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  1. That's all I need to know! I am getting one this December ^^
  2. I forgot to mention, I feed Pro-Gold too along with spirulina discs and sometimes krill or brine shrimp for a treat
  3. My oldest is 9 months, I got him back in November. He has grown an enormous amount and is a five-incher right now. He was about an inch and a half when I got him. He spent most of his time in a 29 gallon with eco-complete and live plants but now lives in a 55 gallon with two other goldfish and a bristlenose pleco that is bare bottom.
  4. I recently bought a couple of mangrove trees from Acro and things went very smoothly. The trees arrived on time and in good condition. They are doing very well in my tank. I'm very thankful that everything went ok.
  5. This is really interesting and something that I was interested in learning about too. Great info so far guys. I really liked the article on compensatory growth. Suppose you buy a common out of a feeder fish tank. The tank is about 40 gallons and there are around 250-300 commons in the tank. How often is the stock replaced? How long is the longest that you would suppose a fish living in these conditions would spend in the tank before being removed to either be fed to somebodies Oscar or placed in a pet home? How old do you suppose these small fish are? Would you consider them stunted because not all of the fish can get to the top for food and they are in very crowded conditions?
  6. These are all fascinating accounts. I think I would rather keep goldfish together now. Do you suppose certain age groups feel differently toward younger and older, male or female fish? Does it make a difference to them?
  7. She reacted fine. At first she seemed a little drowsy but she's swimming around fine now. Thanks for the info
  8. Do I double dose each round? If I single dose a round does that mean my water has to go down to .1 salinity?
  9. Well, I completed the beginning of round 1 anyway lol
  10. I'm doing 5 day rounds, double dosing. My salinity is at .3% Completed round one How will I know when I am done doing rounds?
  11. Thanks! It was really nice of him. I owe him big time lol
  12. I received the prazipro from Steve--THANKS STEVE--now how do I use it?
  13. Steve sent me a bottle of prazipro for free because my fish needed it and I couldn't afford it. He is a good man and I loved dealing with him. Thank you Steve, from the bottom of my heart. Now how do I start prazi treatment for a 29 gallon?
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