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  1. So, I'm not having a good month. Or, the fish Gods hate me. I came home yesterday pm from work & the 100 gallon was leaking. The base boards on the wall were bowed, but no visible water draining. A few months back there was a foot wide area like this & I went crazy trying to figure it out. Everything was dry & dusty even all around the tank. So, I thought it was just a air tube that fell behind it and was syphoning a small amount out for about a week. I'm kinda in survival mode now.... worked all pm draining the 100 gallon & found tiny cracks along one side at the back hidden under an algae patch. The damage is bad & the whole thing is going to be trashed soon... I bought 2 -39 gallon tanks yesterday because I was too nervous worrying about it's strength- before I discovered the damage & came home to find them both cracked. I didn't look close enough in the store b/c I was so excited about 50% off. Stupid. I just returned them & bought a 29 gallon tonight & am trying to put the stand together & get it going. Trout's going in this for now. They are all in buckets with air pumps now. The little guys are going in the 10 gallon that I cleaned & filled yesterday and have had running with oneof the big tanks' filters for 24 hrs. I'll move them to Mr Pleco's 20 gallon & put him in the smaller one shortly. Any tips on how to quikly cycle / control it in the new tanks is appreciated! Mr. Pleco has an AC 110 on his 20 gal from the original big tank, but I'm worried about more bad stuff carried over. I'm going to try to split the seeded filters, and do huge WCs a lot, and have extra prime in. But i'm scared this is going to reverse all the work for so long! I'll see how they look after they get out the buckets tonight. Just thought I'd update you, so you didn't think I dissapeared at the words "salt dip"!
  2. I'm having issues with my internet at the moment with uploading a video.... but Trout looks pretty good today. He's swimming strongly & active. He is a bit twitchy but keeps pooping out long stringy white/grey things. The little guys are scratchng themselves on the rocks a bit, but other than that all are really active and look good. They have Prazi in now, and the day after tomorrow I'll do the 50% WC.
  3. I'd rather not do any more either... as he is SO difficut to move. But, a ton of funk came off of him in the holding tank. He's back in the main tank now, and behaving oddly, but upright and swimming mostly ok. His eyes are bulging kind of from above and dark around the edges. There are lots of chunks missing on his body & underneath on his belly. The redness on his head seems to cover his whole head from the tip of his mouth to the top of his gills. There is a red dot on one of his bottom fins & on a few scales, and white ich-looking specks on his fins. But Im hoping that's just salt residue.
  4. Salt dip #3 is done. He stayed in the whole 5 mins. He's in the holding tank now....
  5. Not sure regarding the gravel, but I am working on getting it all out eventually to be bare bottom. Alex, I'll do the third dip tomorrow, and update on how he does. Thank you!
  6. Trout looks a lot better now. The expelled a lot in the holding tank after salt dip # 2, and then passed some huge stuff after a bit in the main tank. I'll add a new video in a few. The three little ones are back in the main tank now, and surprisingly all acting great too. After doing the stupidest fish move yet- the little one looked burned from the contaminated water, yet all the others showed no sign. I've never done something like that before, and I guess I never will. I scooped the other little guys super quick but she was too affected and I feel so horrible about it. They show no redness or burns at all. I added another round of Prazi to the new water and did a 75% water change yesterday while doing salt dip # 2. All are eating well now- I think they didn't understand sinking food enough initially and didn't get enough MMs in them in the first week. I'll look for your suggestion. I have unopened Melafix on hand as well, in case it factors into your plan.
  7. Quick video. http://s1356.beta.photobucket.com/user/FishMom1/media/IMG_2728.mp4.html All in main tank except the little one in a bucket going to sleep now.
  8. I'm afraid I had a drop of soap somehow in the little guys water change- the small one looks too bad to save. Can you tell me the ratio for clove oil??
  9. Yes, but he's still in the bucket so he's not too visible.I'll put him back in the main tank but he'll be dazed in the video. I just looked at the little guys after a water change and one's head is raw and red on the top in a big circle. It wasn't showing through before just now. UGH!
  10. Salt dip #2 done. He looked really bad right before - constipated like he is just unable to pass it. He kind of froze & just twiched every so often. But he still tried to evade me, and he thrashed so hard once I picked him up (in a tupperware that's long & shallow with the lid held over). I'm afraid he burst his eye because it looked red. He's in the holding tank that's an opaque bucket, so I'm not sure if he did hurt it more. I'm wondering if I should euthanize him.
  11. Came home today & Trout looked better at first. He's upright and swimming mostly straight now, but kind of floating in a daze a lot in between swimming like himself. His head looks bad- like a light red hat on and his eyes are very bulging and twitchy. He has an appetite, so I'm feeding him the MMs and he's eating well. It's just so hard to watch him like this. Should I do another salt dip tomorrow?
  12. Okay, sounds good. No, I didn't want to keep them there. (They were in the big tank their whole lives.) Thanks so much for your advise.
  13. Okay, thank you! Should I leave the little 4 in the 2nd tank or is it ok to put them with Trout?
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