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  1. It took me 2 months to get to this point. My tank temp is 72 degrees. It's a 75gal tank. We're changing the water every 24-48 hours, using higher doses of Prime, so I don't think my fish are suffering from toxic effects. Would raising the temp to 75 ish or something help with the cycle, and not bother the fish too much? I'm not necessarily looking to finish this cycle up in a week (but that would be nice) I just want to make sure I haven't done something to keep it from finishing some time in the near future.
  2. So about 3 weeks ago I got really excited to start seeing nitrites, and hoping my cycling was coming to an end. In a matter of a few days my super high ammonia dropped to zero. And my nitrites skyrocketed. We're seeing both nitrites and a few nitrates (10-20) but they never get very high because of all the water changes we've been doing to keep the nitrites in check. For a few weeks we've been doing nearly daily 60% changes (sometimes a bit more) with almost no change in the nitrite level. It is still between 2-5ppm. Last night before the change it measured between 2-5ppm, and after a 90% change is measured .25ppm. It's the lowest it's been. I had hoped it was enough of a reduction to help us stay ahead of it. Well, not so much. This morning, 12 hours after the 90% change the levels are right back up where they were. Our tap ammonia is .5ppm, so I know we're putting more into the tank when we change the water, but would that (plus what comes from my fish) be enough to make it jump that high in just a 12 hours? I know the second stage of cycling takes longer, so do I just need to be more patient (haha hard for me) and keep changing the water, or is there something else I can do to help this along? It's been weeks!! We are dosing with Prime every time we change the water. I've got 2 small goldfish, 2.5 inches each maybe. They both appear to be fine, as a matter of fact, they love to play in the bubbles the water makes when we pour the new water into the tank. You all were so helpful in getting me to this stage, I'm hoping you have some great insight for this second step. Thanks for your input! J
  3. He sounds like a keeper to me! Super cute fish!
  4. They're so cute! Hungry hungry babies.
  5. That is too cute!! Also, what a beautiful fish. I can't wait unitl my tiny guys are big like that
  6. So cute! I love the little black swipe on his tail. Adorable!
  7. What a nice tank. I like that it's simple..the fish really stand out. You have beautiful fish.
  8. Alright, I'll grab some of this online...my pet store only sells it in mega 40lb bags, and I don't have storage for that much. Could it go in the canister filter? Our HOB is now full of ceramic rings For my 75gal tank I'd need about a cup and a half or 2 cups right? And I'll know when it's time to pitch it and replace with fresh when my KH starts dropping? Is there such a thing as too much KH? What are the chances of this swinging it too far in the opposite direction?
  9. Ok, I can look online for a drop test. How often should that be tested? It was mentioned that I will probably need crushed coral anyway....what is the story with that? Where does it go? How much of it? Does it need to be replaced ever so often? You guys are so very helpful, I really appreciate it. And I know my little guys do too.
  10. Ok, so after a few trips to find a KH test..I bought the API 5 in one strip test...it was pretty much the only thing. (Is there something better?) My KH in the tank is between 40 and 80. These strips are not easy to read.
  11. Alright, No KH kit yet...later tonight I'll test that. But after my 40% WC here are my tank numbers. Ammonia like 0.75 ish, less than 1, but not as light as 0.5. pH is 8.2 ish. We have taken all the carbon out of both filters. I added a pad and ceramic rings to each side of the HOB filter. My guys seem their usual happy selves...looking for more dinner.
  12. Ha, you're right, there's no KH in this kit. We only have plastic plants, nothing live. I'm heading back out today, I can get a separate KH kit. Silly me didn't even check the box or anything...just tossed it into the cart! Does API make one that's just KH?
  13. Ok, I mentioned the previous strip kit was crap, and it was. Here are my new numbers using the API master kit. Tap: pH 8.4-8.8 Ammonia 0.5 Nitrites 0 Nitrates <5 Tank(before WC today): pH 7.6 (not 6, yay!) Ammonia 1.0 (maybe slightly darker..1.25-ish) Nitrite 0 Nitrates <5 We're getting ready to change the water right now, and we're going to craft up the filters. Removing all the carbon and replacing with ceramic rings and another blue pad. What next?
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