH - I would run my water through a bag of a crushed coral before putting it in the tank. However, I would experiment with a 5 gal. bucket to see if that would work for you and how big of the bag you would need. If you are using 5 gal. buckets, you can just agitate the water with the bigger bag until the pH goes up sufficiently.
  2. I have semi-planted 75 gal tank with 3@ 7.5" orandas and 3@ 5.5" orandas. I've had Marineland C-360 for couple of years and it kept water parameters at 0,0,0 with no chemical filtration at all. I just loaded it to the brim with bio filters and some water polishing pads, with one at 50 microns. The only thing I hated about this filter were stiff - unworkable hoses. It just started to leak air and water after my recent clean up, so I assume I have to lubricate the seals or something. Meanwhile, I am using Fluval 406 and it is doing it's job, but I hate the inflow/outflow piping and I think it looks very cheap. The white rubber seals on a ribbed piping remind me of the bathroom plumbing.... Since they are very visible in my tank - I have to definitely change them. Fluval comes with the funky, flimsy plastic fittings that I do believe will brake in the close future. On smaller planted aquarium with 3 @ 5.5" orandas I used Cascade filter and it kept my water parameters at 0,0,0 as well with only bio filters. I liked this one. I've heard good things about Eheim, but I cannot deal with the green color of their fittings.
  3. Niesia

    Algae Wafers

    I've been using algae wafers for few months now. Good for you for trying it. I started to use seaweed and they like it too.
  4. I had a great experience with Steve from Rain Garden Goldfish, I will always recommend him. On my request he delayed a shipment for two weeks. He fasts all goldfish to be shipped. Mine came overnight with 0 Ammonia and 0 poop in the bags and almost jumped out of the bag. I kept them in quarantine, but they were in excellent health and shape when they arrived. And yes, you WILL be surprised by size!
  5. This plant was unfortunately totally dead. All beautiful leaves detached from the rhizome and when I touched it - it simply disintegrated with foul smell. I contacted the seller and they don't carry any more plants from this grower, but they didn't accept the responsibility... Those beautiful plants were grown in a hot house, out of water. I pulled out and gave other anubias' a good look over. They still look great and are sending out new leaves. I am just concerned as I've ordered online a new batch of anubias nana var. batteri and anubias nana petite. I think I'll keep them in quarantine for at least a week. I know that many aquatic plants grow better in the hydroponic culture, but I don't think it is fair for us buyers who intend to grow it fully submerged. My dwarf hair grass and dwarf baby tears melted within first couple of weeks as they were grown immersed... Now, after few weeks they are just starting to come back.
  6. It will probably depend on how big is your bioload. I currently have 75 gal. with 3 (7"+) goldfish and just few plants do the trick (Nitrate reading is mainly 0). The plants are: jungle val, anubias nana, anubias nana golden, dwarf waterlily 'Sioux', java fern, java fern windelov, amazon compacta and several telanthera cardinalis. I am adding 3 more goldfish soon and I am just waiting for my new plants
  7. I also updated mine by painting the trim (just the outside) with the spray paint designed for outdoor plastic furniture to match my decor.
  8. I was in the same situtation. The simplest ever and the best working trick given to me by a pro: Salt and lemon juice! made into a paste. Take a folded paper towel, dip it in and just rub it in. On big deposits, just let is sit, wipe off and repeat if necessary. Works like a charm and is totally harmless to the fish and plants if you leave a trace of it in a tank.
  9. I was still researching information regarding my rotted anubias and I'm sorry to anounce that this is a plant disease. I just hope that my other anubias won't catch it as it seems to be infectious. http://anubias-engl.blogspot.com/2011/04/anubias-plants-rotting-facts-rumours.html
  10. I was looking up some plants on the internet and I saw this one: Anubias hastifolia http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=768+2677&pcatid=2677 What do you think?
  11. I've heard that marble chips can do the trick, too. Maybe I'll put few of them (I have plenty of them outside) and see how they work... If it doesn't work, I'll get some crushed corral and add it to the substrate.
  12. I have a few slow growing stem plants in my goldfish aquarium (alternanthera reineckii 'cardinalis') as well as amazon compacta and to prevent goldfish from pulling them from the substrate while they are rooting I just attached those plants to a bigger rock (at the roots) with the cotton thread and I burried the rock with attached plants in the substrate. It seems to work really well. My goldies tried to pull on them once or twice, but since they didn't budge, my goldies left them finally alone.
  13. My tap water Ph tests consistent 7.0. My 75 gal aquarium (dosed daily with Flourish Excel) is at consistent Ph of 6.8. I know that goldfish prefer Ph around 7.5. I've been doing a lot of research lately about how to 'naturally' raise Ph and came across quite wide spread theory that it is better to leave this Ph alone as a constant 6.8 reading is better than Ph swings when trying to up Ph to 7.5. As I do weekly water changes of 50-75% it also means much more work in making sure that both: new water and tank water is the same Ph. I remember that when I bough my fish from the breeder, I tested the water they came in -and Ph was 7.0... I was happy that my water and the breeder water had the same Ph. What are your thoughts on that?
  14. If you like it an if it grows I would leave it and see. I have a mondo grass in one of my aquariums that supposed to die because it's not truly aquatic. It's been doing great for me for about 6 months now and no sign of die off - just new leaves and goldies don't bother it.... You are right is sure looks like green syngonium when I look it up on the internet.
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