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  1. Thanks everyone! My collection may have shrunk, but its not gone yet!!
  2. Well, an issue occurred in my house that I don't want to talk about here, but I have to sell my tank. All I willl have in afterwards will be a small red cap oranda in a 10 gallon with 200 gph filtration. Sure gonna miss my tank....
  3. No =( I don't have an account. But someone did respond. Click the new link I posted
  4. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061024081137AAC4Slp
  5. sorry I can't get it to work! HEre's the question that horrifies me D: What other types of fish can live in a bowl with no filter? I have a fish bowl with 4 small goldfish and a black butterfly koi! -- Are there any other types of fish that do not have to have a filter, like a large tank would?... And that would get along well with the goldfish and koi? .. .. Maybe a little crab or sucker-fish?? Additional Details It's a huge bowl, made for fish. Its a 3 gallon decroative fish bowl. The fish are very small and the koi is not of the large variety. I've had these fish for almost a year and they have not grown. -Yes, they are messy, and yes, I probably do need a filter. 6 years ago
  6. This..... Is Horrifying. ***http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20061024081137AAC4Slp
  7. So the other day I went to a restaurant for a meal, and they have this Koi tank in the resaturant right? I've seen plenty of 55's so I know one when I see one. They had 7 full grown Koi in a fifty five gallon tank. Plus a plecostomus. They were all laying on the bottom. I asked them how often they change the water. guess what they said? "Oh we don't have to change the water. There's a machine that cleans the water for us." I peaked inside the cabinets of the stand and there's a puny canister filter with calcium caked all over the sides. It hasn't been cleaned in a while. They've NEVER CHANGED THE WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. oops! should work now! sry I missed out on a lot what happened to puff? =(
  9. guys! I'm a male human being ya know XD And yes, I am using the brine shrimp and raising them to adult hood for my goldies. Do you think I could just use API pH up?
  10. so I heard that crushed coral can increase ph. I want to do this for my brine shrimp. How much crushed coral would I need to turn a gallon of 7.1 water to 8.5 ish?
  11. Well just one common is all i want Do you think that it should just be kept alone in there?
  12. So guys there's this thing called aqadvisor its really great. you type in your tank's dimensions, the filter you have running, and the quantity and species of fish you want to have. It then tells your your stocking percentage, filtration capacity, and any recommendations on which fish should be kept alone and such. well, I want to try common goldfish because I want to have some variety in my goldfish hobby so I went onto aqadvisor, and created a scenario with a 55 gallon tank, 2 aque*on quiet flow 55's and one common goldfish. It said that I have plenty of filtration, but common goldfish are not recommended for my tank because they get really big (I know that! lol) I don't get it. Wouldn't this tank be sufficient for a common goldfish's whole life?
  13. So should I use like a 55 gallon trashcan with wheels like those gray ones from Brute?
  14. i'm gonna use a siphon to vaccum the sand. it gives me more time to clean the sand than a 200 gph pump would. and please i need my question answered! can i use a whell barrow to transport water?
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