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  1. It's because my my sis gets one too. So I need to be able to support at least too. I'd prefer three, though. I'm looking into Petsmart 40 gallon tanks. Tanks are pretty pricey. Do you know any good sales at PetSmart? I know about the one at PetCo; the dollar per gallon sale. I got on the mailing list. Do any of you know when the next one is?
  2. How do you do that? You basically place terrestrial plants that can grow in water in with your filter media. That's a terrible explanation, I know, I'm sorry. Basically you would end up with something like StarSapphire or Hidr did in this thread: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/104809-new-little-hob-garden/ I think that looks SUPER pretty. Thanks for the idea. I will try to incorporate it, though I'm kind of a beginner. /:)
  3. I'm honestly not sure I have enough room for a 40 gallon in my room. My dad had a 44 and it was pretty big. Plus I don't know how hard it'll be to clean it. I need to get at least two
  4. How do you cycle a tank anyway? I read online you can just use an old filter with a new tank. Is it more than that? Sorry... Inexperienced. :$
  5. We are going to get two fishies for I THINK a 30-20 gallon tank, depending on when the next dollar per gallon sale is. We are going to get fancy goldfish. Do plants take up space and what other fish can I put in with goldfish? I want to put in at least one pleco with some hardy live plants, but will the tank be too small? And WHAT do I feed plecos?
  6. That's so cool! How much space do tetras n shrimp need and what heater would you recommend?
  7. How i want to buy everything... Well, it doesn't honestly matter as long as its well-priced, fish appropriate, and simple enough for me to manage.
  8. FEEDING: You said that sinking pellets were good if soaked in water. I already bought some flake food, but after I use that up, I could get the sinking pellets and maybe later, some of the gel food. I read goldfish should be fed small amounts several times throughout the day. I'm not quite sure I can do this, due to school. I usually feed them at night. I can try doing morning AND night, but that's where my capabilities (if that's a word) end. HOUSING (TANKING I GUESS) I don't know if one of those sales is going on currently. It sounds like a pretty good deal though. And when you buy those tanks (dollar per gallon), do they come with the lid and tank light already or do I have to buy that separately? All these chemical kits and stuff are SERIOUSLY confusing me. They sell ALL this stuff at PetCo? Then for the filtration, are those 200gph filters you mentioned found at your local PetCo/Walmart? Do they have discounts on all that nice stuff as well? FISHIES I read in this Aquarium USA magazine that if fish are dead in a tank, you shouldn't buy from it. Problem is, all tanks here have at least one dead fish. What are some other telltale signs NOT to buy a fish?
  9. And would a tank be well-placed in a hallway? There's not a lot of sunlight, which is why I'm asking.
  10. ShawneeRiver, I had trouble quoting you, so okay. Do you know any good deals on twenty to thirty gallon tanks at PetCo or WAL?MART?
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