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  1. Mr Hyde. I have first dibs on Nishiki. OK. I could go on forever but I will try and keep it brief. 1. Your tank and fish are fabulous. From now until April I will be thinking of where a tank can go so I can take Saki home. 2. The anubias on your mopani wood are stunning. iWant One of these days . . . . 3. I need those rocks. And I was at Petco today. Didn't even think about it. 4. I thought the exact same thing about the voice, Helen. Sorry guys, but Nishiki ain't goin' nowhere However, Lisa...I think Waddles and Saki would be an adorable couple (help me out here, Alyssa). She can't stay in the 55 indefinitely. Once, she and Cho-Cho get bigger, I will be overstocked (especially if Cho-Cho keeps eating everything in sight) Yeah c'mon mom!!!! I love that fish!! Dat ranchu tho!
  2. Dat chubby fish! Now make me some Swaddles.
  3. Thank you, Jess! I really like the shape of Thing 3 also! How about this? Tell Alyssa (if she's not reading this) that I will rename the little fish to Miss Alyssa! Yes please!!!!!!
  4. VERY ADORABLE!!!! Believe it or not, she is actually quite shy. Thanks mom.
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