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  1. All your goldfish are very beautiful! What type of plants do you have floating on the surface? I really like them!
  2. wow, guess i been impatient! temperature is 23C/74F pH is 8.2 gH, don't have a test kit for hardness.... my tap water is free of ammonia, nitrite and nitrates I don't have access to a cycled tank i don't have live plants yet, i figured i add them once the tank is cycled. do smaller tanks take longer to cycle than big ones?
  3. I'm just wandering roughly when do your nitrites appear? I haven't gotten to seed my tank (unfortunately) and I added ammonia so the reading was 2.5-3.0ppm, its been about 5 days? I have no nitrite reading whatsoever. Am I being too impatient? How long roughly do nitrite first appear?
  4. So today I came across a surprise find, after going around at "Home" stores like Home Depot and going over their cleaning supplies, I never had any luck getting pure ammonia solutions. I was visiting a grocery store called Safeway, its avaibable in Canada and I think the US as well. I found a medium size jug of old pure ammonia for $3.29! Here is what it looks like: Its ingredients list water and ammonia hydroxide (which is ammonia dissolved in water, yay for high school chemistry) and its pretty legit to me! I only used around 15 drops to reach a reading of 3-4ppm in a 5 gallon bucket so 1 jug will last you a life time. Here is what I like about it: 1. Price, its $3.29, super affordable 2. Quantity, its 1.8L, I know some people had to order 5 gallons worth of it. 3. Easy to find - I am *guessing* all safeway carry this since it is specifically made for safeway. 4. You can use any leftovers to clean your toilet! lol I hope some people in Canada like me who can't find ammonia anywhere might have some luck now!
  5. Over xmas, I bought a very small filter (this one) and a master fresh water test kit. I have a 2 gallon that I am trying to convert into a shrimp tank. I never cycled before, I read as much as I can and I think the basic is ammonia to nitrite, and than to nitrate. I can't find any pure ammonia so I'm just using some tropical fish pellets. On a other forum, people suggested that I add a small piece of sponge to the filter to increase the space for bacteria to live and slow the current down which is what I did since the filter only has a thin fabric. So far I tested the water after 3 days and the ammonia is only 0.25ppm. I know it takes time for food to rot, but how long should I wait to test for nitrite? I don't want to test everyday since its kind of wasteful, should I test after a week? I'm a little confused about whether I should keep adding fish food or just wait for nitrate? I would like to add plants eventually. Should I add the plants now or wait until the tank is cycled?
  6. Beautiful tank! Your goldfish are all so cute and chubby
  7. Very nice! Are you going to keep a log? I find how something so puny can turn into a pretty fish very fascinating, it would be neat to see their growth!
  8. Omg! Thats hilarious, I love the expression, you got one cutie over here!
  9. I love all the spotted ones! Those are some really chubby goldies you have, so cute. You know, while I was watching your vid, I was wandering why your pond wasn't frozen at this time of the year then I realized you live in Australia! So lucky!
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