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  1. Like what people do on facebook, which I usually find annoying..but this time it is very relevant. I am thankful for my new python, that I used for the first time tonight. I'm so happy! And my fish will be too, since I'm not tempted to put off water changes b/c of lugging buckets. It makes me truly, truly happy!
  2. Well I don't know if that will help...our water company gets water from different sources, one month it might be here, one month it might be the next county over. It's like the discount grocery store of water. So the numbers, even if they have them, might be meaningless next month. Although I guess that means taking my water to petsmart (even fi they did test it) would be equally meaningless.
  3. My water's in the low 70s..since this was supposed to be a gold fish tank the heater in it isn't really adaquate to heat a 55 gallon any warmer. I need to buy another heater but haven't gotten to it. ph is 7.4. No I didn't get my kh readings but I will really really try to get that done soon at petsmart.
  4. OK since I am having a hard time distinguishing the colors I thought I'd post a pic. This is the ammonia test..to me it looks like a solid 4. Which sucks cause a couple days ago I thought I was closer to a 2. Which means that in just under 2 weeks my ammonia hasn't decreased at all. Normal? Shall I destroy my tank now? Sorry for the dramatics, but this is quite annoying.
  5. Also, is there a benefit to using tetra safe start, or a similar product? Will it speed things up? I'm frustrated enough that I'd like to try it. Though I'm thinking this whole process may be a good character/patience building experience
  6. Ammonia is between 2-4 (I think closer to 2) and nitrites are at 0. I have alot of difficulty telling the colors on the ammonia color chart thingy so perhaps that's why it doesnt' look like it's changing at all..but it's certainly not below 2. I'm finding all this rather frustrating but I know it's just part of getting the tank at the right point! I just wish something would change with the tank! Yeah even I thought the talk about my tank cycling in a week sounded suspicious! I think they say ###### like that so you'll go ahead and buy tons of fish and supplies right away. Most people would lose enthusiasm after being told they need to wait a month or more before their tank cycles! I have a question...I got an 120 gallon tank for $60! Used, of course. Anyway, so I'm considering not going with goldfish right now but taking a friend of mine's pleco (who's outgrown his tiny tank) and getting an oscar (which I've wanted for sometime) and putting them in the 120. I would wait on the goldfish for the next time I decide to torture myself by setting up a new tank . So here's my question..if I'm going to switch the tanks, what is the best way to do it? Wait til I've completely cycled the tank and switch it, using the same media and substrate? Or better to switch now, early in the cycle? Of course if I switched now I'd switch over all the water, but I'd have to add more ammonia since I'd have to add 70 gallons of new water. Either way I'd switch before I had the fish.
  7. Yes Pawsplus it does suck, since I've spent like 40ish bucks on the tests and don't have all of them. Amanda, I'm beginning to rethink my faith in their opinions. The guy also said (with complete confidence) that my tank would be cycled within a week. It's nowhere near cycled. Ammonia today..somewhere between 2 and 4 ppm.
  8. We want one of these that attaches to the sink faucet. But how do you handle the additives to the water? Do you put the water in, then add the conditioner, etc? Now I use a bucket so add the conditioner (and other stuff in my cichlid tank) to the water in the bucket before I add it to the tank. Can I just add the entire amount of additives before I put the new water in, or what? Thanks:) Also what brand would you recommend for this? I'd like it to be affordable:)
  9. Well I got the 2 I have essentially for free (I got a 75 gallon tank for $50 with lid, lights, stand, filters, and other stuff..so it was free, really) so I REALLY want to be able to use them for awhile! Gives me some time before I upgrade to a canister filter.
  10. Well it quieted down a bit when I added some sturdy foam around the tube that sucks the water in..it didn't shake quite so much. Though it's still so noisy we shut that filter off at night (there's another filter in the tank that stays on all night) b/c it's too noisy for my husband to sleep. Vaseline is ok, it won't wash off into the tank or anything? I will try that!
  11. I love this thread! Somehow my husband has pulled me into many of his interests (including fish) and then I end up taking it way farther than he does. When we met he was a cop, and into guns. I hadn't shot one in years. Fast forward a few years and he will admit I know more about guns than he does and own more! He had kept a small tank previously but once we moved in together he decided he wanted to start it back up..a small tank with tetras and the like. Fast forward to now...We have a 75 gallon african cichlid tank and eventually will have a 55 gallon goldfish tank (that's all me though, he's not into the goldfish). And we day dream about getting a 100 gallon + tank and being able to have an oscar, or sharks, and piranhas:) I get into something and get obsessive about it, and he's happy to come along for the ride We have tons of hobbies in common and I love that..it gets expensive but it's something we can bond over.
  12. So what happened? If you haven't talked with your landlord yet I have a suggestion. Could you get like a cabinet to house his tank in (I'm thinking like one of those entertainment armoir things..you can find them at thrift stores/garage sales all the time, so not expensive) or put his tank in a closet? Somewhere that could be closed off when the landlord comes to visit.
  13. Just goes to show, don't do what Petco does in it's tanks:) OK thanks!
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