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  1. Well, I got an email today...the shrimp arrived to him in "unshippable" condition and he told me he'd process a refund for me. Talk about three weeks wasted!!! xD Yikes!
  2. Hmmm, perhaps I will leave neutral feedback as well...and negative if the shrimp never come at all xD
  3. Well, I found another email address for him- I forgot he used a different email for PayPal as well so I contacted him on that one asking him to please ship today. I got a response just after midnight last night. Included in the message: "Your order was on hold and should ship tomorrow - the Ghost Shrimp we initially received from the local farm were not able to be shipped - I should have a new batch tomorrow and as long as everything looks good they will leave tomorrow. I do apologize for any inconvenience." I guess I'm going to wait him out...though this "good deal" is becoming less and less of a good deal. I kind of thought, since I bid on an auction lot, I was bidding on a product he had stocked, confirmed. Do you think I should post AquaBid feedback once the transaction is all said and done? I'd feel badly posting anything negative but honestly, I wish he'd had more negative feedback because I would have been less keen to buy from him. I just tend to only post negative feedback if it's like, "I didn't get my product at all." What would you do?
  4. Eek. I honestly don't mind slow usually as long as I can contact them and they over-check-in with me xD he is impossible to get ahold of, though! Yeah, sounds like you had the same experience with him. I thought I'd try some ghosties that were bred as pets as opposed to feeders to see if there was a difference, and with shipping they ended up being less than a buck apiece anyway. I'd always gotten ghosts from PetSmart before, but for two months, every time they got a fish shipment there were either no ghosties or someone bought the whole lot first thing in the morning on shipping day. I don't think I'm meant to have more shrimp
  5. Does anyone have experience with Matt/ThatPlantGuy on AquaBid? His email refers to The King's Market as well though I'm not sure what that is. I won a ghost shrimp auction of his on AquaBid on Oct. 1. I bid because he has quite a bit of positive feedback. Unfortunately, he takes ages to respond via email...I know not everyone is available always, but this is my only means of contacting him and I want my shrimpers xD The auction closed at midnight, I emailed him once I got his information from AquaBid which was 10am the next day. In my initial email, I gave him the information I figured he needed and my PayPal email for him to send an invoice. I got a generic response asking me to calculate my total, including shipping, and send it to him via PayPal. I wrote back the same day, still Oct. 1, and let him know my PayPal email again and that I'd pay right away when I received an invoice. On Oct. 9, I still hadn't received an invoice on PayPal so I figured I'd remind him of that email again. I again got a generic auto-reply from his email. Oct. 10 he got back to me and apologized profusely, said he is a full-time law student and is a bit backed up in his business. I understand that, absolutely. The invoice came through late that night and I paid it on Oct. 11. We had been going back and forth talking about shipping details, heat packs and whatnot. It's getting cold in Michigan so I told him a few times I wanted to get them shipped soon due to the weather. I finally had to email him on Oct. 14 to ask if he had any idea when he might be shipping. Oct. 17 he replied to that email, saying simply "I believe either tomorrow or Saturday but just need to confirm." This is the last I've heard from him. I emailed yesterday asking him to please ship today, Oct. 20. Unfortunately, my email bounced back because his inbox is full. So now it's...today. Advice? I'm really not in any hurry to get the shrimp, so I guess I just wonder what my next step should be. So much for my first AquaBid experience xD
  6. I have totally lost sleep over a fish before xD I hope Swimmy gets better real soon!
  7. It's true! I dropped my Merlin once xD and I've had him for years still!
  8. What a unique fish! I can't help, but Betty sure is lovely. Fins crossed for quick healing! Those boys...
  9. Be patient- it'll be worth it! I soaked one piece of driftwood I have for 2 weeks and it was still giving the water a tinge, but I put it in my tank anyway. Now I change out my water once a week (I'd do much less if not for the tannins) and it still looks like iced tea by water change day, 5 months later!
