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  1. All your goldfish are very beautiful! What type of plants do you have floating on the surface? I really like them!
  2. wow, guess i been impatient! temperature is 23C/74F pH is 8.2 gH, don't have a test kit for hardness.... my tap water is free of ammonia, nitrite and nitrates I don't have access to a cycled tank i don't have live plants yet, i figured i add them once the tank is cycled. do smaller tanks take longer to cycle than big ones?
  3. I'm just wandering roughly when do your nitrites appear? I haven't gotten to seed my tank (unfortunately) and I added ammonia so the reading was 2.5-3.0ppm, its been about 5 days? I have no nitrite reading whatsoever. Am I being too impatient? How long roughly do nitrite first appear?
  4. So today I came across a surprise find, after going around at "Home" stores like Home Depot and going over their cleaning supplies, I never had any luck getting pure ammonia solutions. I was visiting a grocery store called Safeway, its avaibable in Canada and I think the US as well. I found a medium size jug of old pure ammonia for $3.29! Here is what it looks like: Its ingredients list water and ammonia hydroxide (which is ammonia dissolved in water, yay for high school chemistry) and its pretty legit to me! I only used around 15 drops to reach a reading of 3-4ppm in a 5 gallon bucket so 1 jug will last you a life time. Here is what I like about it: 1. Price, its $3.29, super affordable 2. Quantity, its 1.8L, I know some people had to order 5 gallons worth of it. 3. Easy to find - I am *guessing* all safeway carry this since it is specifically made for safeway. 4. You can use any leftovers to clean your toilet! lol I hope some people in Canada like me who can't find ammonia anywhere might have some luck now!
  5. Over xmas, I bought a very small filter (this one) and a master fresh water test kit. I have a 2 gallon that I am trying to convert into a shrimp tank. I never cycled before, I read as much as I can and I think the basic is ammonia to nitrite, and than to nitrate. I can't find any pure ammonia so I'm just using some tropical fish pellets. On a other forum, people suggested that I add a small piece of sponge to the filter to increase the space for bacteria to live and slow the current down which is what I did since the filter only has a thin fabric. So far I tested the water after 3 days and the ammonia is only 0.25ppm. I know it takes time for food to rot, but how long should I wait to test for nitrite? I don't want to test everyday since its kind of wasteful, should I test after a week? I'm a little confused about whether I should keep adding fish food or just wait for nitrate? I would like to add plants eventually. Should I add the plants now or wait until the tank is cycled?
  6. Beautiful tank! Your goldfish are all so cute and chubby
  7. Very nice! Are you going to keep a log? I find how something so puny can turn into a pretty fish very fascinating, it would be neat to see their growth!
  8. Omg! Thats hilarious, I love the expression, you got one cutie over here!
  9. I love all the spotted ones! Those are some really chubby goldies you have, so cute. You know, while I was watching your vid, I was wandering why your pond wasn't frozen at this time of the year then I realized you live in Australia! So lucky!
  10. I can't wait for more updates on these 2!
  11. Aw, thats so cute! I mean goldfish are often thought of as really un-intelligent but I think they deserve a little more credit ^_^
  12. I found these really fantastic videos of nano shrimp setups on youtube. They are so beautiful and I really want to do something similar. I'm hoping to achieve like 25% of the awesomeness of their setups. I'm still trying to figure out this whole cycling business, its apparently much harder in smaller tanks. Check them out if your interested! (my favourite *_*)
  13. You can always try a mini shrimp tank if things don't work out. I'm researching about them. You just need a tank 1-2 gallons, a ton of plants and 1-3 shrimp should be OK. I found this and I'm hoping to try something like this too.So that is other possibility if things don't work out.
  14. He is super cute, His tail is so nice and big too!
  15. I never knew some goldfish lived for such a short time and so many problems . I was always told they can live 10 years! To be honest, I don't like it when fish or any animal is bred to extremes, which means I generally dislike golf ball fish, bubble or celestial eyes. I'm sure these fish are very cute but a fish should be able to act like a fish. There is no reason for a fish to be born only to live a short life with all kinds of painful experiences later, I think buyers should look for fish that are more 'normal' looking so breeders don't feel the demand for crazy looking goldfish. I think its awfully sad and the only reason is because humans find their look entertaining... If I buy other goldie, it will definitely be one that can zoom around a tank all it wants.
  16. Oh wow! Thats really awesome, what a big pretty goldfish, can't wait for updates!
  17. its very pretty! i love the color
  18. They look very nice! Bubble-eyes are really neat but if I owned one, i think I be really paranoid about the bubble popping or something!
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