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  1. That's good to know. It might buy me sometime.
  2. I don't know. The husband who took care of the pond....his baby....got killed while riding his bike. Intoxicated driver hit him[emoji29] The wife is very depressed and has no ability to care for them. I have my own goldfish tank. That alone is so much work....trying to care for a large pond feels overwhelming. The wife would like to close the pond down. In the meantime I'm taking care of the fish crew for now.
  3. Thank you so much. I've got about 2 months before the pond freezes. I'm hoping for the best.....before the cold weather comes in.
  4. I'm not familiar with koi or single tail goldfish. Fancies are where my knowledge is at. Would these be feeder goldfish? I want to make I name the fish correctly. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, My neighbor has gotten ill and needs to get her fish a good home. The pond is located in Brewster, NY in Putnam county. There are about 20 fully grown koi in her pond. It's hard to get good pics. There are some very pretty koi with long lush tails. One chocolate brown. Three beautiful red and white one. Most are in the 8 to 12 inch range. They are well fed and I'm keeping up on water quality. Unfortunately I can't ship. If you know of another site I could post on I would appreciate it. Since there's so many I think it might take several sites to rehome these fish. Thanks
  6. The curly plant turned into a hair algae magnet, and when I bleached it, it didn't look so good. Ugh.....hair algae. Booo hiss. I have some hair algae....I can send it if you miss it.
  7. Yes it's proof .......those poor fish are way toooo skinny. The tank looks beautiful. What happened to curly plant? The glass rocks are great decorations.
  8. You're the best Tammy. I just had to tell the world how kick tushy you are
  9. I wanted to stop in and tell everyone how wonderful Tammy (aka Yaf) has been in helping me with sick goldfishes. Tammy and I met 2 yrs ago on another goldfish forum and became good cyber friends. Posting regularly to forums is not my thing, so you folks don't hear much from me. Tammy is a moderator here and I'm sure you folks realize how good she is at goldfish stuff. Recently I had a very sick goldfish. Tammy was there to help me and tell me what to do. Lilo passed on but then my other fish got sick. Tammy has taken a lot of her free time to help me. My sick fish is on the mend - with all the credit going to Tammy. Tammy also recommended east coast ranchus to replace my passed ranchu, lilo. She guided me through the set up of the quarantine tank and getting my new fishes into it. Yes, east coast ranchus has the best fish I have ever owned. Gosh, Tammy I'm so grateful for your kindness, I wanted other people to know what amazing lady you are. Koko's you are lucky to have Tammy on your team Thank you a million Tammy. Sam
  10. Beautiful Tammy. I love that curly plant. Is it easy to grow?
  11. Thank you ladies. I'm very grateful for Tammy. I've never met her but she's my very good friend. Yup, Tammy talked me into this huge tank. She was right...I have no regrets and so glad to have the space for my babies. No i don't post a lot. I'm a bit of a troll. I keep thinking about creating a thread about the tank. I keep thinking it's not really special or aquascaped. It's a bit of a jungle. Then again I could post about the lazy mans (or in my case - lady) planted tank. No special plants. Not a lot of thought where things are planted. Though I think it's special that my fish don't munch things like Tammy's crew. It's mostly planted to keep nitrates down. You will need micro ferts. You can buy it in liquid at the pet store or in powder form from niclog on TPT (the cheapest shipping and the powder lasts forever). If you have no co2 buy metricide. Otherwise you will be at risk for algae breakouts. The LEDs are very powerful and encourage high growth. High growth will cause the plants to suck up all the nutrients from the water. Thus nutrients in the water will need to be replaced. This is different than root tabs, which nourish roots but don't provide the same nutrients as micros. If you look on TPT they have a thread dedicated to BML tanks. Maybe we could do the same thing with this thread? People can post their tanks when they get their BML lights.
  12. Excuse the hornwort. It belongs to Tammy but its been too cold to ship. It grows like crazy.
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