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  1. I just order a heater and a thermometer through amazon. These are great advices from you guys.. Thanks..
  2. Thanks. This is for my indoor fish tank. I have not feeding my goldies in my pond. I should feed them atleast once a week but the temp is ice cold.. I still have to get a thermometer.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Its for an indoor fish tank. But I think the temperature drops down to below 60F because my house's temp is about 67-68 during the noghts through early morning.. I havnt bought a thermometer.
  4. Hello, I need help. what do you guys feed your goldies during winter time or during lower temperature? Does it have to be wheat germ base? or it depends on the protein amount in the fish food? Whats your food brand suggestion? Thanks
  5. Thanks guys. I finally moved him in my pond. I hate to do this to him because he's a good looking super black ranchu and he is about 5.5 - 6 inch. but he is doing well with my wakins and koi.
  6. Hi again, What do you feed your goldies during winter time? Hows your room temp during winter?
  7. thank you.. well, they are already 1.5 years old at the time of purchase. Leonidis, the big red one has been with me a few years, and the rest less. the Sakura Ranchu is the last addition to that group, she's been with me a few months now ok, They are very pretty...Thanks for sharing.
  8. very nice ryukins and ranchus... how old are they?
  9. very nice. I like the outdoor ponds. nice goldies..
  10. Thanks..There are about 25 in this 210 gallon tank.
  11. Thanks guys.. I still have a long ways to go... I still need to get some better lights. And learn more about goldfishes..
  12. May be the reason is competition for food. He is quite big fish and the boss of the tank so he can be aggressive Try this way- first feed the big black ranchu. You can feed him first using tweezers or by hand. By the way very quality goldies. Thanks for the advice but.. even he is full he still nips on any passing fish..
  13. Thanks... I have a big problem with the big black ranchu (male). He nip 2 eyes already on the smaller ones.. I dont know how to stop this bad habbit.
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