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  1. Thanks everyone for the help. Im definitely doing a lot of research on canisters. I keep my eye on craigslist all the time but it seems like people want a ridiculous amount of money for the tank without any additional equipment. When I wrote the post I said thermometer lol I def ment to write heater. I will take pictures when the time comes and do my fishless cycle. There's so much thinking to do. I have to decide if i want gravel, sand, or bare bottom. I am always thinking about what I can do to make them happier and more room is def. the first thing. They are kinda small right now. I am so glad I found kokos forum. When I first got my fish I had no clue about cycling and goldfish in general it was just an impulse buy. I started out with a ten gallon with barely any water changes then my red cap oranda (Charlie) got streaks on his tail that's when I started researching and now they are in more informed hands because of this forum.
  2. He looks like he was caught off guard. Lol
  3. I'm going to be moving into a house in January. I'm thinking about getting a 45-55 gallon tank. Most likely a 55 gallon. I have a couple of questions. What kind of filter should I get and should I get a thermometer for it. Im waiting for the petco dollar a gallon tank sale to buy the tank. I currently have a 29 gallon tank that is a temporary home to four goldfish. I do a lot of water changes a week. It has two filters an internal Lee's filter and HOB. So with this new tank I want to have everything necessary to give my goldfish a heathly environment. Not that I don't now but I want to pre plan everything correctly so things will run smoother with this new tank. I have already started to save for it so money is not the issue.
  4. Thanks everyone! I bought him at Petco. His body is a pearlescent white and the tail goes from white to yellow. I have been looking for an all white betta but for some reason here in Tampa I can't find one.
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