  10. Yeah, I don't think I agree with the article either just based on my fish The only way I could really have them do 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark is to keep them in a windowless room. Here, it is summer, so 12 hours of darkness just doesn't happen. We also use the room they are in, so the ambient light is around even after sunset. That being said, I only have lights on my tanks that have fancy plants. Plants are the only reason I ever keep specific lighting on an aquarium And my goldies only have crypts which are super easy to grow in low light, so the lights on my goldfish tank are just standing room lamps!
  11. An alternative: I simply removed the hoods on my tank (no cats, haha) and flanked it with reading style stand-up lamps. The "reading" fixture holds a fluorescent bulb and points down toward the tank and the ceiling fixture is just a regular soft room light It's nice, also, because you can transition the lighting for them by turning on the ceiling before the reading lamp and then turning off the reading lamp before the ceiling for bedtime.
  12. My fat oranda used to do the same thing. They can jump, it just takes the momentum to do it. LOL momentum is right! He'd start at one corner of the 75 gallon and swim with all his might xD xD
  13. ROFL my big fat ryukin learned to jump/splash. When he wanted food Haha, he'd plop out and back in the tank to splash anyone within three feet of the tank.
  14. Thank you all! I'm super excited to get started :) I think livebearers might be fun this time around! I'm lucky to have nice, stable water. Here's to never moving because of fish xD
  15. This thread breaks my heart! It's obvious you cared a lot for her and did your very best for her, so I hope you find some comfort in that. She seems to have been in wonderful hands with you. -hugs- RIP Phoebe!
  16. Like they said, it's very much personal preference! I keep a canister on my 75 gallon because a ryukin I used to have (RIP) struggled with terrible floatiness. I used to have an AC110 on my 75 but the flow was just crazy! Crazy good, but it was tough to keep it baffled enough for my balloon ryukin. xD
  17. Moucho+Moncho ooh I've never heard of them, thank you for the tip! D'aww, they look like little lake cichlids. Definitely intrigued!
  18. Hi there! -hides- I haven't been around in a while...I hate how busy summer seems to get. Here's a goldie pic to tide you over. Merlin, Marcellus, and Patchy What I'm really wondering though is if there are any tropicals that would be fun that'd work with my water. My pH is generally around 8 and my water is very hard. Goldies do well, of course, and invertebrates do well. I would love perhaps some angelfish or another kind of pretty fish for a new tank I will be setting up. Can you think of anything that'd thrive in water that is like mine? The tank will be a 30ish gallon taller tank. I'm not sure if I'll find a cube or hexagon or what, but it will be tall to mimic my 20 gallon hexagon tank.
  19. I think Motherredcap is on to something with the routine, too Maybe it's just my weird goldies, but I usually only feed them in the evening and tried a while ago to feed them in the morning once...they were SO confused! I don't think anyone even ate. xD
  20. I just mean if fish are getting stressed from being frightened, hiding places help a lot with that Then they can feel secure in thinking no one dangerous can see them.
  21. My tank is in a loud room in my house, so I just make sure my tank has enough leafy plants in it to make them feel comfortable if they want to hide I also often use ambient lighting in the room instead of lights over top of the fish.
  22. I think your sister will do a fine job! And I know it's just my opinion, but once every two weeks is plenty for my tank to stay within healthy water parameters. Granted, I only feed my fish every couple days and I don't feed anywhere near the amount that is usually recommended. I still feel like I feed them a huge amount for fish xD
  23. Oh man those babies are gonna be GORGEOUS!!!
  24. I think you can get that look without a big hollow ornament Have you considered doing a look of maybe the ground next to a shipwreck? I am picturing sand, easy to clean, and assorted smaller pieces of driftwood and plants and perhaps coins made to look like doubloons (after checking with the gurus here to make sure it's safe of course!). Fishing net, either outside the tank or inside, could add to the look, and you could even play with backgrounds...a background depicting a treasure map might be cool!
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