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  1. Bought mine from there almost 2 years ago!!! Really should post an update, fishler no longer has a moustache lol. I bought mine online and they arrived in the post but really want to visit one day. They had a Giant 10" panda oranda for sale a year or so back. If you have to ask how much you can't afford lol.
  2. I have a glazed pot garden ornament in my aquarium, I drilled holes in the top to make a bubbler feature. Before adding it to the tank I kept it in a bucket of water for a week to make sure it wasnt leaking anything or producing a film on the water and I also tested the PH to make sure it wasnt effecting that. Hope that helps.
  3. I have the 2215 eheim. Been very pleased with it, upgraded the impellor to 2217 one, but in heindsight I should have just got the 2217 but then you live and learn. Only annoying thing I have found is the pipes become dirty quickly and impede the flow like a blocked artery. Not sure if anyone else has found this? Good thing with the eheim is that it is round and you can make your own filter media really easily, alot of filters have complex paterns, I cut my own filter floss ones from a massive roll of pond filter floss, really really cheap way to maintain clear water. I run the following, I think I have about 1.5 litres of the eheim substrat balls. **TOP** Bionitratex pouches Filter floss Blue foam Eheim substrat Blue foam **BOTTOM**
  4. Maybe its the speed mine eat, im sure they dont chew half of what i give them. Silly thunder just ends up clogging his crazy guts with pellet
  5. Bought my pair from Star last November, no problems with them, followed all the cycling and stocking instructions to the letter from this site and another. Very very pleased with them, was having a nightmare trying to find decent fancy goldfish in aquaria near me, most were of poor qualiy, fantails advertised as orandas etc. Ranchu is a red and white, oranda is a red head calico and is gonna be massive methinks, from 3 inch to 7 in 9 months... eeep. Here is an example of the fish he can get... 10.5" panda oranda.
  6. But why are they so hard? Surely soft food is best for fancies?
  7. This is a little crazy, and goes against everything that NLS says. This is more a testament to how well NLS holds together to keep your water clean, not how hard the pellets are. If you have to soak that much, use something else. You've lost probably much of the nutrition by soaking like that, I'm sorry to say. Maybe the British pellets are different?
  8. Wow at topaz, not seen the likes of that before.
  9. How did you determine that they were too hard? In any case, we've had a number of discussions about soaking on here, and I have to say though that even though some people do soak, it's not a very good idea because you lose nutrients. Goldfish should not have any problems with these pellets. In fact, I have not had any issue with any pellets. The only times I've ever had a fish spit it out was when it had major flukes issues and can't eat anything but blood worms. My ranchu has to have his pellets soft or he gets problems. No idea why. But he is very very round, so probably a less then efficient digestive track than some goldies. Even after 20 mins of soaking the NLS pellets were hard in the middle. Hikari saki ones goes very soft quickly and he has no trouble digesting. I note Mr Grump soaks his NLS for 8 hours to make them soft... gives us an idea just how hard they are.
  10. Those are entire measurements. His body minus tail is now approx 4.5 inches, He was 1.5. Those are approx, as I have never had him out of the tank. Photochop I did. Despite being on same diet the ranchu has not grown as much by comparison, so genetics certainly play a part.
  11. I found the NLS pellets too hard, even after a good soaking they were still hard in the middle. Gave my Ranchu some digestive probs. The hikari saki pellets soften down really well after only 5-10 mins.
  12. Splendid oranda that. Yours might not even be a year old. My oranda in this vid I had for 9 months when this was taken. He was a 2-3 inches total when i got him, he is now over 7 inches.
  13. Its not 3, its 6. The three big ones are probably ok, but one the small ones grow on you will be well over stocked. Im not a fan of loaches, yuek lol.
  14. Fishler - He looks like a certain someone... Thunder chunk- He is fat lil bugger.
  15. Great shape, great colouring, good quality fish. Gotta love the chu locomotion, never gets old.
  16. I hear conflicting views on fancy goldfish lifespan, what would you expect for that fish, given good health?
  17. Big Fish, thunder has some catching up to do. Do you know how old chup is?
  18. Are the tumors just genetic? Massive respect for treating him so well.
  19. Chuppa chu is a beautiful beast, amazing eyes. How long is she? Very nice tank, do want.
  20. I keep my plants in bowls, come cleaning time you take the bowls out of the tank or just move them around.
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